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New York, NY – June 20th, 2000– EZGamer.com, the sole provider of custom compilation video game demo CDs, today unveils its new CD fulfillment solution for TalonSoft, one of the most widely known game developers and publishers of PC CD-ROM strategy, simulation, and action games.

EZGamer.com is enabling publishers and developers, for the first time ever, to instantly offer CD fulfillment to their customers as an alternative to downloading. This fulfillment is at no cost to the publishers and developers, and does not require development time. EZGamer.com has integrated TalonSoft with its network commerce tools, allowing them to offer users a pre-selected compilation disc for their game demos, with just one-click – giving them the ability to fulfill CD requests from their own website. (Please see http://www.talonsoft.com/downloads and click on “Send Me A CD”.)

EZGamer.com has also licensed TalonSoft’s game demo catalog, which will now be available to consumers on custom video game demo CDs across the EZGamer.com network of sites. EZGamer.com has assembled the largest catalog of licensed video game demos and supporting material including movies, patches and hint guides on the Internet. This catalog is available to participating sites in the network, including GameSpot and ZDNet, along with the convenient e-Commerce tools to extend each site’s editorial content to encompass custom game demo CD sales.


“EZGamer.com offers a time-saving, yet cost-effective, alternative to game downloading, providing consumers with the option of getting our software on a personalized CD,” said Jeremy Kagan, President and CEO of EZGamer.com. “The MOD (Manufacturing On Demand) CD Fulfillment system is free for our software Publishers and Developers.”

“We are excited to be entering into our first partnership with EZGamer.com,” said TalonSoft President Jim Rose. “This agreement ensures that TalonSoft titles will be even more attractive to a broader group of consumers as we extend the widespread appeal of our games. We serve our existing fans well, and the potential for new customers is enormous.”

About EZCD.com

Volatile Media Inc., which operates EZCD.com, EZMP3.com and EZGamer.com is the leader in custom distribution of music, games and entertainment content to college-age and generation Y consumers. Consumers can buy custom compilation CDs at EZCD.com, download songs from EZMP3.com, buy custom videogame demo CDs on EZGamer.com, or learn more about the artists from the sites extensive library of information, sound clips and videos. EZCD.com is the premier destination site devoted to providing music lovers with Music Your Way™. With approximately 100 different genres to choose from and a collection of nearly 250,000 songs, over 20,000 artists and more than 500 labels, EZCD.com allows consumers to purchase any combination of songs and videos, specify the order and even the title.

EZCD.com has established relationships with labels and distributors such as Beggars Banquet Group, Deep South, and Knitting Factory Records. Corporate partners include American Express, BMG Special Products and Liberty Travel. EZCD.com also operates dozen of stores for leading music, games, lifestyle and entertainment sites and partners including SaulGoodman.com, Duffelbag.com, Clubplanet.com, JamBands.com, eBop.com and more for cutting edge reviews and news. Through EZGamer.com, EZCD.com also works with Videogame publishers including Eidos, Gathering of Developers, GT Interactive, Microsoft, Shrapnel Games and Talonsoft, in addition to Software and Gaming partners GameSpot and ZDNet.

About TalonSoft

TalonSoft is a leading developer and publisher of PC CD-ROM strategy, simulation, and action games. Jim Rose, producer of award-winning board and computer games for Avalon Hill, founded the company in 1995. TalonSoft’s Battleground Series earned the distinction of being one of the few product lines to be inducted in its entirety into the Computer Gaming World “Hall of Fame”. In 1998, TalonSoft demonstrated to the industry that the company was here to stay for good as The Operational Art of War won the coveted title of “Wargame of the Year” from nearly every major computer gaming publication. In early 1999, TalonSoft’s success as a developer and publisher was recognized when the company was acquired by leading software publisher, Take-Two Interactive. With the extensive resources of Take-Two behind it, TalonSoft made the move into “triple-A” publishing by releasing Hidden & Dangerous and Jagged Alliance 2. Both games debuted at the top of the sales charts and produced record sales for the company. In 2000, TalonSoft is focused on solidifying its position as a market-leading game publisher and continuing to branch out into new directions. The company plans to expand the scope of its operations and will be publishing titles in nearly every genre including TalonSoft’s Rising Sun (wargame), Tzar (real-time strategy), Dogs of War (action), Martian Gothic (adventure), Lemmings Revolution (puzzle), and Mafia (strategy). TalonSoft is headquartered in Baltimore and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive.


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