West Palm Beach Car Accident & Injury Lawyers The Berman Law Group Support New No Texting While Driving Campaign in West Palm Beach South Florida

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The Berman Law Group have announced a new no texting while driving campaign for the West Palm Beach area, which helps to educate and promote awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. To contact the Berman Law Group call 1-877-529-8995 if you are looking for a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer

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Texting while driving can increase the risk of accidents by 23 percent. The associates of Berman and Berman recognize that this dangerous habit, still has not stopped despite the dire consequences that can result from such behavior. During our intensive research, The Berman Law Firm, has found that in the past year, there has been over 6000 deaths, and 500,000 injuries related to texting while driving. Insurance companies are now raising rates for drivers who have been cited for this offense.

Many drivers do not realize that one unimportant text while driving could cost an innocent person their life. Studies have shown that when drivers text and drive their focus is not on the road before them. In fact, it takes about 4.6 seconds to send a short text, this seemingly small amount of time equates to what it it takes a running back to run the length of a football field at 55 miles per hour. The difference however, is that the football player scores a touchdown, while a driver could cause a deadly accident.

No texting while driving is now a law in 32 states including Florida. The Berman Law Group know that this law now makes it illegal to text while driving, and it also prohibits any form of email, or instant messages while driving. The Berman Law Group are announcing a new campaign in West Palm Beach, Florida, in support of this law and in support of safety on the roads and for the community of West Palm Beach. The Berman Law Firm knows that even though texting while driving is illegal, it still happens and they want the roads as safe as possible for all Florida residents, including West Palm Beach. The number of people who text while driving increases more and more each year and the Berman Law Group want to focus on educating the community on the dangers of taking this risk.

Russell Berman is one of the attorneys at the firm, and he had this to say about their new campaign to get drivers to stop texting and driving, "We want the roads to be safer today and for all future generations. One of the most dangerous things anyone can do is text or email behind the wheel. Those few seconds can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding a wreck or being in the middle of one. To curb the number of accidents occurring in West Palm Beach due to texting and driving, our law firm is fully committed to educating and preventing accidents that occur from this dangerous activity."

No texting while driving is vital to the safety of drivers, passengers, and innocent bystanders. Texting while driving, distracts the driver from the road, creating a climate where their reactions are in stark contrast to that of a drunk driver with a blood alcohol level of .08 percent.

Berman and Berman know that now is the time to abide by the no texting while driving law, in West Palm Beach and the state of Florida. Doing so will save many undue injuries and deaths. It is imperative that drivers realize that trying to multi-task is a dangerous and often fatal habit while driving. Be safe on the roadways, protect drivers, passenger, and innocent bystanders from the dangers of texting while driving.

Being injured in an accident caused by texting while driving is devastating. Contact the Florida, Berman Law Firm today at 1 (877) 529-8995 or visit their website. They are available 24 hours a day via email, phone, or live chat on their website.

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