Boost Marketing Impact at Corporate Events via WineWeaver Wine Aerator

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Boost marketing impact and stand out from the crowd at corporate events by serving better-tasting wine with WineWeaver, voted best wine aerator.

Serving Best Wine at Corporate Event with WineWeaver wine aerator
the best wine aerator on the market

In these challenging times every company and marketing person wants to know how to make their marketing event unique and save costs at the same time. The WineWeaver wine aerator team has hot tips without compromising the principle of bringing better tasting wine to people who enjoy a glass of wine.

The WineWeaver wine aerator was used by the Illustrated Gallery of Philadelphia at a launch event in New York. WineWeaver was picked by the gallery owner as the best wine aerator because it aerates whilst being visually impressive and because it is a silent wine aerator. The WineWeaver aeration method is so natural that it emulates the same process as that of a decanter and the process does not force additional air to the wine.

Ingrid Bond, owner of the Illustrated Gallery of Philadelphia who organized the Gallery’s New York Show explained to the WineWeaver team that whilst planning the event, the Gallery team thought about how they were going to present the wine and considered a number of wine aerators, before choosing WineWeaver as the best wine aerator. Ingrid continued to explain that one of the key issues, apart from aeration performance, was the actual serving and delivery of the wine into the glass.

The Gallery had arranged special guest speakers, including Dr Don Stoltz, founder of the Normal Rockwell Museum, so it was essential to ensure the aeration process was superb but would not distract from their talks- so a silent wine aerator with visual impact, for an art gallery, was a must have product.

Royal Bank of Scotland Private Banking has launched a pilot business to business (B2B) initiative with the aim of helping private banking clients to meet each other to discuss their business issues and share information. Simone Seymour of RBS said, ‘‘We're keen to support as many of our customers as possible in growing their business and running local networking events like these gives them the opportunity to make invaluable contacts on their doorstep.’’

WineWeaver was delighted at the opportunity to serve the wine to the RBS networking guests through a WineWeaver wine aerator. RBS served a mid-range Rioja from Spain which is relatively heavy in tannin and therefore needed the lift provided by the wine aeration process.

RBS customers were interested and eager to see how the WineWeaver worked on their glass of wine- perhaps this was because of the time and effort taken to ensure that the visual impact of the aeration process is nothing short of magnificent (as the photos clearly demonstrate).

There is a radial arch which uses the curve of the glass to provide a mesmerising flow of wine down the glass whilst all of the time aerating the wine and reducing the negative impact of the tannins. Simply put, it is fun to watch and a memorable experience followed by a better-tasting glass of wine.

In addition to serving the wine, WineWeaver also had a showcase table with the aim of giving the team time to talk and explain the importance of wine aeration and to run through the design features of the WineWeaver including the patented, moveable spout.

In a corporate marketing event, the aerator’s moveable spout is essential as the glass size is inevitably smaller than the glass used at home or in a restaurant. Does this prohibit the wine aeration process? No, the smaller glass size is not a problem for the WineWeaver as the bowl of the WineWeaver is designed to balance on the top of the glass for easy pouring and the spout can be adjusted to ensure the same decanter aeration process is applied despite the size of the glass.

In a time when cost analysis is an essential factor of any event, the WineWeaver wine aerator means not having to open bottles of wine in advance to give the wine time to breathe on the side before clients arrive. Thus the bottle can be opened only when it needs to be served; thereby reducing the wastage previously caused by guessing how much wine might be consumed at an event. The WineWeaver is a neat, cost saving product in addition to providing a memorable experience to the client. Remember a memorable experience is a memorable marketing or corporate event.

So pick up the WineWeaver challenge and serve perfectly aerated wine at that expensive corporate event. There is no need to compromise as we have proved at the RBS launch event for discerning, demanding business owners and managers.

About WineWeaver:
WineWeaver are a small, committed and dynamic team who are truly passionate in their aim to raise the awareness of the advantages of enjoying aerated wine. Flavours, aromas and character are all heightened when a wine has the opportunity to breathe whilst serving which is why the WineWeaver wine aeration system was designed for using on direct from 'bottle to glass’ principle.

The passion of the founding partners led them to design a new style of wine aerator to incorporate functionality and a visual design which is both sophisticated and stylish.

The WineWeaver® wine aerator blends unparalleled performance with a state-of-the-art design to deliver perfectly aerated wine direct to your wine glass or decanter (the bottle to glass principle).

Contact: Patricia Robertson |Email: contact[at]wineweaver[dot]com | Tel: 00-44-203-427-5928
Head Office: 2.07 Second Floor, 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW, United Kingdom |Website:

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