San Francisco Yoga Massage Studio Love Life Yoga Announces Miracle in 3 Breaths Method to Restore Balance

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Love Life Yoga promotes their Miracle of 3 Breaths as a fast and effective emergency yoga tranquilizer.

Carsten Spencer

I’ve used the 3 breaths method myself for years and shared it with clients, students and friends, and it works

At San Francisco yoga massage studio, Love Life Yoga announces The Miracle in 3 breaths, or an emergency yoga tranquilizer, is a fast, effective and simple way to move from stress to serenity in the time it takes to inhale and exhale three times. Sound miraculous? It is.

“I’ve used the 3 breaths method myself for years and shared it with clients, students and friends, and it works,” said Carsten Spencer of Love Life Yoga. “There’s only one catch. You have to do it. If you do, it will change your life.”

To start, people should focus on their body and gravity, their magnetic connection to Mother Earth, and while breathing through the nose, inhale Earth energy into the body. As they exhale, people will simply notice how they feel differently. Draw the second breath in through the crown of the head, letting it clear the mind. Exhale, letting all stress and anxiety fall to the very center of the Mother Earth and disintegrate. Inhale the third breath into the heart feeling fresh, healing energy flowing up from Mother Earth and exhale making a soft hum sound and notice where the sound vibrates through the body.

“Give yourself a moment to experience and acknowledge the peaceful space you’ve just created,” said Mr. Spencer. “Then, when you are ready, ask yourself ‘What’s next?’ and from this peaceful space of calm, conscious awareness move on with your day.”

That’s it! The miracle in 3 breaths should be done with eyes open, breathing through the nose and can be done anytime, anywhere. If participants find themselves in a place where they don’t feel comfortable to hum, simply imagine the humming on the third exhale and notice that even an imaginary hum may seem to vibrate somewhere in the body.

The miracle in 3 breaths works by silencing “Monkey mind,” that stress-creating chatter in the head that pulls someone out of the present moment and keeps them stuck in non-reality. Focusing the ego mind on the body, the breath and the flow of energy not only brings people back into the present moment, which is always the point of power, it balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, increasing alpha brainwaves and opening to creativity and inner wisdom. Practicing the Miracle in 3 Breaths during those times of stress/monkey mind, trains the ego mind to trust its connection to the body, the breath the higher mind and brings people into the power of now.

Love Life Coaching is hosting the upcoming Full Moon Summer Retreat: “Finding Our Tribe” on August 13 and 14 at the Land of Medicine Buddha located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

“Join us as we commune with each other and nature Envisioning and creating the New Age,” said Mr. Spencer.

For more information about the method, feel free to visit or call (917) 453-3687 for other yoga exercises. Visit to watch a video on The Miracle in 3 Breaths, and learn about: Carsten Yoga/Massage, a rejuvenating yoga-based bodywork technique.

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Carsten Spencer’s Love Life Yoga San Francisco therapeutic massages is much more than just yoga and meditation. Love Life Yoga is the right place to take away stress by attending meditation classes, group and private yoga, energy healing practice and receiving therapeutic massages and yoga massages. Love Life Yoga is located at a quiet place along Euclid Avenue in San Francisco where experienced and trained yoga instructors are ready to provide stress-free methods to help diminish anxiety and work-related problems. Love Life Yoga aims to provide a joyful healing energy with peaceful mind working for the improvement of the society.


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