ZOFT Gum Leads Way as Functional Chewing Gum Makes Switch from Extruded to Compressed Manufacturing

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ZOFT Gum, leading maker of functional chewing gums, shows new compressed technique that allows innovation and benefits public.

Extruded Gum vs. Compressed Gum

Extruded Gum vs. Compressed Gum

Compressed gum has come a long way and has become a premium product choice.

New developments at ZOFT Gum are causing industry observers to wonder if traditional extruded functional gum is making the switch to modern compression. Until recently, chewing gum required high-temperature extrusion. Then recently, some companies switched to pharmaceutical-type compression to add active ingredients.

Proponents of the compression technique claim the method helps with the release of supplement and health benefits, while others feel traditional gum manufacturing is enough. ZOFT offers both options.

"Compressed gum has come a long way and has become a premium product choice," said Heather Collins, ZOFT Media Liaison. Compression is a dry and cool process that increases survival of active ingredients that are sometimes lost in traditional extruded chewing gum.

Extruded Chewing Gum is a sophisticated process, including mixing, extrusion, rolling, scoring, and coating. It usually takes more than a day to reach a finished product because the extrudants must cool before they can be coated and packaged.

Conversely, Compressed Chewing Gum comes from a manufacturing process that is a Direct Compression Tableting Process similar to that used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical tablets. The process is characterized as being dry and cool, which may be advantageous when dealing with many sensitive active substances.

"At ZOFT, we can add in any active ingredient using compression. This greatly widens the market for our manufacturing clients," Collins said.

Functional chewing gum has had active ingredients added. ZOFT has long been a leader in adding active ingredients to different technologies. They tailor chewing gum to have the precise functional properties their customers require.

Today, chewing gum is far more than a piece of traditional tablet chewing gum. Consumers demand greater functionality and more interesting shapes, tempting colors, and exciting taste experiences.

"Conventional gum manufacturers use a high temperature extruded process that can kill many active ingredients, which may result in a sub-potent final product. Our gum is manufactured at room temperature, so the actives are fully available in the final product," Collins said.

ZOFT is one of the largest U.S. contract and private label manufacturers of value-added chewing gum. They specialize in the development and production of customized functional chewing gum products, as well as chewable tablets, lozenges, mints and candy — all with functional purposes and customized to customers' requirements.

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