5StarControl Analyzes Whether Mobility is the Future of Yelp

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Local business review site 5StarControl shines a light on how Yelp growth will be fueled by mobile innovations.

5StarControl has decided to issue an announcement about why Levchen sounds off on Yelp Mobile and social media. Reputation management site 5StarControl stated that local businesses are going to blossom if they understand how mobile applications (apps) will become a driving force behind further Yelp success.

In a USA Today Money interview, Yelp Chairman Max Levchen answers questions on what is driving Yelp’s success as a social media IPO, how the demand for mobile is driving industries like Yelp’s consumer review site, and why other social media networks aren’t doing as well. As a co-founder of Facebook, Levchen’s perspectives and perceptions offer a knowledgeable view of the future of local internet marketing through the use of mobile apps.

One question posed was what has contributed to Yelp’s success as a social media IPO. Levchen attributes Yelp’s success to its non-traditional marketing approach that focuses on “going local and conquering market by market, locale by locale.” While he admits that this method has taken time to get where it is today, its culture of community and unity is beginning to pay big dividends in consumer participation and strong business-locating content. 5StarControl includes Yelp’s services as part of the local business marketing strategies it recommends to its clients, which has provided even better results when combined with internet marketing Guru Frank Kern’s materials. Yelp’s success as a social media IPO, Levchen asserts, can also be found in the recent mobilization of its services based on increasing pressure for local, on-demand content from consumers.

This demand for mobile that is currently driving industries like Yelp is, Levchen reports, “one of the biggest, most important trends that has been going on globally for a while.” Consumers are demanding instant gratification and getting it through the use of mobile devices. Levchen asserts that this, coupled with the need for finding local business markets is why the use of mobile apps like Yelp Mobile are in high demand. 5StarControl states that consumer demand for mobile, localized content presents a golden opportunity for small business markets that include mobile SEO services in their local internet marketing strategies.

Another important question put to Levchen is why other social media networks aren’t doing as well in the switch to mobile marketing opportunities that Yelp exemplifies. He says Facebook’s biggest trial will be in shifting their “big screen” product to the smaller smartphone and tablet screens. If Facebook can transition to mobile, Levchen believes they will persevere, but that the “jury’s still out.” Of Yahoo, he states that they made a big mistake in switching their marketing paradigm from a product-centered focus to meeting investor expectations when they went public.

Overall, the future of Internet marketing for local businesses, as demonstrated in Levchen’s interview, is linked hand in fist with working solid mobile seo strategies into small business marketing plans, states 5StarControl. Levchen’s insistence on providing consumers with local mobile content has the ability to pay big dividends for local business owners who climb on his mobile bandwagon, reports 5StarControl.

5StarControl is a website on local business concepts about online review sites.

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