Warning: You Are About to Enter the 4th Dimension of Your Life (A conspiracy that has been mathematically demonstrated)

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This is the astounding story of a commodities trader of Iranian origin - Soheil Zaerpour - who has come to New York from Switzerland with the intention to initiate a movement toward world peace. He is the object of a conspiracy by the international bankers and other powerful actors who don't want him to succeed while trying to prevent him from promoting justice, world unity, security, and prosperity for all through a concrete plan which has been presented to 160 heads of state by the Baha'i international community since 1985.

Montclair, New Jersey The following exceptional story has some elements of the movies "the Matrix", "Enemy of the State", "Conspiracy Theory", "the Pelican Brief" and "Wall Street"; yet this is the real story of a person whose life has been affected by this saga for more than 10 years. In fact, this true story resembles more "David and Goliath" or some chapters of the Book of Revelation than anything else.

This is the unique story of an individual who has been targeted in his personal life and more recently through his foreign exchange (forex) trading activity by a shadowy world power - the International Bankers - in order to prevent him from achieving this historic dream of World Peace and the ushering of this long awaited new era of world unity and reconciliation for all mankind.

His new homepage at: http://planforworldpeace.org references a weblog at the currency company Oanda that contains a chapter of his story, including the statistical evidence and facts reported in real-time of his trades for 6 months, coinciding with the market's continuous opposition. Incredibly, the market - with a volume of 2 trillion (2 thousand billion) U.S. dollars per day - is exactly mirroring his own trades in the opposite direction up to his margin calls and then reverses again each time, as he is being personally targeted by the international bankers. So much so, that he has been able to predict the Forex market with certainty and continuously for 4 years according to his own positions/trades.

At first, the reader who is not familiar with the global currency markets or with the world of high finance in general might find his story abstract, extraordinary and unbelievable but the irrefutable statistical proof has been provided in the open for 6 months for everyone to see the truth - see the attached files first (numbered 1 to 16), and the important evidence provided therein.

The first two questions one might ask in relation to this incredible story are: 1. "Can a Forex trader be targeted individually with two trillion dollars each day for four years in the currency markets to make him lose money and block his progress, after he has demonstrated his undeniable, consistent and uncommon ability to compound money in real-time during a global contest for one full year before trading with real money?" 2. "Can a person's ideas and actions be considered so important for the future of the world to deserve such unique treatment by its opponents?"

The following blog, to be read and researched with an open mind, contains the actions of that single trader in the world's financial markets, since he has been trading with his own money, reported in real-time, and who has been able to predict the market flawlessly based on his own trades, after he had discovered that he was surveilled and personally targeted by the secretive international banking establishment in Switzerland and beyond, each time when he trades with real money. This blog is also a brief recollection of the life of this person outside of Forex and his persecution before his immigration to the United States in 2000, including during his work as the Administrator of the ICRC in Geneva.

To the reader, this story provides the undeniable, material and scientific proof for six months, continually, in real-time, that the financial markets have been constantly manipulated, including its largest market, Forex itself. However, the part of this story that is truly mesmerizing is that it has been done with the sole intention to destroy ONE individual trader for 4 years - namely himself - so he could not reach his democratic plans relating to the establishment of World Peace. Because of the intrinsic and global nature of Forex, this story also provides evidence that there is a force that controls all the world's governments already.

