The new web site dedicated to Tupac Shakur and the westcoast style rap and hip hop music is gaining ground. The unexpected growth is very much appreciated. Find out why we feel we are doing so well and will continue to do better.

Share Article is gaining ground. This Tupac Fan based web site is growing in popularity. One reason is that it represents the true legecy of Tupac Shakur and does not add to the frustration of the true rap / hip hop community by reporting news on those artist who contribute nothing to building the rap / hip hop community. Tupac, Death Row and westcoast music news are updated thru out the day.

After going to other Tupac sites and seeing that a lot of the people talking about Tupac really had no idea who Tupac was. After being in a forum for awhile and seeing that the message that Tupac was trying to get across was being twisted and his legacy was being twisted it was time to think about what could be done to try to get the truth out and keep Tupac's legacy strong and real.

This site came about out of necessity. The 'major' Tupac sites were and are failing terribly. Go to any of them. There is Eminem or 50 cent. And those sites say they rep for Tupac and they are part of the crowd that shoves the east down our throats. I think the topper of it all was on the anniversary of the death of Yafeu Fula - aka - Kadafi that really got me. One 'major' Tupac site had Eminem as a headline and no mention of the Outlawz- Kadafi, and the other 'major' sites did not mention him either. How soon we forget.

Resurrection came out and Eminem was a god to some of these sites. They bump 'Runnin' as homepage music and build him up. That was not Tupac's music. It is a good song, but it is not Tupac. It is not westcoast. The beat is not Tupac. So why all the hype for something that is far from being Tupac. And sometimes the Tupac News may be a lil slow. That is because there is nothing new to add. Unlike some of those'major' sites who feel they have to report every mention of Tupac's name. If Billy Bob at the garage mentions Tupac we will not have it, but most likely one of the 'major' sites will. But if there is important news to share we do a good job there.

We say we rep the westcoast music, and some wonder why there is a mention of eastcoast artist on the site. When we say westcoast we mean the way westcoast rap was. How it came to be westcoast. Music and rap with a message. A message deeper than gym shoes or club'n. Sure we all need a lil 'good time' tracks, but where is the message in the music? Where is the social involvment in the real world? That is what we mean when we say westcoast.

You will notice that in our news we do not mention Eminem or 50cent or a lot of those other acts (notice: not artist), because they hurt the social structure of the community of rap and hip hop. There are plenty of sites that deal with them; even most of the so called Tupac sites fill their pages with them. We try to give a balance of news in the westcoast frame of mind. Weither it is Chuck D or some Bay Area artist with a message in their music or maybe it is an eastcoast artist that has a social message. I can think of a few and one in particular who is very good.

We try to bring a lil social relavence to the news. We like to introduce you to new artists who may not get a fair shake from the mainstream press.

Yes we have a Death Row News section. We rep big for Suge Knight and Death Row. I feel we owe that to him. Remember: Tupac was only at the Row for 9 months, and a lot of the music we have, we wouldn't have; if not for Suge Knight.

This site is a fan based site. Built by fans for fans of Tupac Shakur. A lot of people have done a lot of work, all for nothing ---to get this site up and running. And we are still adding and building. So if you are a fan of Tupac and/or westcoast music: and you have an opinion or see something that needs to be improved or added-----write me an email and we will do our best. This is a fan based site so Tupac's fans are important here.

You will notice different links thru out the site. Links to Family Violence Prevention, The black panther Party, Mutulu Shakur, Bro. Min. Malcolm X and so on. All these site have relavence. Tupac was brought up with all these influences. Check them out. See what influenced the thinking of Tupac.

The site contains much information on Tupac. Updated Tupac, Death Row and westcoast music news thru out the day is a very important feature of this site. Site also contains message boards, a good audio and video section, polls, and many pictures of Tupac.

At the present time we are proud to be presenting 'Cablez Tha Movement', an album to be released by Mob Life Records. This is from the site:

This is the album we have been waiting for. It features Napoleon, EDI, Bay Area Bosses JT The Bigga Figga, Spice 1 Assassin and San Quinn, Muszamil, Hassachi Ryda, Fue, Sonny Garcia and Q.U. Production by EDI, Assassin and Hella Tight. And If that is not enough there are words from Mutulu Shakur and a message from him inside the CD booklet, plus the chorus of his daughter Nzingha Shakur.

Pre-Orders are now being processed for the Mob Life release Cablez - Tha Movement. And remember you get the first single with all pre-orders. Some things on the single are not on the album.

Order at
Here is a tracklist for the album:

1.Mutulu Shakur Intro

2.Gotta Be A Way

3.Message From Edi

4.Bustaz (Featuring Edi)

5.Just Wanna Get Away

6.Message From Hassachi Ryda

7.Hold Me Down (Featuring Hassachi Ryda)

8.We Here Now (Featuring Fue)

9.Freak It

10.Message From JT The Bigga Figga

11.Nuthin’ Like That Mob Life (Featuring JT The Bigga Figga)

12.U Don’t Want No Problemz (Featuring Q.U.)

13.Message From Napoleon

14.Tha Life That We Live (Featuring Napoleon, Muszamil & Nzingha Shakur)

15.Whatchu Gon’ Do?

16.Message From Assassin

17.Tha Life I Lead (Featuring Assassin & Arsinist)

18.Message From Muszamil

19.Survival On Tha Streetz (Featuring Muszamil)

20Dirty World

21.Who Gon’ F**k Wit Us? (Featuring Fue & Sonny Garcia)

22.Mutulu Shakur Outro

23.Bonus Track (Featuring Spice 1, Assassin, San Quinn & Q.U.)

Plus we have an exclusive download from Mob Life Records of ''The Life That We Live' By Cablez feat./ Napoleon, Muszamil, and Nzingha Shakur for our visitors.

So give us a look, and look into Mob Life Records while your there. Most times the best music comes from the independent labels, not in the main stream.

We hope this gives you a 'lil insight to who we are and what we consider our mission to be, and why we feel we are growing.


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