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A Columbus,Ohio film company is producing a film that deals with the homeless issue. The film, "Turkey Day," is intended to be used as a fund raising vehicle for homeless organizations

In an effort to better educate the general public on the homeless issue, a local film company has begun work on a film short entitled; “Turkey Day.”

“Homelessness is a very important issue for me because I have been homeless,” says the film’s director and producer, Louie Cowan. “I want people to realize how important it is to make a commitment to caring for the needy that goes beyond making a one time donation.”

“Turkey Day” is a satire on giving whose plot focuses on a gift of a frozen turkey given to a homeless man and the situations and mishaps that occur because of this well-intentioned, but misguided, act. While the film encourages people to be charitable, Mr. Cowan believes that an individual should think before giving, so that the gift means more to those who receive it. “What’s really sad about a lot of the charity given the homeless,” he explains, “is that while the giving comes from the heart, people often don’t know what it is the homeless truly need. The result is a wasted good intention. This film is aimed at getting people to think before they give.”

The cast and crew have been assembled from as far away as Denver, Colorado. While the level of acting and technical experience varies within the group, everyone associated with the project share one thing in common: each person is working for free. “Turkey Day” is completely a volunteer effort. All time and effort is being given to the project so that the film itself can be considered a charitable donation. Plans are tentatively being made to have the cast volunteer at a local homeless shelter, and the film’s future use will be as a fund raising vehicle for any homeless organization.

Cowan’s film company, Red Key Productions, is part of a local film group known as the Convergent Collective. This association of film actors, directors, and technicians hope to produce a series of issue related films in the coming months. “Turkey Day” is the first effort by this group. Cowan himself is very optimistic about the future of Turkey Day. “Yeah, this project is taking a lot out of my pocket,” he says with a slight grin, “but it is all worth it. If we can get this film distributed and in the hands of the right people, there is no telling how much benefit will come from it. It’ll give the homeless issue the kind of exposure that is badly needed in our society.”

Additional information about “Turkey Day” can be found on the Red Key Productions website:

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