Winning Lottery Numbers Easy to Pick to Win State Lotteries New Lottery Book Reveals

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Winning lottery numbers are easy to pick to win state lotteries a new lottery book reveals. The author Ken Silver has won hundreds of lotteries around the world and is revealing his tips for the first time in a brand new Secrets of State Lotteries book.

Winning Lottery Numbers | Lottery Secrets
I’ve been able to win not one, but multiple times over and over again using the same legal techniques.

Winning lottery numbers are one thing that millions of players would like to pick. For one average lottery player, winning 9 out of 10 games that he plays is now a reality. Ken Silver has won millions of dollars playing state lotteries. He was been interviewed worldwide and repeatedly asked to give millionaire seminars to reveal his tips for winning state lotteries. Ken has authored a new book and lottery system. The Secrets of State Lotteries information is now available at this link for lottery players that want to win more state lotteries without investing in programs that have not proven to be successful worldwide.

When he’s not winning state lotteries, Ken Silver is helping others to learn the tips and tricks that he has used to win millions playing state lotteries in every country. Some people rely on selecting repeated numbers over and over in hopes to win eventually. According to Ken’s new book, there is a system that has worked very well for him that does not rely on the popular methods that some people try to use.

“I’ve been able to win not one, but multiple times over and over again using the same legal techniques,” said Ken Silver. “What is so surprising to people when they learn my system is how easy it is to start using,” Silver added.

A market research report that was conducted in 2010 about lottery winnings revealed some interesting results. The report made public some of the data that state lotteries do not. A survey was conducted about how many lottery players purchase tickets repeatedly and how may play one-off games. The report revealed the survey results to be 90 percent of lottery players are repeat players. Only 10 percent of lottery players play the lottery occasionally or when large winnings are at stake.

The tips and training that are now revealed to win more lotteries in Ken’s book are applicable to state, national and internationally lotteries. While there are some books that teach the use of specialized software, Ken’s system is totally numeric and requires no downloads or other types of tools that others might use. An easy step-by-step guide is offered as a template that anyone can instantly apply to their next lottery ticket.

About Secrets of State Lotteries

Ken Silver is a multiple lottery winner of lotteries worldwide. He has authored several books that are aimed at teaching those that play the lottery and would like to increase winnings. The expert tips, ticks and techniques that Ken puts into his Secrets of State Lotteries system is designed for anyone to learn quickly and apply the techniques. Ken still continues to play state lotteries and has reported winning 9 out of 10 games that he plays. Ken is an author and instructor for his Secrets of State Lotteries course when not playing state lotteries.

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