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Evidence no 5. - Account Statement for the ONLY LIVE GAME contest I participated in, anytime, anywhere.Evidence no 5. - Account Statement for the ONLY LIVE GAME contest I participated in, anytime, anywhere.Live May_2002 Contest Results. 1 month Return on Investment: 300%. This is a realtime fee based game Contest (not real money). I participated in this monthly global contest at MGForex for 1 year (13 X 1 month). Note: time stamps of my trades span across the New York, London and Japanese trade/timeline, because Forex is a GLOBAL 2 trillion dollars a day; 24 hours a day/6 days a week Interbank market with most of the volume (over 1 trillion dollar per day according the Bank of International Settlements "BIS" in Basel, Switzerland) concentrated on the Euro (the Eurodollar exchange rate or "EURUSD") and correlated major currencies (like the British Pound, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen).Evidence no 6. - Live Game Contest results in August 2002. (real-time but not real money)Evidence no 6. - Live Game Contest results in August 2002. (real-time but not real money)Live August_2002 Contest Results. An astonishing 1 month Return on Investment of 1500%!! This is a realtime game contest. I was intentionally** margin called because my broker didn't want me to win the first prize of 1000.- dollars in a live real money a/c. (**those rates were never reached by the Interbank market.) After I complained, my broker had to deposit the virtual amount lost ($53,657.-) back into my a/c. Initial amount in the a/c was 10K and NOT $51,654 as stated ($51,654 was the amount left in the a/c after the false margin call in the middle of the contest). Also ask yourself if ANYBODY comes to you with results like this, if they have the actual trade record to prove it over a long period of time (over 1 YEAR, like me) and if they had to prove their indentity before taking part in the realtime contest (like me). Otherwise it might just be a PARTIAL representation of the facts, like trading MULTIPLE accounts but only releasing ONE result, etc. In my case, MGForex verified/received my I.D. (they got a copy of my ppt) and I had to pay a fee through check deposit before taking part in the Contest (like for ALL other contestants at the BEGINNING of the game, as per their offical rules posted on their website at that time) because there was a REAL prize of $ 1000.- for the best trader at the end of each month. I say this because there are people out there with the intention to confuse and manipulate the "truth seeker" who wouldn't know about those important "details" (see Oanda's blog for examples). Last but not least, ask yourself WHY the person is NOT able to obtain the same results in his/her REAL MONEY account over a long period of time, if they trade DAILY (like me). I doubt they would have a story like mine WITH HARD EVIDENCE (like me) to backup any discrepency between realtime demo and realtime, real-money, results. In fact, people who follow ALL the rules explained above, and given my unique COMPREHENSIVE strategies, should have APPROXIMATELY the SAME RESULTS in both cases over the SAME period of time (+1 YEAR), especially if you trade small amounts and if you do it SERIOUSLY, Professionally and FULL-TIME like I did with my style & unique/proprietary strategy, with over 600 (six hundred) trades (30-50 trades per month) in the real-time Contest WITHIN ONE YEAR of DAILY trading activity.Evidence no 2. -My 7 reported market entries & market reversals and margin call at the end (real money accounts). Part of the six months realtime exposure on Oanda's public forum. 100% CAUSALITY RELATIONSHIP between my trades and the market at large, where there should be NONE (if there was no conpsiracy). It has been like that for 4 years - CONTINOUSLY.Evidence no 2. -My 7 reported market entries & market reversals and margin call at the end (real money accounts). Part of the six months realtime exposure on Oanda's public forum. 100% CAUSALITY RELATIONSHIP between my trades and the market at large, where there should be NONE (if there was no conpsiracy). It has been like that for 4 years - CONTINOUSLY.All market entries on this chart coincide EXACTLY with the FX market reversals including My Margin Call at the end. This during the 6 months of my real time reporting/exposure at Oanda of my live real money trades. I can sell in oversold situation, buy in oversold markets, or trade with the trend that the market reaction would be the SAME. This cannot be a coincidence in any way, statistically speaking, given it has been like that for 4 years continuously until June 2006 (date of my last post on Oanda.com). My opponents can modify at anytime what they will do in the future (i.e. in order to mislead the public or independent investigators or simply to make my Forex positions in the market/information ineffective, money wise, for any observer) but they cannot modify what has already happened until the present press document was released to the public on November 14, 2006, since day one of my first live trades