South Bay author, Robert G. Barbaria’s new release, The Rod of Iron, a book published by Enlighten Noah Publishing, will be available on February 28, 2004.

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South Bay author, Robert G. Barbaria, to release The Rod of Iron, a book published by Enlighten Noah Publishing.

Robert Barbaria is the author of Revealing the Bible’s Truth, the Rod of Iron and the soon to be released Revelation the Fourth Son. Born in San Francisco, California in 1946, Mr. Barbaria grew up in a typical middle-class family and attended the local schools. He joined the Navy in 1965, served in Vietnam and was decorated and honorably discharged in 1968. Immediately after his release from the US Navy, Mr. Barbaria entered into the electronics industry and held various positions within the past thirty years plus. Mr. Barbaria then started his own consulting firm in March of 2000, calling it “Intimate Resource Counseling.” Intimate Resource Counseling consults both technically and managerially for several major electronics companies with one of its key accounts being the US Navy, where technical assistance is provided on the “Aegis Program.”

The basis for the Rod of Iron is the Holy Bible, a book that has been misinterpreted and misunderstood for centuries. Mr. Barbaria explains in detail, The Power of the Rod, “God’s Word”, and how it relates to many issues of scientific and spiritual subject matters that have been hidden from view in the “layers” of the Holy Bible! “The Rod of Iron” discusses God, our Soul (purpose), vertical and parallel dimensions, life elsewhere, the Solar System, Heaven and Hell, as well as other related subject matters. The book explains how all the answers regarding life are amazingly intertwined within the manifold depths of the Holy Bible, the book that more than likely sits on your shelves at home collecting dust.

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Mr. Barbaria is not a theologian, nor a minister, nor had he ever thought of becoming a writer, but was rather an Engineer and a successful businessman. He was never considered a religious person; in fact, he never owned a bible until 1997; when, on a mid-October morning a supernatural event occurred at his home in San Jose California, an event that changed his life forever. On that day, Mr. Barbaria began to speak with God, Jesus, and the Angels of Heaven, and was instructed to write three books based on biblical Truth. These three books were dictated to Mr. Barbaria by a “Higher Order” and contain a vast wealth of knowledge, revealing the secrets within the Holy Bible. Verification of the “truth” was given to Mr. Barbaria by way of a simple mathematical equation (explained in the book). He was shown how when key and related words of the Holy Bible are added together, they equal Holy numbers, for example, 111, 222, 333, 444, 182 and so on, appear throughout the bible.

Many people are looking for spiritual guidance and understanding, and Mr. Barbaria’s book has certainly opened the door to this knowledge. In “The Rod of Iron’s” initial release, 10,000 copies were sold in its first week, making this title one of Enlighten Noah Publishing’s best sellers. Mr. Barbaria’s other titles include, “Revealing the Bible’s Truth” (available now) and “Revelation the Fourth Son” (soon to be released).

About Enlighten Noah Publishing:

There is a saying, “Diversity is the spice of life,” and Enlighten Noah Publishing holds true to this saying as it strives forward to become a shining star in the midst of the giant publishers. With its main office located in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has been blessed with a diverse multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment. Taking advantage of the area’s unique traits, it has published a wide-array of titles that signifies the need for a publisher with a cross-cultural identity. With this in mind, Enlighten Noah Publishing is set to become a key player in the highly competitive publishing industry.

Established in 1999, Enlighten Noah Publishing offers a multitude of titles in-print that addresses a very wide assortment of topics in fiction and non-fiction alike. Some of the most famous works includes Carmelita Chao’s Tien Tu Series of Books, Daniel Deng’s American Laws 101, Dr. H, Lims Genetically Yours, Chao Tse Fan’s Struggle of Humanism, and Robert G. Barbaria’s Revealing the Bible’s Truth, just to name a few. Although many of the titles are in the Chinese language, English titles from Enlighten Noah Publishing are emerging in the mainstream and new titles will soon become available at your local bookstores. Current titles in English and Chinese are also available at

Enlighten Noah Publishing has also established Enlighten Noah 25, an advisory board of scientists, scholars and experts who attempt, “to forge science and technology, nanotechnology, genomics, cloning, bioinformatics…into a new discipline permeating daily life.”

Enlighten Noah Publishing has truly broken new ground and since its inception has become the first Chinese Publisher in North America, the first Chinese Publisher to be on, and currently is charting new waters by merging culture and science (Enlighten Noah 25), and translating Chinese publications into the English language. Enlighten Noah Publishing’s future looks bright, and it is eager to welcome the morning star!

About J.M.H. Creative Solutions:

J.M.H. Creative Solutions is a service owned and operated by Jennifer M. Hollowell. The mission behind J.M.H. Creative Solutions is to aid those non-writers who have a book in them, provide help for self-published and small press published authors and deliver resources for any type of writer.

Jennifer Hollowell has been in the industry to for ten years, having compiled it all under one roof for the past five. She makes it her goal to meet each author's needs on an individual basis in an effort to achieve their goals. Some titles include Winning the Hepatitis C Battle by Dr. Shekhar Challa, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul by Jerry Pollock, and Evan’s Earthly Adventure by Mark Holofcener.


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