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PETaPOTTY began business in November of 2002. PETaPOTTY is the leading lawn toilet system for your pooches and is the first system, and most reliable, to have a drainage system. The CEO and creator of the PETaPOTTY, Brandon Hochman, began this company because of his two dogs, Lucky and Lucy. Mr. Hochman, the only son of corporate designer Sipra Saret (known for her award-winning designs at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms & Cachet) and Hollywood designer Henry Hochman (known for his album designs for Three Dog Nights, Fifth Dimension, and art designs for Jimi Hendrix), was destined to design something of great magnitude; the designing genes are in his blood.

Mr. Hochman, a former professional snowboarder, decided to invent the PETaPOTTY because he was forced to leave his dogs in his apartment overnight so that he could go to competitions. His dogs decided to designate his carpet as their bathroom. He decided that the dogs needed a better place to do their business, so he created a mini-park for them inside the apartment. Thus, began the development of the PETaPOTTY.

The PETaPOTTY is currently available in two different models, the Original and the Petite. The Original and Petite PETaPOTTYs are both attractive, custom-designed, water-tight, polyvinyl palettes that house real grass creating an elegant, exclusive mini-garden for your pet. The units feature a concealed water-trap pan inside the unit that slides in and out making waste disposal a breeze.

The trap pan in the Original and Petite models collect your pet’s urine and the water from watering the grass. This helps to prolong the grass’ lifespan because the grass will not sit in urine, which is what causes it to disease and die. By watering the grass, you will maintain its life for as long as six months.

PETaPOTTY has also introduced a stair system, so that smaller dogs will no longer have to hop up onto the unit. The stairs are currently in limited release and are expected to sell nationwide within the next few months.

PETaPOTTY has been growing rapidly, each month topping the sales from the month before. PETaPOTTY’s biggest successes have come from the help of the media. Since PETaPOTTY is a small business and has a limited advertising budget, the way that it gets its name known is by the media. Within the past six months, PETaPOTTY has been featured on several news programs, on ABC’S “The View” with Barbara Walters, on “It’s Good to be…Sharon Osbourne,” in Newsweek Magazine, and other media outlets, such as radio talk shows. All of these media avenues have helped PETaPOTTY keep up a constant growth.

As with any small business, PETaPOTTY has had some financial difficulties; however, since PETaPOTTY made it through its first year more financial opportunities have been acquired. PETaPOTTY expects to have a second year of business that tops the first year. PETaPOTTY will be introducing several new products in 2004, however, they are not revealing what they are until they can be introduced with a bang. All we know is that with the creative and innovative mind of the inventor of PETaPOTTY at the design table, the ideas and possibilities are endless.


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