WP Twin Safeguards Wordpress Sites Against Hackers

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WP Twin – this brand new Blog Backup and Cloning tool provides Wordpress users with a simple, easy to use, and what appears to be the most reliable Wordpress Backup solution to date.

WP Twin - Backup and Restore ANY Wordpress Blog, with ANY plugins, and ANY themes installed!

If you're not 100% secure that you can delete and restore your Wordpress site exactly as it was using the current backup tool you use -- then your backup is not a backup -- it's a joke!

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Undeniably Wordpress has become a platform of choice for any kind of online presence – from simple blogs to complex membership sites and commercial portals – Wordpress based sites are everywhere.

The main reasons for using Wordpress as a platform for web development is, because of its flexibility, multitude of available plugins, customizable themes, and of course, the preferential treatment by the search engines.

But here lies the danger. This flexibility comes with a price -- Wordpress based sites are an easy prey for even intermediate level hackers. The cases of blogs being hacked are becoming too commonplace.

Not to mention the risk of rendering your site entirely unusable by attempting to install some poorly tested 3rd party plugins -- a problem well too familiar to almost every WP user.

Unfortunately the only 100% sure-fire way to safeguard against increasing hacking attacks and "Oops, I broke it!" user blunders is always to have a recent backup of your site.

That is why it's so important to back up the entire wordpress site on a regular basis.

But in reality, very few users do that.

The reason is simple: Backing up a Wordpress site with all the content, or a blog with hundreds of comments, is not an easy or enjoyable task users are looking toward.

Likewise, restoring a damaged Wordpress site is far from being a trivial matter for a casual user.

The fatal flaw of the most tools available until now is they are either difficult to use, do the job only partially -- only backup the user database, ignoring the custom created content -- or don't provide 100% exact backup restoration.

Until now there was no solution that can backup a Wordpress blog in an easy "hands off" way, powerful enough for the professionals, and simple enough for casual users.

Last month, the situation has changed.

Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien have released a groundbreaking new to tool called WP Twin Wordpress Cloner that creates foolproof backups of the entire Wordpress site with just a click of a button.

The main application of the tool is to clone existing Wordpress blog installations and speed up the set up of blogs by deploying cloned templates. However there is a surprising benefit to cloning sites:

During the process of cloning an exact replica of the existing site is created, packed into a neat archive, downloaded and safely stored on the local hard drive -- thus creating a perfect backup.

"Unlike the other tools," says Wilson Mattos, the programmer behind the software, "WP Twin backup includes all system files, all user created folders, comments, links, all the plug-ins, and all plug-in settings -- WP Twin backs up all of it!"

Restoration is as trivial as uploading the archive, running a script and pressing a button. In a few seconds your site is up and running as it was before. The process is simple and fast.

Most importantly, the unique advantage of WP Twin, unlike all other solutions, is that it is not a plugin -- WP Twin is implemented as a simple external script.

The specific reason for this is maximum safety.

If the worst comes to worst, and the Wordpress installation gets hacked so badly that the user cannot login into the dashboard to deploy the backup, the plugin may not be able to help. The external tool always will.

"Yes, there are other tools for backing up Wordpress. Some are slightly cheaper, some are even free," says Jason Fladlien, "But what matters at the end of the day is, are you completely secure that the backup solution you think you have right now will restore your site exactly the way it was in case of fatal emergency? If you believe it will, then go ahead, delete your entire site and restore it from the backup…Then tell me how it went. Do you feel confident enough about your backup to do this?"

With that, Jason Fladlien proceeds to make a dramatic demonstration of WP Twin unparalleled backup safety:

In real time, Jason deletes a live Wordpress based membership site with hundreds of users and comments. He confidently erases every single file from the server and immediately restores the entire site just a few minutes later.

"If you are not 100% secure that you can do this with the current backup tool you use -- then your backup is not a backup -- it's a joke!" adds Jason. "Because it doesn't give you what the real backup is supposed to give you -- a reassurance and a peace of mind that your sites are safe and secure, and can be restored exactly like they were before without any additional work and wasting any more of your time."

To see the live demonstration videos and to get more information about WP Twin, full review of its features, advantages, real-life applications, and how it helps to safeguard and back up entire Wordpress sites in in one click:



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