Radiant Energy -- Wireless Transformer of High Power Lines?

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Les Hendershot & Floyd Sweet family of "free energy" devices may be tapping into local high-power lines, not aetheric energy, using a resonant antennae principle. Alternatively, the high-power lines could be serving as an antennae amplifier for aetheric energy.


by Sterling D. Allan

Feb. 19, 2004

Pure Energy Systems News Service

A scientist who thought he had successfully tapped into the holy grail of aetheric energy now thinks the source of the energy he is deriving is most likely being picked up radiantly from local high-power lines.

A month ago, Craig West* successfully built for himself a device that outputs four kilowatts with much less than that required for excitation of the device. The device even continued output with the excitation source removed in a closed loop. Though to outward appearances, the device seemed "self-powered," West knew that the energy had to be coming from somewhere.

His hope, of course, was that he had been able to tap into "the vast sea of energy that surrounds us," spoken of by inventors such as Nikola Tesla and T. Henry Moray. He was on the high of his life.

He is quick to mention that the design is not his. He learned it from a gentleman in Arizona, who demonstrated to him a one million Watt output before the wires in the coil disintegrated.

With his success, West had investors with 30 million dollars lined up; 10 million up front for a demo, and the remaining 20 million to tell them how it works.

The device worked fine, with repeatable results when he operated it in Arizona where he built it. But when he returned to his remote home in California that is operated by solar energy, far away from civilization, let alone any power lines, the device no longer output more than what went in. Nothing but the location of the device had changed.

The location in Arizona where he built the device is in the vicinity of high power lines, which traipse the landscape throughout Arizona. West also said that he saw a report on the web about Arizona installing new super conducting, under-ground, high-power lines that convey power from Arizona to Mexico.

An Electrical Engineer who was in on the interview with West, mentioned that it is known that if a barbed wire fence, of about a mile in length, with insulators, is run parallel to a high power line that a "one-turn transformer" can be created, inductively coupling some of the power of the high-power lines.

Then, as this story was being composed, a story broke in the UK in which an Artist-Physicist, Richard Box, lit 1300 fluorescent lights from " 'spare' electricity just floating around in the air around the electric pylons which dot our countryside." (Evening Post, UK, Feb. 19, 2004)

West thinks that the device he built, patterned after that of his associate in Arizona, is somehow serving as a wireless transformer. "Other technologies may in fact be tapping into aetheric energy, but at this point it looks as though this particular family of designs does not." An obvious example would be the radiant energy experiments done by Nikola Tesla, in which no high-power lines were present.

While this pops his bubble of thinking he had learned to tap aetheric energy, he nevertheless realizes that there are a wide range of practical applications that the power companies would find of great use.

Running electricity to a home remote from the grid is prohibitively expensive. Every few hundred feet can cost thousands of dollars.

This device would enable homes that are within a few miles of high power lines to be able to wirelessly tap into those lines.

The exact efficiencies over a given distance are not yet characterized. West is not yet even certain that this is indeed what is happening with his device. He plans to pursue a series of experiments to document and characterize this phenomenon. When the weather clears, and he can get enough money for a tank of gas, he will be making his way to the vicinity of a high power line to see how his device performs. He will then measure the effect at different distances from the line, as well as nearby a transformer station.

Another alternative energy researcher, Larry Rand, citing the work of Dr. Tom Bearden and John Bedini, urges West to not be so hasty to presume that the high-power line effect is due to his device tapping into the electricity being transmitted by those lines. "Perhaps in this case the power company lines and the device form somewhat of a resonant condition that allows some of the same 'power' from the universe that goes into the power company lines, to enter the device."

"According to conventional physics, there should be little power collected from the power company's transmission lines, unless huge coils are used, in fairly close proximity," says Rand.

Rand even goes so far as to suggest that what is actually happening is that the power grid's method of generating electricity absorbs the lines of aetheric energy away from areas where they would otherwise flow, thus inadvertently robbing everyone in the power line vicinity from equal access to this free energy source from the universe.

Taking this a step further, Electrical Engineer, Ken Rauen, points out that "aetheric energy flow that is redirected means natural energy flows are disrupted." He then asks, "what are the full ramifications on the environment and biological health?"