in 2002 for 4 years continuously in all my real money accounts. This is VERIFIABLE material information and in March 2005, I have asked the Southern District Attorney's office in New York City (Mrs. Deirdre McEvoy, Assistant Attorney) to look into repeatedly; which they have refused to do, WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATIONS GIVEN. The FBI has also called me at the request of the DA's office around the same time (Mrs. Jennifer May, Officer/Agent) and the DoJ Inspector General in Washington DC after that (Mr. Glenn A. Fine) without ANY results for me or ANY credible/understandable reason given for their non-action. They have NEVER EVER questioned my allegations and/or evidence nor are they asking more evidence/documents from me. Most probably, the White House/DoJ/FBI are working against the U.S. Constitution and laws in this case and they are under the control of my opponents (i.e. the International Bankers) and they know that my evidence is indisputable. This is the ONLY plausible reason, given the material and verifiable facts/evidence as it has been reported to them (and given the fact that I am INNOCENT of ANY crime). For info and separately from my case, the FBI in NYC investigated a case of Forex fraud in 2002 for 2 years for what came out to be a much lesser crime committed by the some relatively minor banking professionals (some traders in some major banks were manipulating the time stamps on their trades, not the rates/markets themselves, to defraud their customers, which is "nothing" in comparison to what is done against me here, in terms of amounts of money involved. Please refer to the FBI press release made available online, around that time for more info). I have come to realize more recently that I will not be able to work in any normal environment, anywhere, anytime in the future, in any field because my FUNDAMENTAL rights to justice and protection under the law are not respected (AGAINST the collective will of the American people), and the FBI/US "justice" department knows it and supports it. In fact, it is a form of ASSASSINATION by the "satanists" who illegally/deceptively control the economy and this country.Evidence no 3. - British Pound chart with my entry and margin call before the +1800 points move (Real money account). Exposure of the events during 6 months at Oanda's public forum.Evidence no 3. - British Pound chart with my entry and margin call before the +1800 points move (Real money account). Exposure of the events during 6 months at Oanda's public forum.Margin Call at 1.7250 exactly before the +1800 points move to 1.90 EXACTLY when I decided not to hedge anymore my live account (because at some point you HAVE TO assume risk to get any reward). Then, Margin Call at 1.8930 and again at 1.90 (not shown on the chart, but reported in the Forum in real time) and reversal of the market at 1.90 exactly. Then, short again at 1.8890 and reversal of the market at that time EXACTLY, & back to ~1.9050 level, point at which I had to close my shorts for risk of a margin call in my account (the market reacts the same way by reversing, also in my a/c statement it is not labeled as a "margin call"). Then again, reversal of the market all the way down to 1.82!! This is (only one sample of) what has happened to my trading activity alone for a few days and it has been like that for 4 YEARS continuously. This is what is meant by "being individually targeted in this 2 trillion dollars per day Forex market" and this CANNOT be sequences of coincidences or bad luck, statistically/scientifically speaking (JUST IMPOSSIBLE). Incredible? BUT TRUE. For them, I AM THE ONE, as testified by their own repeated and verifiable actions against me over many years (Whether they want to admit it or not, their verifiable "ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS").Evidence no 4. - British Pound chart - not depicted is one more margin calls with exact reversal at 1.90 exactly and one more reversal after that. around 1.89  (real money, online account)Evidence no 4. - British Pound chart - not depicted is one more margin calls with exact reversal at 1.90 exactly and one more reversal after that. around 1.89 (real money, online account)Same as the other British Pound chart below, but showing a longer time frame. 2 weeks move outside of the 2 standard deviation "Bollinger bands". This is less than 5% probability by itself, mathematically speaking. Moreover, as described in the attached FAQ document, manipulating the Forex market continously as it has been shown in all the other Forex charts, CAN BE DONE FOR ONE PERSON ONLY - ON EARTH (OUT OF ITS 6 BILLION INHABITANTS, including your neigbor next door, all the Baha'is, the President of the United States, the Pope and the Rockefeller Dynasty/family) simply because you have ONE global Interbank currency rate for any major currency pair. You should ask yourself what I have that the other 6 billion people don't have. For one I am INDEPENDENT from any organization, country, money, special interest groups, organized religion, media and politics and I have no secret