World vs World PvP Guide Alert: Zhaitan GW2 Guide Now Available Revealing Effective PvP Strategies

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World vs World PvP Guide now available with Zhaitan Guild Wars 2 Guide. More information can be found at

Zhaitan GW2 Guide for best builds and leveling

Zhaitan Guild Wars 2 Guide

Only a couple of weeks ago, on August 28th 2012, a great event happened in the world of online role playing games: Guild Wars 2 finally saw the light of day. Apart from revamping the old professions and including a few new ones, the development team has decided to heavily upgrade the graphics engine. This makes Guild Wars 2 one of the best-looking MMO. Among the new content included is the World vs. World PVP mode. Consisting of four sections connected through each other with portals (there is an Eternal Battleground and three Borderlands), the World vs. World PVP mode has players battle eternally to earn points for their world, with the Stonemist Castle at the center of it all. Whoever holds the castle gains the most points. There are many aspects to this game mode, such as building both offensive and defensive siege weapons, not to mention properly coordinating a very large team on an assault (Source: Fortunately, players aren't left to their devices to try and figure things out. The GW2 Zhaitan guide at was recently released, and it contains details about World vs. World games.

GW2 Zhaitan guide is basically a comprehensive GW2 guide. It can be likened to a library filled with Guild Wars 2 knowledge. The guide is constantly being updated as new discoveries are being made, ensuring that the players who get it are never left in the dark as to the changes happening in Tyria. Among what it has to offer is a Guild Wars 2 World vs World PVP guide which arms players with all the tactics, strategies, and knowledge they need to claim Stonemist Castle as their own.

There is a whole team of dedicated gamers behind the guide. Its leader bears the name of Jeff Schuck. Some may recognize him, but for those who don't, it suffices to say that he is one of the most respected authority figures in the MMO community. He is always helping out other players and sharing his knowledge to the best of his abilities. Naturally, the team he works with are far from being slouches in this area, as each and every one of them has been playing video games for a long time.

Zhaitan GW2 guide comes with a power leveling guide, a builds guide containing hundreds of combinations with many more being added every week, a cooking guide, a crafting guide, a credits guide, an in-depth guide for defeating bosses, and finally, a PVP guide. Needless to say, the Guild Wars 2 World vs World PVP guide contained within is nothing short of spectacular, as it covers all the known strategies and tactics, from both the offensive and defensive perspective. Not a single detail is left out, and those who read the guide from A to Z will probably end up being some of the greatest World vs. World players out there.

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