Inventor Hector D. Perez Torres of Advanced Research Knowledge asserts that "power company lines act as a sink for natural-occurring RF radiant energy waves in low to very low frequencies (LF/VLF) from 10 kHz to 535 kHz." He said the Power distribution entities know of some interactions between naturally occurring VLF frequencies emitted from the earth, and that "they invert lines at intervals and place filters and suppressors in line" to counteract these effects. "Utility companies expend millions in filtering geodesic 'noise' that affects their systems, like in solar storms."

If it is actually a case of tapping into the electricity in the transmission lines, and not aetheric energy being amplified by the lines, what West is most concerned about is that people will make these devices with the specific intent of stealing power from the grid, similar to unscrupulous pirating devices in the wireless world of entertainment.

"They are not that difficult to build. It took me 30 minutes to figure it out."

In the same breath, he hopes that the power community will not just run off with his technology for its use as a wireless transformer, and leave him out of the loop. They could benefit tremendously from his knowledge in coming up with ways to detect such devices from a signature frequency output, to be able to intercept individuals tapping power without proper authorization to do so.

Torres postulates that "if we use this power we do not steal power from them but help them suppress the ELF signal improving their transmission."

While it may not turn out to be the holy grail of free energy, it could be a great tool in energy distribution, and could even have applications in wirelessly powering appliances.

West is not alone in having created such a device. There are dozens, if not hundreds of individuals around the planet who have built similar devices that operate on the same basic principles. The pioneers in this field are Lester Hendershot, inventor of the "Power Capture Unit" (1920's); and the late Floyd "Sparky" Sweet, inventor of the Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA) or Space Quantum Modulator (1986).

Dr. Tom Bearden, a pillar in the free energy community, when describing the phenomenon of aetheric energy being all around us, uses the analogy of birds sitting on top of high-voltage lines, completely unaffected and oblivious to the power running under them. West is now suggesting that at least some of Bearden's devices may be doing just that -- tapping remotely into the power of the high-voltage lines.

Tom Cullen, Director of Education at Pure Energy Systems, said "Bearden and Moray have taken great measures to understand the true source of energy in their experiments."

According to Marc Wiseman, Director of Information Technology at Pure Energy Systems, West is not the first to postulated that the extra electricity in these particular designs may actually be derived from the power grid -- the very source that the others in this field are hoping to replace. "The ability of power lines to act as a coupling device for some distance away is not a new idea."

Wiseman, cites the work of K. Meyl of Germany, who postulates mathematical models to show that scalar energy and transverse energy can have an interplay between each other. Based on this model, Wiseman extrapolates the idea that the scalar energy surrounding high-power lines could flip over into transverse energy whereby it could be conveyed over long distances away from the lines.

"Very little is known about Extremely Low Frequencies" such as the 60 Hz range of the power lines, because the wavelengths are so large. One wavelength is approximately the width of the United States.

The irony of this belated realization is that one of the prophets of free energy, Nikola Tesla, is revered for his invention of radiant energy technology whereby electricity can be conveyed to remote locations without the use of wires.

"What we seem to have here is a bunch of people who are unwittingly misleading people with the promise of free energy using these devices, when the very source of their energy may be the power grid," says West. Even with Rand's alternative explanation, the aether-focusing properties of the grid are a determining component to the function of this design.

West referred to an inventor in Bullhead City, Earl Davenport, who has a set-up very similar to his, and speculated that his "over unity," as purportedly confirmed by Walter Rosenthal, is a function of high-power lines nearby. Across the River, not ten miles away, in Laughlin Nevada, is a large power plant, with high power lines extending from it in all directions.

Joseph Newman's motor is another possible variation of this wireless transformer phenomenon, according to West. It has a super long wire, with decent capacitance. "Some people build it and claim it works well, others build it and it doesn't work so well. It just may be the story of 'location, location, location."

"John Bedini's motor is an even more likely candidate for this phenomenon," says West.

The high-power-line model is not the only possible explanation given by West. He gives at least six other possible causes of the variations in results, such as naturally occurring ley lines that occur at certain distances across the earth. A possible imminent pole shift of the earth's magnetic field could also be introducing sporadic field parameters. Oil pumping at high velocity under ground has been shown to create electromagnetic fields as well. West also includes in his list the possibility of occult magic at work in which the practitioners are able to create an illusion that defies reality.

Whatever the cause, he has seen variations in the performance of his device that go beyond the variables of the device itself, and he is determined to discover what those outside parameters are.

