Top Ten Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

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Yardsailing for the 21st Century, Technology Advances Income of Yard Sales by Increased Exposure and Advertising.

Generate More Yard Sale Revenue by Advertising Your Sale Online

"By creating a membership based yard sales site that is affordable at $3 per listing, we can differentiate ourselves from the few free services out there that do not do mass marketing or advertising to increase your traffic,"

There are many articles out there offering ideas on how to make some extra money. The ones I tend to like are the ones that inform the readers how to make money with what you posses. There are articles for using your handyman skills, your internet prowess, or anything that that allows you to make money from home. Most are scams or at a minimum, questionable. My all time favorite continues to be the tried and true, all-American yard sale.

Now more than any other time on our generation, families need as much together time as possible not to mention a little extra cash. So what is the perfect follow up event to the annual spring cleaning? A yard sale of course! Recruit the kids, your parents, the pets, and of course the neighbors! Gather everyone up, make some lemon-aid and start making those tough decisions about what is going on the sale block. If you are really energetic, include a bake sale or BBQ and sell those hot dogs too!

Most self-proclaimed experts seem to agree that that there are some basics, such as the best days to have a yard sale are Thursday through Saturday. Other items of importance are advertising, picking the right items, setup, operation and safeguards. Here are my top ten tips for a successful yard sale.

1. Recruit as many people as you can, larger volumes of merchandise draws larger crowds.

2. Advertise, newspapers, online,, grocery stores, bulletin boards, churches and anywhere that will allow you to post in your neighborhood. I like because they let you leave unsold items posted after the sale for up to one year via their Treasure Finder Alerts.

3. Choose Hot Items such bottles, baseball cards, lawn movers, camping stuff, coins, guns, tools, handcrafted items, anything antique in any condition, jewelry, dishes, dolls and toys and video games.

4. Layout should be easily navigated and a pleasant experience. Ensure you have the best roadside visibility, many people drive by first. Place hot items out front, but be sure you can still see them. Choose an area with parking if possible, and try to not let the parked cars block your sale. Open public spaces like your front yard are considered best, steer clear of dark garages or alley’s. Consider your favorite tourist trap, and think about how they make you wind through absolutely every item in the gift shop before you find an exit.

5. Have what some industry professionals refer to as a pre-con, and pre-convention meeting and hammer out details such as pricing, discounts and the positive attitude. This last one can make or break a sale, stay positive about every item, after all, when is the last time you bought something from a sales person that spoke negatively about the item.

6. Operationally, Multi family sales should use separate colored pricing stickers to designate who gets paid. Be sure to have lots of change and singles and consider some background music as well, set the atmosphere. A nice satellite radio channel works well so you don’t tire of music throughout the day.

7. Safeguard your money in something easy like an apron with a cell or wireless phone in the pocket for any unforeseen emergency, designate someone to watch over a table with pricy stuff, check bins and boxes being sold for other items and be weary of the classic screamer. Just because they are yelling do not assume they are mad, they may be causing a distraction for a friend to steal something and do not offer to help someone to the car with a purchase unless you have enough people overlooking the sale for you.

8. If electronics are on the sale block and you don’t have original paperwork, consider a Google search and place the details with the item. This gives the buyer a sense of reference for price and possibly some much needed tech details.

9. Set up an electrical connection for easy testing of electronics that require electricity. If you are selling a stereo or TV why not set it up? If you have a dvd player, play a movie.

10. Price to sell the items. If you are looking for top dollar, consider services like Ebay or again, whereas you can leave items posted until you get what you want for them.

We recently caught up with Jimmy Legg, creator of and asked him what he felt the web site could do for yardsailers globally. "By creating a membership based yard sales site that is affordable at $3 per listing, we can differentiate ourselves from the few free services out there that do not do mass marketing or advertising to increase your traffic," Legg remarks. " I also feel that virtual sales have a huge future, you can post your items online for up to one year, and you dont even have to have a yard."

So gather the family, neighbors, friends and animals. Clean out the attic and closets (keep an eye out for those 80’s video games), make some lemonade and hot dogs. On a weekend coming soon join the more than 9 million estimated yard sales that prosper each year in America!

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