agenda and my opponents know they cannot control me to neutralize this peace plan as they have done for EVERYONE else. This also proves that what I am doing for the world is FEASIBLE AND VERY IMPORTANT in their views, otherwise they would not oppose me and this plan in this way (as explained above). De facto, their opposition has worked until now. I have beared their grave injustices almost IN SILENCE during the past 20 YEARS (injustices to the world and me, including to the vast majority of the US citizens). At its core, this force that opposes me continuously/individually is Evil in its essence and mode of action in the Biblical sense of the term, including (repeated) lies/deceit/domination/envy/control/distortion of the facts and the truth/slander/manipulation/RACIAL, NATIONAL, gender, social, religious DISCRIMINATIONS/injustices; supported by a controlled/paid media that constantly feds/manipulates the general public with lies/distortion/distraction/censorship, and a system/matrix run/controlled through special interests groups/corruption/FEAR/intimidation through employment/blackmail/paid politicians/national intelligence/social networks/professional networks/religious networks/secret societies. This, in function of the situation or the event at hand, and as a means to reach the endless goal of SUPREMACY OVER OTHERS. Democracy is increasingly being replaced by a PLUTOCRACY run by a few immensely rich at the top & in charge, and acting behind the scenes and in concert. It is/has become de facto a GLOBAL PYRAMIDAL CONTROL MECHANISM in its organization and functioning, and directed by a diabolic PLAN for world domination (Symbolized by the Pyramid on the one US dollar bill with an "all seeing eye" at the top, and with the words "New Order of the ages" at the bottom). The plan itself however is NOT AMERICAN and NOT CHRISTIAN. On the contrary, the Christians are to become SLAVES upon completion of this PLAN. It is a PEACEFUL/gradual/secret conquest of the world, principally through economic means and social engineering. I LOVE America and do not want to see the world (America included) being destroyed like that.Document no. 8 - Promise of World PeaceDocument no. 8 - Promise of World Peace"Released in October 1985, on the eve of the United Nations International Year of Peace, this statement of the Universal House of Justice , the international governing council of the Bahá'í Faith and its international community, was addressed "To the Peoples of the World." Presented to over 160 heads of state and government over the past 10 years, it outlines the major prerequisites for, as well as the obstacles working against, the establishment of world peace." Source: www.bahai.org (I have distributed this document to all economic and political representatives in Switzerland and abroad since 1988 until today, including the President of the United States, Bill Clinton in Washington DC, in 2000). My support for this plan and my relentless actions for its immediate IMPLEMENTATION are some of the reasons why I have been continuously persecuted and smeared/ostracized since 1989, date I finished college in Lausanne, Switzerland (among other reasons stemming directly from defending economic, social and international justice, truth, world unity, peace, and fight against poverty & corruption, continuously and uncompromisingly), because I want to see the recommendations explained in this document come to pass in a democratic, peaceful and open manner, because I strongly believe it is in the profound interest of mankind as a whole, including all the citizens of the United States. This document's recommendations, if applied, will undoubtedly HEAL and change the WORLD ORDER profoundly and for the better, and some very powerful people behind the scenes, like the International Bankers, do NOT want that to happen at any cost (UNLESS it falls under their satanic control), as explained in the attached FAQ file below, because of the gigantic amount of MONEY (in trillions of dollars) and power they think they will lose, if this happens and if the (artificial/fabricated) wars/divisions are all ended and the 500 billion dollars per year in drug trafficking/profiteering and the global trillion dollar a year arms dealing are ended as well (run by the Military/Industrial Complex and the Swiss banks). This will happen, eventually, according to the Baha'i message. The central question is HOW? Through a courageous world political LEADERSHIP, consultative will and voluntarily, OR after more sufferings/punishments/devastating wars/ catastrophes for all humanity. This is free choice. Please see "The Money Masters" video on Google for more information on this subject (Weblink given on my homepage at Geocities). They say "divide to conquer" and that's exactly what they do to ALL of you. This situation leads to mutilated children/soldiers in all conflicting areas and counted as "collateral damage" because of wars and other miseries like extreme poverty/hunger/death/loneliness, etc. (and the process where humans become dehumanized and progressively desensitize to the suffering of others). Nevertheless, the Bible predicts that peace will prevail on earth at the end: "The Mountain of the Lord: 1. This is what Isaiah son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem: 2. In the last days the mountain of the LORD's temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and all nations will stream to it. 3. Many peoples will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob. He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths." The law will go out from Zion, the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 4. He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. 