Introducing PREOWNEDCARS.COM. The Web’s first ecology-minded new and used vehicles, automotive services web site. 7% pre-tax profit earmarked for top charities.

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Web newcomer PREOWNEDCARS.COM is hard at work living up to its billing as "The Dot Com with a Heart;" Launches online Â?DRIVE FOR A CLEANER WORLDÂ? campaign.

New automotive web site, PREOWNEDCARS.COM, is introducing a unique business model. The site will be donating 7% of pretax profits to ecology and Earth-focused charities like Environmental Defense Fund and Nobel Prize winners Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières, or MSF).

“We hope these charities will benefit also from the exposure we give them on our site,” says PREOWNED CARS owner, Rick Sallen, “and that shoppers will take the opportunity to learn more about the great work these foundations undertake.”

Along with their charity support, PREOWNED CARS, “will provide our visitors the information and opportunity to shop for and buy the safest, most economical new and used cars, extended warranties, auto insurance, financing options, and more. We think businesses should exist for some purpose other than just to make money,” said the site’s owner.

“People ask if we’re a non-profit,” says Sallen. “We’re not, however, compared to the sweetheart commission deals the big sites command, we receive the Internet’s equivalent of minimum wage! I just don’t understand how the big sites justify claiming on one hand they want to offer consumers low prices, while at the same time they’re groping around the suppliers’ pockets for ever more lucrative contracts that just spiral final prices upward. You can’t have it both ways.”

Other foundation links positioned throughout PREOWNED CARS include the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children; PAWS – People Helping Animals;;; and Human Rights Watch. They call this “The PreOwned Cars’ 7% Solution.”

Far More than Just Pricing and Comparison Info

Along with new and used car-buying, auto insurance, and financing tips and info, PREOWNED CARS provides easy-to-use tools and calculators so eco-concerned and average shoppers alike can get tips about the safest cars, fuel economy, “green cars,” safety seat use, avoiding extended warranty scams.

In addition, Pre Owned Cars offers plenty of straight-forward consumer advice and instant online approval on dealer scams, extended vehicle warranties, loans and debt consolidation, help with bad credit, multiple instant insurance quotes, and much more. “We prove you can buy ‘green,’ make a difference, and still save money.” says Sallen.

“Another unique PreOwned Cars benefit is our warnings,” adds owner Rick Sallen. In their eagerness to make a commission, most car sites neglect to mention the potential pitfalls. On our debt consolidation page we warn how an unwise borrower could get in trouble, even lose their home.

Take financial services, for example. We give objective tips and expressly warn how easily borrowing can lead to even bigger problems if you’re not careful. The merchants on our site make financing, credit repair, re-mortgaging, etc., so easy. That’s a good thing but it can be a double-edged sword. Credit can come TOO easily!”

PreOwned Cars has a whole Credit Card Tips page exposing the slick traps unscrupulous credit card companies can set. Sallen insists, “If borrowing is likely to get someone in trouble, I want them to learn that on PreOwned Cars. That’s far more important to us than a commission. We call our philosophy compassionate consumerism!”

ZERO AD BUDGET: Unlike corporate bottom-line car sites, at PreOwned Cars you’re not paying for their ad budgets and pop-up ads. “We don't pay for advertising. Zero,” says the site’s owner.

“We encourage shoppers to check around the web, but please come back to our site when you get a quote or buy. Your support makes a difference at PreOwned Cars,” says Sallen.

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