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First 100% All-Natural Vaporizer-based Support System for People who have decided to QUIT SMOKING

2™), the company whose goal is to eliminate the harmful effects of smoking through modern vaporization technology, today introduced NICOHALE™, the first vaporizer-based system that utilizes organic herbs and essential oils to support the efforts of people who have decided to quit smoking tobacco.

“Nicotine patches, gums and lozenges are a $300-million a year solution that is not working,” said Shaahin Sean Cheyene, President and founder of Air-2. “They do not offer the oral satisfaction of a cigarette or pipe and they contain the very substance that has addicted the tobacco smoker in the first place -- nicotine. We believe that a natural system is better.”

The NicoHale system is comprised of Air-2’s NicoHale vaporizer with its patented Digital Air™ digital vaporization technology, a two-step proprietary blend of herbs and oils, plus a behavior modification program that features a CD and book written by Cheyene as his alter ego, Dr. Nic Free. There is also an optional four-step dietary supplement program for additional support.

NicoHale users are encouraged to vaporize using Step A herbs and oil six times a day for five minutes each session for a duration of six weeks. At that point they would switch to using Step B herbs and oils on the same regimen for six additional weeks. People who smoke fewer than 3 cigarettes a day would begin with Step B herbs and oil. The ingestion of a NicoHale dietary supplement tablet is recommended every three-to-four hours.

Cheyene, a tenth-generation herbalist, came up with the idea of blending digital vaporization technology with Gen-X product design and all-natural herbs and oils to create an alternative to smoking that is just as attractive and much healthier.

“With NicoHale, the former smoker can deeply inhale the pure essence of our herb blends and oils without ever lighting up. Aromatherapy has a long, proven history of helping curb a variety of unwanted cravings. Plus, since vaporization only emits vapor, not smoke, these former smokers can vaporize at their office desk, in an airplane, at a nightclub or restaurant, or anywhere they like. Since there is no first-hand smoke, there is no second-hand smoke, only a pleasant aroma consistent with aromatherapy products.”

Vaporization occurs at a much lower temperature than combustion (smoking), activating the essential elements of a plant or herb at 250 degrees Fareneheit without releasing the harmful byproducts caused by burning. In the case of NicoHale, the herb and oil flavor are inhaled during vaporization with no release of carcinogens.

“People have been burning plants for thousands of years,” said Cheyene. “It’s time for a change.”

Supporting people in their quest to quit smoking, and introducing everyone to the benefits of vaporized plants and herbs is just the first step for Air-2 and its line of digital vaporization products. Medicinal vaporization, under the brand name VaporMed™, has the potential to eliminate hypodermic needles, which cause pain, and oral medications, which can be degenerated by digestive enzymes. “Modern digital vaporization will become the delivery vehicle of choice for medicine of the future. No more painful vaccinations or insulin shots. No more waiting for diluted medication to work its way from your stomach into your bloodstream. By inhaling medicine, undiluted, straight into your lungs, the effects are more concentrated and go to work instantly,” Cheyene said. The company will seek FDA approval in 2004 for its medicinal vaporization line of products.

Sold as a flavor delivery device and aromatherapy support system, the company makes no medical claims about NicoHale. Therefore, it is not FDA-classified as a medical device. As more funding becomes available, the company intends to run clinical trials, conduct intense laboratory experiments, seek FDA approval and expand its product line to the medical and biotech industries.

The NicoHale system, which includes the vaporizer, a one-week supply of Step A herb disks, a vial of essential oil, a soft case, and “The Complete Genius’s Guide to Quitting Smoking” audio CD and book are available at The NicoHale system retails for $199.99. One-week supplies of Step A or Step B herb disks or Steps A through D of the herbal dietary supplement tablets retail for $29.99 each. Nationwide and international distribution is currently being sought. For further information about Digital Air vaporization, NicoHale or Air-2, contact the company at 1041 Pleasant View, Venice CA 90291 USA (310) 581-1312.


NOTE: To obtain an editorial review unit of the NicoHale system, an interview with Sean Cheyene, digital photos or graphics, contact Laurie McLean at 650-747-0783,

Air-2™, Digital Air™, NicoHale™ and VaporMed™ are trademarks of Advanced Inhalation Revolutions, Inc.

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