5. Come, O house of Jacob, let us walk in the light of the LORD." (Isaiah 2)Evidence no. 7 - Oanda FX Live Game account (not real money but REAL TIME) as of November 2006. (to be used as a point of comparison with my 3 live accounts, & as ADDITIONAL evidence only)Evidence no. 7 - Oanda FX Live Game account (not real money but REAL TIME) as of November 2006. (to be used as a point of comparison with my 3 live accounts, & as ADDITIONAL evidence only)My ONLY realtime LIVE FX Game account used/created. This account was opened 1 year ago (Nov. 2005). Account traded CONSERVATIVELY since April 2006 (date of 1st trade in the a/c). Return on Investment of 75% as of today. Balance never reset since the account's opening and NO money EVER added to the a/c afterwards (today's date: 11/04/06). IMPORTANT: Please note that my live Game & Contest results and my online prediction with "certainty" are exceptional ADDITIONAL evidences submitted in my SCIENTIFIC demonstration of the theory but are NOT NECESSARY per say to prove my case, as the mathematical and statistical demonstration through my live REAL MONEY trades records ALONE/By itself is completely sufficient/indisputable (See attached FAQ document under Q2. regarding Margin call & Reversals - and "Evidence no. 2" in the attached chart below for further explanations).Document no 9. - FAQ & Background info.Document no 9. - FAQ & Background info.This 8 pages complement document contains important background information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this case and Press release. Please note that PRWEB has automatically distributed this PR to its subsidiaries/contacts like Emediawire, Mediaserver and other affiliated blogs on the Web, sometimes WITHOUT the attached files, because this feature is not supported on some of those sites. On the other side, I did not reproduce this press release with any other organization or website, except and only with Indymedia.org around the same time. Also, I have NOT posted ANYTHING (my live trades or related predictions) for the past 12 months (since June 2006) ANYWHERE (at Oanda's or at any other website/blog). Today's date: 21 May 2007. All my electronic communication (including access to ALL my real money, live game and contest accounts) have been made from the same workplace and SAME unique permanent IP address, over the past 5 years. Neither do I have a personal or professional relationship with Oanda nor do I have ANY relation with ANY of its public forum participants. Finally, for the record and for clarity, I had ONE (only) handle at Oanda's forum ("Swiss Alchemist") for the ENTIRE duration of my postings. I HAD NO OTHER HANDLE.Evidence no 10. - Proof of real-time online (& VoIP) espionage/surveillanceEvidence no 10. - Proof of real-time online (& VoIP) espionage/surveillanceProof of realtime online surveillance/espionage and illicit/illegal computer access/intrusion despite up-to-date comprehensive computer protection with Microsoft "One Care". Microsoft One Care is a security system that includes a firewall, an Anti-Virus and an Anti-spyware and updates for the Operating System that downloads automatically on a daily basis over the Internet (It's the green icon/sign "1" on the right hand side of the screen's picture.) This spyware would also allow anyone to monitor all my communications, electronic trades and positions in the market in real-time. The FBI in NY was informed about this problem in late 2006, but strangely, again, refused to take any action or simply to provide ANY explanation for their non-action/decision, (also they initially said they would in their email, as required by law, and also because I was physically attacked at night by strangers near my home while I was biking (June 2006, after my postings on Oanda's public forum). I have noticed that there is an armed State police trooper who moved to live next to my home soon afterwards - though I am not sure there is any link between those two events).Evidence no 11. - May 2003 Live Contest (real-time, not real money) Results - Won 1st PrizeEvidence no 11. - May 2003 Live Contest (real-time, not real money) Results - Won 1st PrizeThis is my 3rd (and last) best month a/c report in this live (game) global FX trading Contest. I stopped participating in the contest after that, since I won the first prize and was paid for it (at last!), and according to their rules I could not participate again in this contest for 1 year. Please note that my old real money a/c at