Reasons why the Makers of Mp3 Players Should Upgrade Their Standard Headphones

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Jam727 Enterprises LLC a retail seller of noise cancelling and wireless headphones offers new advice to the MP3 player makers whom they believe are falling under the radar of consumers who would prefer to exchange their multiple music device upgrade purchases for a single purchase price that includes both a high quality mp3 player and noise cancelling headphones to match.

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Jam727 Enterprises LLC (, a retail seller of noise cancelling headphones and wireless headphones, is pleased to announce a new article that offers advice to MP3 manufacturers.

Technological wizards and novices alike are requesting that MP3 player makers step into the 21st century by including noise cancelling headphones with their players, something to improve those sold with the units. To date, most of the headsets included with mp3 players are standard wired earbuds that arguably do not provide the sound quality necessary to create the music experience customers expect. As a result, many customers decide to vacate their complimentary headset and purchase a higher quality pair. Jam727 Enterprises LLC believes that the action is not to be motivated by desire, however, and is instead acted upon out of necessity, forcing many of our good customers to spend more than originally intended to obtain their preferred musical listening experience.

Noise cancelling headphones are viewed as one of the more notable advancements in the headset world. Popular because of their ability to reduce ambient (acoustic) noise, they have become a high-demand purchase for customers. The technology has become very popular with frequent air travelers and sports enthusiasts, the wireless headphones are even taking freedom of choice to new and different levels incorporating Bluetooth technology as well, so people can work on laptops and remain connected to the world.

While noise cancelling headphones are increasing in popularity and reducing in price for customers, mp3 player makers have yet to accommodate them with the complimentary inclusion of this headset in the mp3 package. As a result, many customers are creating a stage to sound off their desire for this upgrade.

One argument for supporting the upgrade is the reduction of ambient noises. Reducing ambient noises in standard and wireless headphones provides the luxury of hearing the intricate details of a song without having to turn the volume up. Hearing loss specialists have been warning the headphone generation for many years that if the volume was turned up too high, it could result in hearing loss, but because older headsets did not produce an acceptable quality of sound when turned up all the way, most people did not bother to do it anyway.

However, in recent years, manufacturers have produced higher quality devices, something that has resulted in listeners turning the volume all the way up because they know doing so will not compromise the integrity of the song -- however, doing so can compromise their hearing as warned by the Mayo Clinic. Therefore, the creation of the noise cancelling headphones seems to provide the necessary middle ground both customers and hearing loss experts have been asking for.

Standard earbuds that accompany a player are usually of a lower stereo quality with none of the bells and whistles -- and customers complain that the mediocre earbuds do not do players, or the music flowing from them, justice. The creation of noise canceling earbuds gives the customers the best of both worlds. And many are relatively inexpensive, meaning a few extra dollars could be added to the device itself -- something many customers are willing to accommodate for their upgraded product.

But above all of the other arguments is possibly the most popular reason customers are demanding the noise canceling headphones from mp3 player makers: superior sound quality. Because standard headphones and wireless headphones allow for ambient noises, they naturally distort a selection's sound quality. But since the newer headsets eliminate distracting noises, the true essence of a musical composition is allowed to dominate the listener's experience.

One benefit will be their ability to provide customers with a more complete product. Customers rave over the idea of getting a great deal, so the more a provider offers, the more likely the customer will be willing to buy the item. The price point could easily add a fine set of noise cancelling headphones, even possibly offer premium upgrades for top tier headphones.

Another benefit will be the guarantee of a happy customer. In providing a superior headphone set such as noise cancelling headphones with their product, mp3 player makers will give their customers the satisfaction of knowing that the headset they would have needed to purchase is already included with the product they most desired. The benefits of recapturing a significant portion of the ever growing "after market" in mp3 player upgrades would be another reason.

Noise cancelling headphones and wireless headphones are becoming more popular following the new advancements that manufacturers like Sony, Bose and Sennheiser are making. Mp3 player makers may be missing out on the consumerism action by allowing a good idea -- and one clearly in high demand -- to slip through their fingers. Incorporating noise cancelling headphones into a package has the potential to satisfy customers and skyrocket business for mp3 player makers. But until the act is taken, customers will have to continue making separate purchases to satisfy their music listening needs.

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