New ATMII-PMC protocol controller handles all 3G network signaling functions and cuts costs

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Full support for AAL2 and AAL5 creates a completely scalable and flexible signalling solution for network designers

3GSM World Congress, Cannes, France, 18 February 2003: The new ATMII-PMC protocol controller from Adax, the industry leader in high performance communications and signaling infrastructure, has the capability to perform all 3G network signaling functions. Using the same board throughout the network allows 3G network designers to reduce costs as common interfaces (APIs) can be utilised to ease and speed application development, service deployment and also reduce support costs. In addition, the board's high performance makes the applications more efficient, thereby lowering the hardware investment.

The ATMII-PMC adds the ability to provide AAL2 support for the Radio Network (RN) portion of 3G networks (RNC to Node B). When this is coupled with the current support for the Circuit Switched (CS) and Packet Switched (PS) networks, a full connection from the Core Network (CN) to the network edge (Node B) is available. Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol (SSCOP) and Service Specific Coordination Function (SSCF) for broadband signaling, and SIGTRAN protocols for IP signaling are also included, so the ATMII controller is also able to send signaling and IP over AAL5 in 3G networks. With both AAL2 and AAL5 capability, the controller can be used in any node throughout the 3G network.

Being able to perform all the 3G network signaling tasks from the MSC to the Node B simplifies the parts list and by upgrading the software to meet all layer two requirements, Adax has helped speed development time and increase customers’ ability to integrate solutions ahead of the competition. Further advantages come from the protection of investment for customers; the same controller utilised for all nodes makes for easily scaleable solutions. Installing multiple ATM cards if needed means that fully scalable solutions are now a reality for T1/E1, OC3/STM-1, IMA and Ethernet/IP, assisting convergence both in the present and in the future.

“Traditionally, Adax products have resided in the Core Network, extending out as far as the Radio Network Controller (RNC),” commented Robin Kent, Director of European Operations, Adax. “With the combination of the new ATMII hardware for AAL2 and AAL5 and recent performance enhancements to the SSCOP/SSCF software, Adax now has the capability to sit right out to the basestations (Node B’s) at the network edge in 3G/UMTS networks.”

In addition to supporting AAL2 and AAL5, the ATMII-PMC supports Inverse Multiplexing for ATM (IMA), enabling the ATM cells to be split and sent between the RNC and Node B over existing T1/E1 lines. This avoids the expense of laying new fibre cables to the Node B’s, but at the same time enables the benefit of the higher bandwidth of broadband signaling. The OC3-155 Mbps bandwidth can be fully utilised for AAL5 and the board supports up to 45Mbps of AAL2, which is 672 AAL2 voice channels.

The PCI Mezzanine Controller (PMC) form factor allows easy integration to CompactPCI carrier boards and Single Board Computers (SBCs) to ensure full utilisation of slot space, providing maximum configuration options. Using an SBC with Ethernet ports, the ATMII-PMC can be configured as a broadband signaling gateway between IP networks and broadband 3G nodes. With the ability to install multiple ATM cards, a highly scalable, flexible and cost effective 3G solution is provided.


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Adax is the industry leader in high performance communications and signaling infrastructure, providing communications controllers and protocol software for existing and next generation networks. Built to meet the demanding signaling needs of packet and circuit switched networks, the Adax products are used for: Signaling and Media Gateways; Gateway and Serving GPRS Support Nodes (GGSNs and SGSNs); Base Station Systems (BSS) for GPRS networks, SGSNs, Node B and Radio Network Controllers (RNCs) for 3G networks, and Billing and Monitoring Applications.

Adax’s product set is based on open systems standards, modular design and a common Application Program Interface (API). This enables the world's leading communications companies, including Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Siemens, Hughes Software Systems and systems integrators to quickly and efficiently build communications solutions for network convergence. For more information, visit

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