Bulletin Board Posters Beware -Prelude to Pending Class Action Libel Suit on behalf of large number of Plaintiffs Harmed by Posters

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American Bank Activities Reform Commission seeking large numbers of persons harmed by libelous postings on internet chat and message boards.

-Free and Clear Press Corps-Ragingbull.com, nicknamed by some posters as Raging BS, is being named in a Class Action Suit being prepared by the Bank Activities Reform Commission.

The independent Commission started by a small group of homeless people in the early 1990's is gathering evidence of person's who have been libeled by posters posing as public citizens but in reality are agents of the United States Government acting as counter intelligence agents often referred to as "Bashers".

The International Bank Activities Reform Commission has revealed that some Chat rooms, Bulletin Boards and Message Boards run by Lycos, Microsoft, and Yahoo such as Raging Bull and others are being used by government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, Comptroller of the Currency, the Federal Reserve Bank, the FBI, the CIA, Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security to spy on Americans without their knowledge.

Government agents may have used such boards for counter intelligence operations in an attempt to discredit information being posted by whistle blowers who have been ferreting out government crimes and wrongdoing with the full knowledge of President Bush and the intelligence community.

Public web surfers, who visit government monitored web sites can, and in many cases, have had the entire contents of a person’s computer siphoned out and transferred to a massive database in Virginia for further analysis and additional counter intelligence measures.

Information sharing under these covert intelligence operations violates certain Congressional Acts related to domestic spying on Americans under the cover of the Patriot Act and other recently passed legislation designed to reign in the power of government to monitor the daily lives of Americans.

Government web sites are used to record the IP addresses of persons visiting them. Those IP addresses are registered and monitored by the government through services provided by World Comm and other major carriers of Internet traffic such as AOL to the US government agencies.

The Internet, originally developed by the US Government, is in reality the largest intelligence gathering information system in the world and has cost US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

The government has been working hard to spend billions more on homeland security and defense against hackers who are aware that the U.S. government has become the “Big Brother” to the world in the true Orwellian sense, as written in the book by George Orwell titled 1984.

The legal military industrial financial media complex paints such hackers as evildoers, but in fact some may turn out be the heroes of the future who bring to light the abuses of government information gathering on the general populace.

Volunteers for the International Bank Activities Reform Commission are planning to put greater pressure on public disclosures of interagency transfers of private information between government agencies such as the SEC, IRS, and CIA.

The CIA is barred from domestic surveillance under its original charter, but has been using information-gathering techniques developed by other agencies to spy on American citizens indirectly to avoid any Congressional oversight or investigation.

It is estimated that various US government agencies have gathered over 700 trillion pages of information on American citizens during the past decade alone that is stored on magnetic tapes and online storage information retrieval systems.

Basher’s IP addresses will be subpoenaed as part of the case and members of the Class will be seeking damages for libelous posts, some of which were posted by government agents acting on behalf of a counter intelligence program conducted by covert operatives of the United States government say officials of BARC.

Raging Bull has a process of censoring certain posters who post negative derogatory information and personal attacks on individual members but has been lax in removing such posts from their message boards which tracks stocks trading on various exchanges in the United States, according to one volunteer of BARC.

“Raging BS is probably the worlds’ worst offender when it comes to allowing libelous information to remain posted on their boards,” said another person who asked not to be identified.

Members of the Class are being formed and Lycos, the company which runs Ragingbull.com will be named in the suit said one official.


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