Super Fat-Melting Chocolate Recipe Revealed

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Xocoslim, a special formulation of "super chocolate", has been found effective in aiding weight loss. Users say it helps them lose up to 40 pounds in less than three months.

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this "super chocolate" is dubbed Xocoslim and can reportedly help one safely lose up to 40 pounds in less than three months

A special formulation of "super chocolate" has been fast increasing popularity among international models and athletes as a weight loss aid.

Formulated by Benjamin Ravaru, an entrepreneur turned wellness advocate, this "super chocolate" is dubbed Xocoslim and can reportedly help one safely lose up to 40 pounds in less than three months.

Defying modern views of chocolate, Ravaru clarifies that "in the ancient Aztec times, chocolate was revered and respected as a food of the gods. The reason it's gained its reputation as a junkfood today is because it's mixed with disease-provoking white sugar and homogenized, pasteurized milk."

After many years of being overweight and desperately trying to lose the extra pounds through traditional means--going to the gym, patronizing carb blockers and pharmaceutical fat burners--Ravaru turned to more holistic ways of weight loss. For nearly a year, Ravaru studied Chinese, Indian, and Tibetan medicine texts and began experimenting with a super-food so rich in nutrients, that it was once used as a currency in ancient times: raw cacao.

Chocolate, or more precisely the cacao bean and cocoa powder, is a complete source of nutrition and the number one source of magnesium. According to nutritionists, a person can theoretically survive on cacao alone. Cacao has the highest oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) anti-oxidant rating--26,000 units; the USDA recommends that a person consumes foods with merely 3,000 units a day. That's five times higher than that of goji berries or acai berries, which have been in the anti-oxidant limelight for the past few years now.

Cacao, though, is much more affordable and easier to find at your local health food store. Combined with certain healthy ingredients, it can be made into a dish that not only tastes delicious, but will help reduce body fat. Ravaru, who was once a hefty 230 lbs at 5'11" and is now a lean 154 lbs, attests to its efficacy. "You'll not only melt off the pounds, but optimize your hormones, increase your energy, and your sex drive."

A simple blend of raw cacao powder and healthy sweeteners such as honey, xylitol, or yacon syrup may be used to prepare a simple dish.

"Instead of using sugar, you can try yacon syrup," Ravaru explains. "Yacon is a complex sugar, so much so it's considered a dietary sugar and it has medicinal properties."

To get a rich, creamy texture, Ravaru suggests adding virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is a healthy fat that provides multiple weight management benefits, fights parasites, candida, stress and fatigue and improves digestion. It's one kind of fat that's actually good for the body.

Ravaru shares more details on this information and more with a free video presentation on the Xocoslim website. For more details, recipes, and fat-melting tips, please visit

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