Fund-Raising Rewards For Non-Profits and Youth Organizations as Easy as 123 at

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OsterGrant Enterprises announces the official launching of its national 123 fund-raising program to benefit community schools, youth organizations, and other non-profit groups.


123 for easy, innovative, fund-raising.

Fund-Raising Rewards For Non-Profits and Youth Organizations as Easy as 123 at

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Ventura County, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2003 – OsterGrant Enterprises announces the official launching of its national 123 fund-raising program to benefit community schools, youth organizations, and other non-profit groups. This new program provides two ways for these non-profits to earn money with very little effort. is the brainchild of OsterGrant Enterprises’ founders, Lee Ostertag and Michael Grant. Both Ostertag and Grant are residents of Ventura County, California and have long been committed to making a difference in their community. As successful businessmen, they have established themselves as leaders in their industry.

They recognized an opportunity for providing a monetary return to schools, youth organizations, and other non-profit groups. As a result, they have developed a “1-2 Punch” fund-raising program around their current business that provides a substantial monetary return to these organizations. First, with over a year in the development of the’s official website they now automatically offer a credit to non-profits for purchases of their products and, second, by developing an unparalled “Trash Into Cash” program they are helping to save the environment as well as providing even more revenues. They have received a very favorable response from the community. And a recent presentation, as an exhibitor, of their program to members of the California State PTA at the state convention in Sacramento has resulted in schools from around the state immediately signing up to participate. Many at the council level are providing district support. breaks out of the traditional fund-raising mold by offering an on-line “1-2 Punch” for year-round income on products used by thousands of people and businesses everyday and requires no child sales or parent distribution. The typical fund-raiser of cookies, cookie dough, candy bars, magazines and gift-wrapping paper requires door-to-door sales, outreach efforts through selling to friends at work, and then the products get distributed through the parents. And although continuing to support those kinds of programs is a wonderful thing to do, does not conflict with other fund-raisers. This year round program is simply a means of expanding those efforts enabling curriculum developers, youth groups, and music and performance groups as well as others with a substantial increase of sorely needed discretionary funds to augment their budgets. is the simplest fund-raising program around for organizations to earn significant dollars in support of their programs. Whether you are involved with a school, a school organization (e.g., PTA, booster club, marching band), a church or a youth group, a club, a not-for-profit, or other fund-raising organization, you have probably realized that raising money is very time consuming, labor intensive, and somewhat ineffective in that although still rewarding, more funds are always required. It is not because you aren’t trying hard enough, it’s because most fund-raising programs all offer the same thing and do so only once or twice a year.

The fund-raising program requires very little effort on the part of the enrolled organization. Here’s the “1-2 Punch”…

1. The first way an organization wins is through the on-line sales of discounted products used everyday. They receive 12% earned income on all purchases made using the Coupon Code assigned at the time of enrollment. Purchases are made on-line at the website and the products are shipped directly to the buyer. provides imaging products (toner and inkjet cartridges) that are discounted 25% to 68% off comparable products found at Superstore pricing (e.g., Staples and Office Depot). They support almost every printer, copier, and fax machine in the market. So, both saves the consumer money while raising money for the non-profit organization of choice when members and sponsors purchase 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed products used everyday.

2. But Ostergrant Enterprises didn’t stop there. The second way an organization wins is through the “Trash Into Cash” program. They earn a substantial return by collecting empties themselves or from their corporate sponsors. They receive credits significantly higher (from 37% to 71%) under the “Trash Into Cash” program for their recycled products than would be provided by many of their competitors [i]. provides a credit for all remanufactured units received. The competitors will only pay for a select few. A credit is provided for every cartridge received. Even the units that cannot be reused will generate a modest return of a $.25 credit. It all adds up! provides the collection containers, which look like a large inkjet cartridge, and the pre-paid shipping labels for ease of sending them in for processing. However, the organization does not have to pick-up the empties because businesses can ship them directly to by using the free pre-paid shipping labels provided. The shipping label will provide with the non-profit organization’s identifying information and the credit will automatically be applied. The administrator of the organization can login at anytime to see the return and purchase activity against their coupon code.

Businesses can request the pre-paid shipping labels directly and credit a non-profit that has not even been enrolled in the program. has, on more than one occasion, called a non-profit to ask where to send the check when boxes were received requesting credit be provided to an organization that had not been enrolled yet. These groups have enrolled since that happened in order to fully participate in the program.

Visit the website or feel free to contact Steve Gangey at or by phone at (805) 433-0106 for further information on how your organization can benefit or your business can become involved.



[i] Comparison results obtained from buy-back schedules posted at,,, and on June 1st, 2003.

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