AirPatrol Launches Wireless Threat Management Product Suite: New Class of Products Offers Businesses Comprehensive, Affordable Wireless Security Solutions

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AirPatrol Corporation today launched its Wireless Threat Management product suite, a new class of information security products designed to protect an organization's entire IT infrastructure against threats arising from the widespread use of wireless technologies. AirPatrol's Wireless Threat Management suite, featuring WiVision(TM) products, is the first to deliver an end-to-end, corporate-wide approach to wireless threat detection and mitigation that addresses the IT security and manageability requirements of organizations worldwide. AirPatrol's WiVision product line is an affordable and comprehensive suite of solutions that completely mitigate the security risks associated with the use of wireless laptops and other Wi-Fi, cellular and broadband radio devices.

AirPatrol's Wireless Threat Management solution represents a clear advantage over traditional wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems (WIDPS), by allowing wireless security policy enforcement for cellular wireless devices in addition to 802.11

    "Organizations can spend millions of dollars securing wired networks, and yet a $40 consumer-grade access point can render that investment useless," said Nicholas Miller, AirPatrol CEO. "Up until now the cost vs. risk benefit has not favored the deployment of wireless security in wired corporate environments. As a result, sensitive data and proprietary networks have been left vulnerable to wireless attacks. AirPatrol's Wireless Threat Management solution changes the equation and enables organizations to efficiently and economically close wireless security gaps."

With over 300 million wireless laptops in use and over 100 million more being sold each year, businesses are at risk, whether or not they have deployed a wireless network. AirPatrol's next-generation approach to Wireless Threat Management enables organizations in the financial, government, health care, corporate enterprise and retail sectors to proactively protect networks and data against wireless-enabled attacks -- in an affordable and efficient manner. A Wireless Threat Management strategy helps companies do the following:

-- Defend systems against wireless-enabled intrusions

-- Safeguard information stored on laptops in the enterprise and on the road

-- Monitor networks and detect unauthorized wireless devices

-- Prevent wireless network service disruptions caused by interference in the Wi-Fi bands

"Security threats to enterprise environments are evolving at an accelerated pace -- as wireless technologies continue to proliferate, new vulnerabilities are continuously exploited," said Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President Security Products & Services, IDC. "The ability to tighten information and network security controls for both wired and wireless environments is critical for enterprises and publicly traded companies that must ensure compliance with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley."

As part of its Wireless Threat Management offering, AirPatrol is the first company to offer breakthrough solutions for interference locationing, enabling companies to locate and detect malicious or non-malicious denial-of-service attacks caused by interference from cordless phones, microwave ovens and other broadband radio devices, as well as cell phone detection to help businesses reliably detect and locate all cellular phone devices on any cellular band worldwide to effectively enforce no-wireless zones.

"AirPatrol's Wireless Threat Management solution represents a clear advantage over traditional wireless intrusion detection and prevention systems (WIDPS), by allowing wireless security policy enforcement for cellular wireless devices in addition to 802.11," said Mark Kasper, Chief Technology Officer of 11i Networks, a provider of WLAN solutions to leaders in the government and education industries.

"Emerging security threats, combined with the increasing importance of wireless technologies, pose new challenges for organizations," said Tim Kelleher, Global Security Practice Lead for Unisys. "We believe in treating security as a core function -- one that anticipates future demands and risks and develops workable solutions to potential security events. AirPatrol's Wireless Threat Management solution demonstrates how we can help our customers assess vulnerabilities, control environments and mitigate wireless risks."

AirPatrol's WiVision product line is a comprehensive security offering comprised of a wireless sensor network, administrative management console, and endpoint security software. Using the WiVision product suite, businesses can protect sensitive data and proprietary systems against wireless-enabled network and endpoint attacks. AirPatrol's WiVision product suite delivers a unified Wireless Threat Management strategy that meets the security, affordability and manageability requirements of today's enterprises.

-- Supports a significantly lower total cost of ownership to make wireless security and WLAN deployments affordable by utilizing AirPatrol's next-generation wireless sensor technology

-- Improves operational efficiencies by allowing administrators to manage wireless threat detection and mitigation from a single console

-- Accurately locates and alerts administrators to Wi-Fi, cellular and RF intrusions and interference events

-- Allows administrators to set highly reliable access controls and endpoint policies based on location

-- Enables network scalability and performance using firewalls at the edge of the network for traffic blocking and threat mitigation

-- Integrates with popular IT security products and features Check Point OPSEC(TM) certification

"Our customers see Wireless Threat Management as a game-changing approach to network security," added Miller. "Once companies gain confidence in their ability to defend infrastructure and laptops against wireless-enabled attacks using our WiVision product suite, they begin to see the real value of leveraging wireless technologies to enable business mobility and reduce the costs of implementing new networks. With a comprehensive Wireless Threat Management strategy in place, wireless deployments are massively simplified and can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructure."

About AirPatrol Corporation

AirPatrol Corporation, the most trusted authority on wireless threats to wired and wireless networks, offers a comprehensive suite of location-based wireless solutions that enable companies in the government, financial, healthcare, corporate enterprise and retail sectors keep pace with the expanding requirements of an increasingly mobile world. Based on an expert understanding of real-world industry needs, AirPatrol delivers the innovations that businesses depend on to confidently deploy, manage and protect networks against present and future wireless threats. Customers and partners include leading mobile innovators, Fortune 100 enterprises and high-profile government agencies around the globe. AirPatrol is a privately held company with offices in the US, Canada and Europe. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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