Curtis Hatch, Author of “When the gods go Astray” Comments on Devastation of Hurricane Irene

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In the wake of Hurricane Irene’s devastation, major challenges face the nation. Should the financially strapped Federal Government borrow and spend massive amounts of money to help fund the recovery? Curtis Hatch realizes it is a difficult question, but it is one that must be considered carefully and logically.

"When the gods go Astray" by Curtis Hatch

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have. Thomas Jefferson

The flooding and wind damage up the east coast of the US caused by Hurricane Irene raise a number of questions. Will FEMA have the funds to help businesses and individuals without insurance or inadequate insurance? Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said recently that Congress might have to appropriate more funding. Should the Federal Government be in the flood insurance business, and should tax dollars be used to help individuals rebuild in these high-risk areas. Hatch believes that liberty requires personal responsibility. Individuals building or buying in high-risk areas must accept the responsibility for their actions. This is another example of decisions being made for the good of the ‘collective society’ at the expense of individual taxpayers. Curtis Hatch believes the trend is dangerous as depicted in his new novel "When the gods go Astray.” The book is science fiction set on another planet and paralleling many challenges now facing planet Earth.

The death and destruction of the hurricane are both sad and heart wrenching. However, Hatch raises several pertinent questions. Can the Federal Government be all things to all people? Do we want it to? Each time the Federal Government injects itself into the lives of the people more liberties are stripped away. He thinks there are some truisms that apply to governments. They are all predetermined to grow larger and become more powerful. That growth is financed by taxation, and power comes from oppressing the people. Hatch believes the United States is on a dangerous trajectory. Many in positions of power openly support Socialism and some even support Communism.

A recent news broadcast stated that Michigan pays six times as much in flood insurance premiums as is paid out in the state. This is to lessen the premium expense of those living in flood and hurricane prone areas. While it is unfortunate that so many people are affected the question remains. What powers do the US Constitution grant to the Federal Government? Should the government be in the insurance business? Curtis Hatch thinks it should not; these are state responsibilities. It is important to not let emotions override logic in these situations. As illustrated in his book “When the gods go Astray,” without checks and balances, tyranny is the inevitable outcome of unchecked government growth.

The novel is a story of adventure, intrigue, and romance set in a closed society where the government has absolute control. The desire for liberty is innate to the human psyche. Once surrendered, can liberty be restored?

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A video is provided for your consideration.

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