xR : Abort a Migraine with Progesterone Based on Low Body Temperature

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New evidence shows that low body temperature is a sign that immediate delivery of progesterone can abort a migraine. This new xR innovation is called the Temperature METHOD.

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Rapid balance of the ratio of estrogen to progesterone can stop a migraine when it starts

New evidence shows that low body temperature is a sign that immediate delivery of progesterone can abort a migraine. This new xR innovation opens up an entirely new approach to stopping a migraine and is called the Temperature METHOD where METHOD stands for Migraine Elimination by Titration with Hormone via Oral Delivery.

"The germinal idea behind the Temperature METHOD was the fact that the ratio of progesterone to estradiol has a profound impact on temperature. Therefore we reasoned that we could use temperature as an indication of imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the brain," explains Dr. Bakke, a biochemist. "And sure enough, we found a single drop of progesterone elevated body temperature by half a degree and aborted the migraine. We let the patient's body tell us what it needed."

Pat Pendry of Pepper Pike, Ohio, a migraine sufferer, has been an xR patient for three years. She calls the Temperature METHOD "miraculous" in alleviating her pain. "I started having visual disturbances in my peripheral vision at work. I knew it was the start of a migraine," she says. "I went to my desk and took my temperature. It was 96.4, which is low for me. I took a progesterone drop under my tongue and nothing happened right away. I waited about half an hour and took a second drop. Meanwhile, my peripheral vision cleared and the headache just left. It's a miracle as far as I'm concerned. My migraines aren't as debilitating as some people have, but I'm miserable for two days and the second day I have a hangover from the first day. To me, the Temperature METHOD is a wonderful thing."

"To our knowledge, this has never been done before," says Dr. Rozakis.    If it does not work the problem may not be not hormonal but rather due to other causes. Co-Innovator Dr. Brian Bakke cautions that merely taking progesterone without first having the body's overall hormones in general balance may not have a successful outcome in relieving migraines. "Adrenal and thyroid balance is important," says Dr. Bakke.

Does the Temperature METHOD work for all migraine sufferers? "The body temperature must be low for this to work, otherwise the headache may worsen, in which case the patient should stop the progesterone and resort to their usual strategy of pain management" says Dr. Emhof, xR's Tallahassee Medical Director.    Some migraines are not caused by hormonal imbalance, but rather overstimulation of the brain caused by imbalances in neurotransmitters and biochemistry, usually exacerbated by foods. Many of those imbalances can be understood and treated by understanding a patient’s genetics and food intake.

Dr. Rozakis adds, The T-METHOD is a nice “maneuver” to quickly rebalance hormones and stop migraine before reaching for other abortive medications. If it does not work, don’t lose hope as other strategies exist as Drs. Emhof and Bakke indicate.

And for some of the 36 million migraine sufferers in the U.S., getting to the cause of migraine is very good news.

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