Evidence-based Natural Therapies for Cancer Patients

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New Book by Dr. Adam McLeod titled "Integrative Cancer Care- The Power of Being Informed", is an excellent source of information about integrative cancer care which is accessible for both the medical professional and the patient and will be released July 15, 2015

The book simply is a must-read for anyone with a diagnosis of cancer

Dr. Adam McLeod’s new book, Integrative Cancer Care: The Power of Being Informed, is an excellent source of information about integrative cancer care which is accessible for both the medical professional and the patient. It will be released July 15, 2015. The book contains a wealth of information about evidence-based, cutting-edge alternative cancer treatments and how they are safely used in conjunction with conventional therapies like chemotherapy and radiation. Dr. McLeod also shares his knowledge of the most effective diet, nutrition and natural supplements for cancer. This book is a valuable resource for anyone with a diagnosis of cancer.

When someone is diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer they often become overwhelmed with information. It is challenging to sift through all of the available research to know which natural therapies are effective or even indicated for any specific type of cancer. Much of the information that patients become exposed to is very polarized. Some sources suggest that patients avoid all natural therapies: others suggest that patients avoid all conventional therapies. The most effective plan is in between these two extremes and it involves integrating the best of both worlds.

The truth is that there are many natural supplements which are well-documented in the scientific literature to be safe and effective in combination with conventional therapies. This new book by Dr. Adam McLeod explains the science behind these natural supports, creating an essential guide which summarizes effective therapies based on the most recent scientific studies.

The biggest challenge with conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation is that healthy cells are also damaged in the process. Fortunately, there are natural supports which help to protect the immune system and keep the body strong through conventional cancer treatments. When used appropriately these natural supports have been shown to decrease side effects and increase the effectiveness of conventional therapies. Integrative cancer care should be started on the first day of diagnosis, rather than after all other options have been exhausted. Patients must be actively encouraged to seek these integrative supports as soon as they are diagnosed.

Unfortunately many doctors are unaware that these therapies exist or that they are supported by scientific evidence. By summarizing the evidence in a concise way this book makes it easy for patients and doctors alike to navigate the complex world of integrative oncology. It is intriguing to see the different prescribing patterns from oncologists around the world. Some of the adjunctive cancer therapies described in this book are rarely used in North America, yet in other countries they represent the standard of care. One interesting example is using mistletoe therapy as an adjunctive therapy to chemotherapy or radiation. In Germany this is commonly recommended by oncologists as it has a long history of safe and effective use. In North America, this therapy is rarely offered despite the evidence supporting its use. As you read this book and see study after study supporting the use of these adjunctive therapies it is shocking that this integrative cancer care model is not universal.

A significant portion of this book is dedicated to integrative supports using prescription medications, herbs, vitamins and intravenous therapies. The information presented in this book extends far beyond just physical therapies. The science behind energy and focused intentions is described in exquisite detail and tailored for patients fighting cancer. This gives patients practical tools to become more engaged in their own healing process. Dr. McLeod’s book, Integrative Cancer Care: The Power of Being Informed empowers patients who are fighting cancer. It sets the record straight on which therapies are effective and guides patients on how to become actively engaged in the fight against cancer on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Dr. Adam McLeod’s book will be available July 15th, 2015 and is a must read for anyone fighting cancer.

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