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With so many new features and changes with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, multi-certified Microsoft Office Trainer, Kirt Kershaw pulls out of his 131 video segments (over 11 hours of training) his Top 10.

“In creating our new Windows 7 training videos, Dream Force worked hard to ensure there is plenty of instruction suitable for novices and experienced users alike,” Kershaw stated.

The Windows 7 training videos from start with an exploration of the Windows 7 operating system and work up from there. In 131 separate video segments, Kershaw explains everything from customizing the Windows 7 desktop to network basics and improving system performance. The videos also take a close look at new features, including libraries, jump lists, desktop gadgets, desktop slide shows and aero effects.

Kershaw's Top 10 Must See Training Videos for Windows 7:

1.    Jump List – no more going to the Start Menu to open a program, or a file hidden in several folders down. Instead, you can pin a program to your Taskbar, and click on it to open the program. Or from that pinned program you can quickly pull up a list of all its recent files, where you can quickly pull up those file(s) or “jump” to it, hence the feature’s name “Jump List”.
2.    Aero’s “Peek” & “Application Peek” – like Superman who can see behind objects, the “Peek” features quickly allows you to see through all your open programs, files and folders right to your Desktop, without having to minimize, move or close out of those windows. Or the Application Peek, where you want to quickly “peek” through temporarily to view a single opened file, that’s hidden behind other opened files.
3.    Shake & Snap – shake a window to minimize all other opened windows quickly, and shake it again to restore them. Snap a window to auto-fit half of your screen, either right or left, or to maximize it to full screen
4.    Problem Steps Recorder – great for both IT Support and users who prefer not to remember or write down all the steps that generated an error. This feature will take a snapshot of each screen a user clicks through, with the option to add notes, to recreate and record the steps the user went through that generated the error and save it to a file. The user then emails this file containing screenshots and notes, to anyone who will then be able to view those images and note and help troubleshoot the issue.
5.    Advanced Share Network Settings – this video shows you how to discover and be discovered once you plug into a network, turn on or off file and printer sharing, offer to turn on or off your Public folders for anyone to access on the network, media streaming to share your music, videos and pictures easily across the network and more!
6.    Homegroup – when you connect two or more computers together, you have a network to share files. When you have a network you can turn on Homegroup, where you can invite others (password access) on your network to share each other’s documents, music, pictures and videos in a more organized manner, and quickly accessible in any place holder, or folder on your computer.
7.    Libraries – a folder that quickly indexes all items you organize throughout your computer into four categories: Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos. Leave your files scattered throughout your computer, or attached storage devices.
8.    Advanced Search & AQS – in previous versions of Windows an advanced search meant additional labeled fields or boxes to check to help refine the search like: documents, images, and videos. Windows 7 has done away will all but the initial search field, and has made searching easier and quicker by using Advanced Query Syntax, or key word phrases and text.
9.    BitLocker External Drives – new to Windows 7 Ultimate is the ability to encrypt your external storage devices, with of course, password protection.
10.    Windows 7 Popular Shortcuts – numerous key combination strokes to help toggle between opened windows, open programs, log off your computer and more!

Dream Force, LLC (, offer’s low-cost, high-quality training video sets available from one of the industry’s leading Certified Microsoft Office Trainers. The Windows 7 training videos are available for purchase as DVD or immediate download at

About Dream Force, LLC

Founded in 2002, Dream Force (, is dedicated to making inexpensive training videos taught by a Certified Microsoft Office Trainer. Up next for the company is a set of training videos on Microsoft Office 2010, slated to begin filming after the software’s release in June. The company maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


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