Gibraltar Software, Inc., Addresses SQL Slammer with Automated Patch Deployment: Releases the Everguard System, Version 2.0

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Gibraltar Software, Inc., releases Everguard 2.0, the next version of their flagship patch management product. Everguard 2.0 helps close security vulnerabilities, such as those exploited by SQL Slammer, through automated patch recognition and deployment. The Everguard System protects multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Solaris.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--February 03, 2003--Gibraltar Software, Inc., announces the second major version release of its cross-platform flagship patch management product, the Everguard™ System.

The Everguard System, Version 2.0 —“Everguard 2.0”— adds automated patch deployment capability to the reporting tools found within Everguard 1.0, providing system administrators with an efficient, hands-off method of applying patches to the latest vulnerabilities.

Unlike other companies which concentrate exclusively on the Microsoft Windows operating system, Gibraltar Software allows admins to address vulnerabilities within the Windows, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris operating systems. Everguard 2.0 is ideal for those companies who have deployed multiple OSes across their network.

Everguard 2.0 is being released on the heels of a swiftly propagating Internet worm, SQL Slammer, a.k.a. Sapphire, which spread throughout Asia and into other countries with devastating efficiency in the past few days by exploiting a known vulnerability in Microsoft’s SQL Server, despite the availability of a remedial patch since July 2002.

After the massive and widely-publicized damage inflicted by previous worms like Code Red and NIMDA, which also took advantage of known vulnerabilities for which patches were available, the latest version begs the question of how and why the worm spread so quickly when a patch was freely available for download. “There’s a lot that could have been done between July and now,” said Howard A. Schmidt, President George W. Bush’s No. 2 cybersecurity adviser, in a recent report. “We make sure we have air in our tires and brakes get checked. We also need to make sure we keep computers up-to-date.”

But with more than 4,000 new vulnerabilities reported last year, according to the government-funded CERT Coordination Center at Carnegie Mellon University, system administrators can have trouble keeping up. In one study performed by services firm Activis, for a company with an infrastructure of only eight firewalls and nine servers, the IT manager would have had to make 1,315 updates in a nine month period. This is equivalent to five updates per working day.

"Patching up every machine is widely recommended as a 'best practice' in the world of computer security, but honestly, I can understand why people often don't do it," said Graham Hine, founder and CEO of Gibraltar Software. “Done by hand, it's difficult, painful, takes a lot of time -- and people still end up with a box here or a server there that ends up as a vector for an Internet worm like SQL Slammer.”

Everguard 2.0 addresses this problem by allowing system administrators to track unpatched software, find the appropriate patches, and deploy them remotely and automatically. The system also provides features such as comprehensive reporting tools, notification services, and the ability to manage patches across multiple operating systems and platforms.

The Everguard System dynamically reacts to new patches, providing near-real-time notification and deployment. Everguard 2.0 instantaneously alerts Gibraltar's on-call support staff, who quickly study and rate the patch before pushing it to customers. Multiple levels of subscription services ensure that patches are pushed to clients in as little as an hour's time.

Once deployed to the customer, Gibraltar's Everguard 2.0 system can allow many vulnerable machines to be hot-patched, without the need for an administrator to manually bring down a system for patch maintenance.

Until Gibraltar released version 1.0 last May, patch management solutions had been supplied directly by operating system (OS) vendors or were single-platform specific, often forcing enterprises to use and manage several tools.

Gibraltar's mission is to make patch management platform-agnostic. The company believes organizations should no longer be punished for using more than one operating system in their enterprise. With Everguard 2.0, system administrators can run one tool to keep a network of Solaris, Windows, and Linux machines completely patched and up-to-date.

Gibraltar's Everguard 2.0 software is immediately available. A walk-through with screenshots may be viewed at Potential customers may also evaluate Everguard 2.0 through an on-site demonstration, which allows customers to test Everguard 2.0 against five client systems for a one month period.


About Gibraltar Software:

Gibraltar Software, Inc. is the premiere creator of automated patch management solutions. Founded in 1999 by security experts Graham Hine and Mark Allen, Gibraltar Software addresses the critical need for efficient patch management systems for cross-platform networks. Everguard is the company’s flagship product.

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