MGforex was transfered into this newly opened a/c opened for the occasion, so for the disclosure, you know there was a real money trading record that started a few months earlier and which experienced the exact same fate since day 1, as my 2 other accounts opened later at a different brokerage Company. Also, my trading was/is not based on "guesses" (if it means "gambling", because I did NOT gamble), but on PROVEN STATISTICAL ARBITRAGE strategies, novel/proprietary tested strategies, heavy maths/science/quantitative/technical analysis (though not a "mechanical/automated" system for maximum flexibility/adaptability AND NO EXTERNAL SIGNAL PROVIDER EITHER), market psychology, risk management, thanks to back-testing, computers, integrated information systems and Electronic Communications Network (ECN) access to the interbank market. Reuters and a consortium of 90 major banks shut down Atriax exactly when I started my real money trading for no apparent reason (April 2002). I was a member of Atriax company because of my earlier association with a Wall Street currency firm. My opponents probably thought this would blind me somehow but I got my best results in the live Contest (with a return of 1500% per month!!) AFTER I had no more access to all this information given it was an educational tool more than anything else at the end. The same happened with the two other websites I was using at that time, again with no effect on my results in the live Contest.Evidence no 1. - Margin Call points on EURUSD chart (real money account/Online account)Evidence no 1. - Margin Call points on EURUSD chart (real money account/Online account)Two Margin Calls & reversals while EURUSD was trending up to 1.30 approx. It has been like that, exactly for 4 years!!! (please note the problem described here cannot be a problem with my brokers, as they CANNOT move the interbank FOREX market rates against me through their trades). LITERALLY, I DID NOT MAKE ONE CENT (YES ONE CENT!) OF PROFITS IN 4 YEARS, OVERALL (not a floating/unrealized profit either) in ANY of my three real money accounts AT ANY POINT IN TIME, since day one of trading. All 3 live accounts (with two different brokers) have been funded constantly & INCREASINGLY/EXPONENTIALLY over that time and no amount has ever been withdrawn from the accounts. Also, statistically speaking, there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for the market to reverse after my margin calls EXACTLY and CONTINUOUSLY, for four years since day one if there wasn't any CAUSALITY RELATIONSHIP between my own trades and the market at large (as explained in detail in the blog at Oanda). The margin call point is a mathematical function of my account equity level/net asset value and does NOT depend in any way, shape or form on my trading actions/decisions. (This is NOT a stop loss placed at obvious levels where market makers can "hit". These are prices reached by the market after more than 100 points move or more, and not close to any resistance or support levels.) Finally, if a 5 year old child would, AT RANDOM, buy or sell any currency pair, there would be approximately 50% chance to have a (floating) profit in the account at some point in time and more chances if you add money and repeat the same process several times (i.e Martingale), this up to 95% chance to have a (floating) profit at some point (unlike me, AT ANYTIME, not one cent) and not counting the fact that I am a PROFESSIONAL trader with a sucessful one year real time track record before trading with real money (not a child without understanding or experience). Some paid people (and unpaid) are out there trying hard to fool the unsuspecting truth seekers, by spreading information like "90% of traders end up loosing money" (which can be true for the general population and private investors). My answer is: please read again all that I have written above, and if you are not DISHONEST, if you have no AGENDA and if you are not CRAZY, then you MUST understand there is a conspiracy in my case. Moreover, if you examine ALL the "other details" including my consistent results in the only realtime demo account that I have, which has been traded for one year since April 2006 (see a/c details above) in addition to the continous market reversals in my real money accounts (unless my positions were hedged - because one side of the trade would necessarily become profitable - also it was always the side that would INCREASE the loss overall when you take the 3 accounts COMBINED). Otherwise, I am afraid that it simply means that you don't understand the basics of FX trading, statistics and/or probabilities. In fact, the mathematical probability that there is NO conspiracy against me as I describe it is perhaps less than 0.000000000000001%, or to use a metaphor, it is like expecting to reach the moon by jumping with your barefoot (but apparently there are people who believe this is possible, as IDIOCY, DISHONESTY, PREJUDICE and CORRUPTION abounds in our society). For the anecdote, one of the early scientists who discovered that planet earth was not the centre of the universe (heliocentrism) got himself ridiculed, rejected and finally imprisoned for the rest of his life (only because it was contrary to the "belief system" of his time, during the Inquisition). Today, we have the so-called "War on Terror", (when in fact it looks more like a war on democracy, the US Constitution and the American citizens themselves)... I mention this because of the message "the Promise of world peace" cited above and the fact that world peace is NOT an utopia. My opponents know that what they have done makes me UNIQUE and extremely important to the world because of the amount of money involved to stop my progress and this plan and they don't want people to know or realize it, also this has been explained, demonstrated and verified SCIENTIFICALLY beyond any doubt, and more than once. They also don't want the public to know or understand their conspiracy as it has been exposed in the video "The Money Masters - How the International Bankers Gained Control of America" (link also given above). The international bankers don't like THE TRUTH because "TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE" as Jesus said, and they would like to keep YOU and the rest of the world in a state of BONDAGE. Did Christ not dispute violently with the money changers at the temple? (Matthew 21:13) The message of "the promise of world peace" refers to "economic oppression" in the world and a concentration of wealth in the hands of a "very few, as never seen before". It describes some countries being on the "brink of war" because of poverty, international and domestic oppression and other injustices committed. My opponents own actions against me proves that World PEACE IS NOT AN UTOPIA, otherwise they would not need to do anything about it, certainly not move a trillion dollar per day against me every day for 4 years to prevent it from happening. Also, I think they have a great deal of JEALOUSY for all my blessings. Eventhough I don't consider myself different (because, in essence, I am a human being), we should always remember that the human potential is LIMITLESS. Do not be afraid of anything but God Himself.Evidence no 12. - INVESTEC's Work Contract (www.investec.com)Evidence no 12. - INVESTEC's Work Contract (www.investec.com)Statement by Investec Co. of my professional qualifications to the US authorities. Since 2004, I have been holding permanent resident status in the U.S. (Swiss ppt/Green card). Like for any recruits or officers of an investment bank, I had to undergo a thorough personal, professional and criminal background check by the FBI/SEC in 2000 before my registration with the S.E.C. (series 7/63/24 licenses) and again before the obtention of my Green card in 2004 (including a comprehensive medical examination by a US approved M.D., and a thorough security background check in Washington D.C., as part of the standard procedure). I have been trading Forex independently for the past 5 years (since 2001) after leaving Investec freely (as reported on the U5 form, which has been amended. GKN Securties and Investec are the SAME companies. Investec acquired GKN Securities at the time of my recruitment). I thought also that I could make it on my own even better; until I realized two years later, in 2003, that my opponents where ABLE and foremost WILLING to manipulate the 2 trillion dollars global FOREX market just FOR ME, CONSTANTLY and FOR AS OFTEN/AS LONG AS I WOULD KEEP TRADING IT (while I remained mostly silent about their actions) and for AS LONG IT WOULD HAVE NO REAL CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM (eventhough my amounts are/were very small in comparison to the size of the Forex market). Also, because when you have a trading RECORD, you can naturally manage funds for others (and share profits like in hedge funds) to make greater profits, beside compounding my own money. I DO have this record however in my LIVE/realtime contest and LIVE Oanda FX game a/c also neither are real money accounts. That's one big mistake they made among others (partly due to their arrogance), since it leaves an undisputed trace in my live real money accounts (including but not limited to, reversing the market after my margin calls each time). Did the Bible not say that Satan is "satan" because he became arrogant in front of God? I guess it is in his essence somehow; he can't help it (or they have no other choice). It is said that "LOVE CONQUERS ALL" (But can LOVE conquer Satan himself or his highest "servants"? That is the question). He can also repent, because that would help. I think we have to work for both: repentence/correction/JUSTICE and LOVE.Evidence no 13. - Oanda Live Game account (Real time, NOT real money)Evidence no 13. - Oanda Live Game account (Real time, NOT real money)This is the same Live Oanda Game account as shown below (I have NO other game account(s) at Oanda or elsewhere.) Account traded CONSERVATIVELY since April 2006 (exactly ONE YEAR as of today, 31st March 2007). This A/C shows a return on investment of over 100% (realized profit). Again, the account was NEVER reset and no money has ever been added to the