CFRN Announces 100% Tuition Reimbursement Program For Emini Futures Traders

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After 7 years of broadcasting the Christian Financial Radio Network has announced it will redirect 90% of it's advertising budget for 2012 to a Tuition Reimbursement Fund aimed at providing quality training and mentoring to S&P Emini Futures and Forex Traders worldwide.


A Community of Believers Who Trade For A Living

In difficult economic times we can think of no better way to help aspiring Emini and Forex Day Traders.

If the college or university you graduated from offered to refund your tuition, would you take it? Of course you would, but they won't. However, that is exactly what CFRN is doing. Emini Trading Partners who have been professionally trained to trade Emini Futures in our Live Trading Room including the S&P500, Dow, Nasdaq, Gold, Silver, Crude, the Euro and other futures markets were notified this past week they are now eligible for the 2012 Tuition Reimbursement program as CFRN Equity Partners.

The International Labour Organization recently reported that globally some 1.1 billion people were either unemployed or living in poverty. In their report, the ILO called the situation an "urgent challenge" and said governments need to create 600 million jobs over the next decade.

The Christian Financial Radio Network champions the entrepreneurial spirit. CFRN believes that a large percentage of those much needed jobs can and should be created by the private sector. In the face of rising unemployment coupled with an inability to borrow, increasing numbers of ordinary people are turning to the financial markets not in search of a job or to ask for a loan, but to explore and embrace an opportunity to provide income and stability for themselves and their loved ones.

Learning to trade Emini Futures and Forex has garnered increasng appeal among entrepreneurs world wide based on the the low barrier to entry. Unlike other professions which are subject to government regulation, licensing, years of education and large up front capitalization, becoming a self directed trader circumvents most of these issues. To fund an account in the US can be done for $5K or less. The time required to submit documents and have an account approved is often less than a week.

The only real barrier to entry in this field is education which is by far the most critical part of the equation. While there are currently no official educational requirements to become a trader, many training schools charge $7k-$50k and up, for a week of live training with little or no follow up. Since the educators themselves are not regulated, the quality of education that an aspiring trader receives is often far from adequate.

CFRN offers a unique Emini Training Course in a virtual classroom. Students receive over 120 hours of individual training in live markets via the company's Live Emini Trading Room and have access to a video training library which currently contains over 100 hours of instruction. As part of the mentoring program, students also enjoy unlimited email and telephone support, participate in weekly workshops online, and become part of a vibrant community of traders around the globe. Most students choose to remain connected after their training via the CFRN Active Partner Program.

When asked why CFRN made the decision to abandon the majority of its 2012 advertising budget in favor of tuition reimbursement, Founder Dewayne Reeves offered the following comments -

"Our mission statement has always been about people not numbers. In an industry rampant with fraud and misinformation our goal is to offer training and mentoring of the highest caliber in an honest, straightforward and transparent environment. We accomplish this by holding ourselves to the highest of standards. We teach our students aggressive risk management. We never promise to make anyone wealthy overnight. What we do promise is to teach a very conservative method of trading designed to take advantage of liquidity and leverage while simultaneously limiting the downside on every trade through the use of our proprietary indicators and methodology.

"In difficult economic times we can think of no better way to say thank you to our graduates than by investing our advertising dollars in them. No billboard or television commercial will ever convey as accurately what we offer as well as the heartfelt words of a successful student. It is for this reason that we have decided to invest in those who have invested in us. Beyond tuition reimbursement, we are also offering all CFRN Partners the opportunity to now create a dual income stream as both a trader and as a CFRN Equity Partner.

At the corporate level we have made an additional decision to give back in yet another way entirely. As a Founding Director of New Hope Orphanage and School in Kampala Uganda, East Africa, I am keenly aware of how severely the global economic downturn has affected charitable donations worldwide. Going forward, CFRN will donate 10% of all Active Partner fees generated by CFRN Equity Partners to the 800 children of New Hope. We will also be returning an additional 10% of fees collected to our Equity Partners in the form of residual income. "

To learn more about the CFRN Emini Training Program you are invited to audit live emini training classes for 5 consecutive trading days at no charge. To assist you with your evaluation you will be provided a charting package and live data feed courtesy of Daniels Trading. While the company's training, indicators, and methodology are focused on the Futures market, the lessons learned can also be applied to trading equities such as Google, Apple, and even Exchange Traded Funds such as the SPDR S&P 500 Trust, SPDR Dow Jones, even precious metal funds like SPDR Gold Trust and iShares Silver Trust.

Take advantage of this opportunity today and explore your future with CFRN! As a trader and/or an educational consultant the possibilities are unlimited. Feel free to contact the company with any questions you have or get started right away and take advantage of the no obligation opportunity to join the Live Emini Trading Room for one full week.

Nothing in this press release should be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any investment vehicle. Trading is risky and can result in substantial monetary loss. Always consult with a licensed investment professional before making any investment decision.


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