Author Marie Renshaw’s new book “It Is Time” is a series of written pieces exploring the nature of human existence in the modern era.

Recent release “It Is Time” from Page Publishing author Marie Renshaw is a volume of essays questioning the impact of one’s thoughts, words, and actions on those around them and on the world itself. This thought-provoking collection of probing topics is meant to inspire candid self-examination to aid on the path to self-awareness and self-improvement.

Marie Renshaw has published her latest book “It Is Time”: a clarion call for awareness and true engagement in our community, our children, and the world around us.

Marie writes, “’It Is Time’ is a series of powerful writings that is a calling for examination of oneself, one’s life, and one’s entire existence. ‘It Is Time’ questions if we are promoting growth or destruction, projecting life or projecting death, bringing forth hope or discouragement to not only those we encounter but to our loved ones, whom we claim to so very much cherish. It compels the reader to question, are they living or merely existing in this world?

This small collection of works will have the reader question things about themselves that many go through life and never consider. ‘It Is Time’ is a unique series in that it ‘wakes’ people from the apparent sleep they have unknowingly been in for sometimes decades. Many times, people will say they seek change; ‘It Is Time’ not only seeks it but finds it, embraces it, then promotes it. ‘It Is Time’ will leave its readers with a newfound hope—that there is a solution to all the chaos we all currently find ourselves suffocated by.”
Published by Page Publishing, Marie Renshaw’s engrossing book is a provocative series of questions and insights focused on common pitfalls of the human consciousness.
Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “It Is Time” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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