a/c (initial amount $100K). Given the depth of the commodities & forex market, if anybody would have been trading $100 million with my same SKILLS and mindset, he would have ended with $200 million, in the same way ($100 million in profits within ONE YEAR only). This is representing the real potential in making profits (OR MODESTLY, TO SIMPLY MAKE A LIVING) in financial trading, for top-notch professional traders. Finally, you have in the upper RHS the equity line (image pasted) to show the steady and constant / consistent RISE of the Equity Line/Net Asset Value (NAV) of the same account over time with small retracement indicating execution of stop losses as part of the RISK MANAGEMENT technique to preserve capital, since the first trade in the a/c a year ago exactly (this is an INDICATION/Measure of the relatively LOW LEVEL OF RISK involved in trading that a/c despite the high volatility of the market itself and involving many trades over time). My floating loss NEVER exceeded 10-20% of the account at any time although my floating profits have exceeded 20% at some times. ANY amount (small or big) can be COMPOUNDED in the same fashion in a short period of time, if you can trade FREELY (UNLIKE me in my real money accounts) AND PROFESSIONALLY. Unfortunately, many people will sell themselves, their integrity, friends, family, loyalty, country, ideals and dreams for MONEY, power and social acceptance. They will turn a blind eye or commit injustice if it helps them get ahead materially, even if it leads to the death of millions of innocent children on the other side of the planet. This is the society we live in.Evidence no 14. - Evaluation report (Employment history verification and education degrees verification)  & Police certificateEvidence no 14. - Evaluation report (Employment history verification and education degrees verification) & Police certificate1. (Rhs) Evaluation and verification of employment history (5 years) and educational degrees while living in Switzerland, for the US immigration application (including graduate degree obtained in Iowa in 1993 as an exchange student from Switzerland). 2. (Lhs) Swiss federal police certificate confirming that I have NEVER had ANY criminal record in Switzerland, or anywhere else for that matter (NO debt either. The document mentions "Swiss origin" which was obtained through a popular vote in 1991 in my Swiss hometown (Lutry/VD) prior to naturalization), attesting of my integration in the country and in consideration of the very favorable communal police report. I NEVER had any PERSONAL business problem with ANY bank in my life while dealing with their legal activities (like lending, mortgage, advisory services, etc). My opponents are the international bankers, tyrants/dictators, corrupt politicians, paid medias, narco-trafficker bankers/money launderers, terrorists, child molesters, and worst of all, fraudulent religious leaders, worshiping money and with the effect of enslaving their followers (whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Baha'i or else). They are the worst of all because they CLAIM to be the "moral compass" and example for the country and responsible/paid by all of us to speak the TRUTH and DEFEND JUSTICE and the weak/poor/oppressed but they DON'T (they are impostors and hypocrites indeed). It is said in the Bible that "the LOVE of MONEY is the root of all EVIL" (Timothy, 6:10).Evidence no 15. - 2 Referral letters for graduate studies in the USAEvidence no 15. - 2 Referral letters for graduate studies in the USATwo referral letters (one in French) from my University professors in Lausanne, Switzerland for graduate studies in the USA (double-click on the image to make it larger).Evidence no 16. - Testimony (with translation from French given below)Evidence no 16. - Testimony (with translation from French given below)"To whom it may concern: Presently, we the family of Soheil Zaerpour would like to inform and confirm that Soheil has been the object of a conspiracy aiming to destroy him financially through his work and in his private life since his graduation from College in Switzerland in 1989. This conspiracy by the economic establishment started when Soheil committed himself to propagate the principles of justice, peace and unity in the world and this conspiracy continues to this day." Lausanne, March 30, 2004 (signed:) Aman Zaerpour, Mahine Zaerpour, Zohreh Zaerpour (original: edited for spelling check). Please note that I wasn't myself into this "conspiracy thing" until I realized how organized and far reaching it is, and this through my own VERIFIABLE trading records/happenings as described in this press release and after coming in contact with the REAL story of the financial markets and how things work in society, through what is de facto a private central banking system, as attested by many US Presidents and US Courts before me (Please refer to "The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained control of America" video online for more information on this essential, and often censored subject. Weblink given on my homepage at Yahoo! Geocities)