Portable Home Steam Sauna for all genders and age groups

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General wellbeing at home

“Improve your general well being without leaving your living room”.

Date 17th January 2003

Observing TV, media, magazines and general trends one cannot help but notice the increase in health news and products. In the United States there has been a move away from McDonalds burgers to Subway Salads. In the UK there is a shift in attitude with alternative foods coupled with new products are services. Boots Well being products range and the multitude of gyms springing up everywhere. So what about the average person, someone like me for instance, who enjoys a drink, cigarette and burger but not the exercise. Admittingly. I have cut down on negative excesses without even fully realizing it. For instance, when going for lunch during work with colleagues we will experiment with new food outlets. New eateries tend to be of the healthy variety. Remember the days when a salad was tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and a dollop of mayo? It is not the case anymore. Inadvertently perhaps then I have become a healthier person and I do feel better for it, at least on the inside. So I have been able to access this health avenue purely by the choice now available without going out of my way to acquire them. Thanks to Century Saunas the same can be said for maintaining the outside of the body. I have never been one for spending money on lotions, gym memberships or home equipment. All of these I will buy and lose interest in, mainly because of the effort required. The guys and girls at Century Saunas have brought a product to the market that appeal to the fanatic and the not so, like me. For the price of 40 packs of cigarettes I have access to a natural remedy to the daily stresses and strains on the body as well as the mind. We are all aware of the natural healing effects of heat on joints and muscles by increasing blood circulation. The steam clears out pores of my skin and at 45 degrees Celsius or so will rejuvenate ones body. Trust me for most of us having access to one of these on a morning after means we will not waste the whole day. Usually I would only have a steam at a hotel when on holiday, if the hotel had one! General well being is fine with me. And I will continue to do it, as long as the products and services come to me.

Press Release by Harry Davis from Destiny Public Releations

Century Saunas Ltd. is a private limited company located in West London. Century Saunas sells the home steam sauna, which is fully portable and is priced at £169.99. Further details are available from http://www.centurysaunas.co.uk or phone 020 8569 4453.

About Century Saunas Ltd.

The original company was formed to create an improvement in everybody's daily lives. The company's founders sought to solve an issue of allowing complete indiscriminate access to one of the most natural health sources around today, the portable steam sauna. The focuses of the organization and its founders, members and partners will be to bring innovative, inexpensive and global sources for improved health to its customers

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