Steve Elswick of Tesla Tech and editor of ExtraOrdinary Technology magazine, has been selling plans to this technology in a variation called the Kipper motor. West encourages Elswick to notify his buyers of this effect if it is shown to indeed be a result of this high-power-line phenomenon.

In a three-way interview with West, Elswick confirmed that he was also witness to the over unity effect demonstrated by Kipper. Elswick also points out that there is not a place in the U.S. that does not have background RF from high-power lines. Based on what he knows of the device and its various manifestations, Elswick does not think this device functions because a wireless transformer effect.

As a micro version of this phenomenon of high-power wire-less transmission, West envisions a scenario in which a con man sets up a microwave oven in one room with its door open as a transmitter, and a "receiver" device is set up in the adjoining room, apparently operating as an "over unity device."

West prefers to not divulge the full set of details about how the device works, lest people begin to make the device in order to steal power.

His device, built of off-the-shelf components, consists of

  • a deep cycle 12-volt battery
  • a simple 6 - 90 Volt DC motor from a treadmill
  • an alternator that has been modified, replacing either the rotor or stator windings with permanent Neodymium magnets
  • a bridge with 600-Volt, 35-Amp diode to rectify the alternator output to DC
  • a coil (this is the trick) wound with 12-guage insulated wire

"The gauge of the wire is what determines the power level attainable. The thicker the wire, the more the power."

Regarding the coil, he said, "There is probably not a coil you could name that I am not aware of, but this coil is something I had never seen before."

"If the switch is placed after the coil, you can turn it off, but the device keeps going. There is no visible arc across the switch gap of one inch, yet the current is still running. But if you place the switch before the alternator, it successfully shuts the device down."

"Once the device is running, you can pull the battery out, and loop it back to itself, and it keeps running."

The battery is what West speculates is a key factor in the equation of enabling the proper LCR (inductance, capacitance, resistance) combination to obtain a frequency that enables the device to remotely tap into high-power-lines.

"A battery is a huge capacitor -- of the Farad range," says West.

"The resonance does not have to be exactly 60 cycles. It can be a close multiple. The closer the resonance, the greater will be the interlock."

The wavelength of 60 Hz is over three thousand miles long; but the half, and quarter, and eighth and smaller harmonic fractions of that wavelength also provide a corresponding resonance.

The high-power transmission lines from Arizona to California carry in the range of 500,000 volts, though 200,000 to 400,000 is more typical of high-power lines.

It is not likely that the Utilities have missed a few volts here and there due to these rogue scientists who think they are pulling the power out of thin air, or the aether that surrounds us. If West's discovery is proven out, the ramifications will be disappointing to the Free Energy enthusiasts, but will also lend them some credence for ingenuity which can be put to use in wireless transformer applications. Not all of their devices are driven by this phenomenon. Perhaps science will begin paying closer attention to them -- if anything to guard their power. The scrutiny could do both sides some good. At a minimum, any free energy claim must be proven to be independent of the existing power grid.

If the effect is due to the high-power transmission lines amplifying aetheric energy, as Rand suggests, cooperation with the power companies will be required to scientifically prove this point. Voicing a sentiment often found in the free energy community who see themselves as being at odds with those who meter and charge for power, Elswick said such an attempt at corroboration "would be a death wish."

Torres points out that an argument could be made that "if a power company is radiating energy of this magnitude they may be violating current FCC law." He also cites the growing body of evidence showing deleterious health consequences found in those who live nearby high-power lines -- a class action suit waiting to happen.

If the effect is a result of the high-power lines redirecting the natural flow of aetheric energy to everyone equally, that presents yet another controversy sure to generate some heat of its own. Calvin Young, an Avionics Engineer, formerly with Boeing, goes so far as to say that the power grid is actually damaging the earth by disrupting the natural flow of aetheric energy.

Torres summarizes, "The main issue is that the power company has nothing to do with a phenomena that existed prior to them. Damming the water does not give them ownership over the rain."

While the grid may have its side effects, the benefits it has brought to mankind are everywhere around us.

This discovery of a probable link between this family of radiant energy devices and their vicinity to high-power transmission lines is likely to open a new chapter in the book of free energy. Its reverberations will be felt for decades to come. It might be raining on the parade, but of such rain comes daffodils.


*Craig West is a pseudonym to shield the true identity of the scientist.

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