Women's Self Defense Seminar/ Class Website is Launched for Women Seeking Self Defense Options

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Summit Self Defense has launched womensselfdefenseseminar.com, womensselfdefenseclass.com, femaleselfdefense.com websites to address women's self defense issues. Summit's Chief Instructor, Robb Hamic, specializes in providing real-world self defense training to women locally, nationally and internationally. Women who need a full range of self defense options should contact Robb immediately for a confidential and free consultation.

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I have noticed a dramatic increase for women seeking my training in the past year

Summit Self Defense provides women's self defense seminars and classes to across the United States. Summit's founder and Chief Instructor, Robb Hamic, has developed a few websites that provide much needed information to women who are seeking realistic self defense options to increase their safety and that of their loved ones. These websites contain valuable information that can be easily accessed together with a cellular phone number for a confidential and free consultation.

Robb Hamic and his cadre of instructors specialize in women self defense seminars, classes and private lessons. Robb is a former Sheriff's Deputy and Detective and he has seen the full spectrum of violence used against women. Robb has been a professional self defense trainer for over six years and has always focused on increasing women's safety in his classes. "I have noticed a dramatic increase for women seeking my training in the past year," says Hamic. "I offer all ranges of self defense options for women including: hand-to-hand, personal defense, Taser, OC (Mace) spray, handgun training, concealed handgun licensing in New Mexico and Texas, firearm selection and sales in New Mexico and more. I launched an easy to navigate website that is relevant and timely for women's self defense issues.

"I travel across the country providing women's self defense seminars to groups, corporations, organizations, schools, conventions and individuals because women need options," says Robb Hamic. "I teach an evolution of self defense that is easy and anyone can do it after one repetition of practice. I show women how to use their instincts together with a few simple and easy to access principals to prevail in attacks," he says.

Robb Hamic is a master instructor and specializes in several styles/ methods of self defense. He is a certified instructor in several Israeli and American self defense methods and teaches women how to survive violent and deadly attacks. He is a certified law enforcement trainer and trains a number of large law enforcement agencies and military units, not to mention thousands of individuals. Robb and his instructors are able to deliver the training you need, when you need it. Summit Self Defense can train you how to legally deploy and use a handgun, Taser or OC Spray. "We all need options and we all have vulnerabilities," says Robb Hamic.

Unfortunately, women often find the wrong self defense instructors who teach many of the same techniques that may be ineffective in a real life situation. Think about it. Can you defend yourself in a stressful, fast and violent attack? What would you do if someone pushed you inside your car as you were in a parking lot, invaded your home while you were relaxing at home, attacked at an ATM machine or any of the countless other situations were we have vulnerabilities? Domestic violence is another problem for women. "I teach women how to survive by using their instincts and a few simple concepts in a short period of time," says Robb Hamic. Training is delivered in many formats but a two hour women's self defense class is very popular. Mr. Hamic can take a group of women who say that they can't defend themselves before class starts and teach them few techniques that they will remember under stress to fight off an attacker. Size, strength and age do not matter.

The US Department of Justice has released its 2008 statistical data on crime in the United States. The study revealed that only forty seven (47%) percent of crime was reported. This figure is much higher for rapes and other sexual assaults upon women.

In 2008, an estimated 4.9 million violent crimes (rapes or sexual assaults, robberies, aggravated assaults and simple assaults) occurred, as well as an estimated 16.3 million property crimes (burglaries, motor vehicle thefts and household thefts) and 137,000 personal thefts (picked pockets and snatched purses).

Women were more likely than men to be victimized by someone they knew. Seventy percent of all violent crimes against women were committed by a known offender (an intimate, family member or friend/acquaintance), compared to 49 percent of violence against men. Twenty-three percent of the non-fatal violence against women was committed by an intimate (current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend), compared to three percent of the violence against men.

Thank you for your interest and if you need assistance, or have a question regarding our programs or training services available, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible training and services available to help ensure your safety and well being.

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