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ATTENTION: YOU Can Learn The Secrets Of Becoming A Highly Paid Freelance Web Designer..."Without having to learn a single line of code!" will show you how to find more clients, to communicate effectively with them, how to price your projects and how to make sure you get paid for your work!

Whether you're a professional web developer who wants to learn how to get more clients, or a complete "newbie" who has never touched a line of code, you need

Being a freelancer is hard. There’s no-one to help with the 80 hour week, nobody to teach you have to do it all while learning from your mistakes. is a new web service that with help web developers new and old to solve those everyday problems such as how to get clients and how to get them to pay on time and how to compete with teenagers willing to design sites for a few dollars. reveals to its members the secrets to success and ends the trial and error approach that wastes time and money – your money! will show you how to find more clients, to communicate effectively with them, how to price your projects and how to make sure you get paid for your work!

What will I find inside of

Inside of FreelanceGold's "members only" area you will find 8 sections devoted to teaching you how to become a highly paid freelance web designer. These sections are...

Section 1: Freelance Lessons

This is the meat and potatoes of the members area! We have over 100 lessons on the subject of Freelance Web Design! Some subjects include:

How to price your services. You need to know two key things when deciding how much to price your services.... what your competition is charging, and what your client is willing to pay. Pricing too low can hurt your sales just as much as pricing too high. Clients want the best designer for their web site... and that means paying the right price for quality work..

What questions to ask before accepting a job. When you start to get too many clients (and you will) you need to know which ones to accept and which ones to decline. But how do you decide? We'll show you the five essential questions you should ask before accepting any job!

Should you charge by the hour or by the project? We look at both sides and show you the pros and cons of each.

How to deal with those tough clients. Not everyone is easy to work with. Some clients will be very pushy and demanding... others seem impossible to please. We'll show you how to stand up for yourself while still keeping your client happy!

Section 2: Freelance Quick Start Tutorial

This is a must read for anyone who is just starting out as a web designer. This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of being a highly paid designer. This six part series includes:

Part I: Planning to go Pro

Part II: Marketing Yourself and Finding Work

Part III: How to Set Fees

Part IV: Contracts and Getting Paid

Part V: Project Management

Part VI: Taking Care of Your Clients

Section 3: Marketing Lessons

The Marketing section is where you will learn how to market your services. It can also be useful to learn so that you may provide additional marketing services to your clients. Some of the topics you will learn include:

Pay Per Click Search Engines - Pay per click search engines are a highly effective way of attracting cheap, targeted traffic to you and your clients web sites. Knowing all the tricks that allow you to use this advertising medium effectively gives you a edge on your competition. It also gives you another service to offer you clients...

Search Engine Optimization - The objective of search engine optimization is to increase web visitor counts by ranking very high in the results of searches using the most appropriate keywords describing the content of your site. Using cheap tricks and gimmicks isn't the way to get your site ranked high anymore. In fact, using those tactics is a recipe to getting your site banned. We'll show you the correct way to optimize you and your clients sites!

eZines and Newsletters - This is one of the most overlooked forms of advertising. Ezine advertising is one of the best ways to get inexpensive and targeted traffic to your site. Find out how placing small ads, or even writing articles, can generate hundreds of leads for your business!

Section 4: Contracts & Forms

In the members area you'll find 12 contracts and forms that are essential for web site designers! Some of the contracts and forms you'll have access to are:

A basic contract that every web designer should have his clients sign.

A privacy policy that both you and your clients should be using.

A contract for the transfering of all the rights of copyright to another owner.

A sample Cease and Desist letter to send to peole who copy your work.

A web site planning worksheet to have your client fill out before designing his site.

...and much more!

Section 5: Killer Resources

I went through my collection of book marked sites and put all the great resources I use into a "killer resource" page... over 90 links total! All web designers should find this collection of links extremely valuable!

Section 6: Industry Articles

Keep up to date by reading this hard-hitting industry articles. These articles are meant for the serious web designers and deal with what's going on in the web design industry. There are currently links to over 100 articles! Read these and you'll know everything there possibly is to know about designing web sites!

Section 7: Web Design Templates

In the members area you'll have access to download over 300 templates! That's right... THREE HUNDRED TEMPLATES. This collection is meant to help you speed up the design process. Never again will you have designer block... just download one of the templates and you're ready to design another site! As a bonus, you'll also have access to 100 banner templates that you can use to advertise your site!

Section 8: Message Board

As a member of FreelanceGold, you'll have access to our Private Message Boards! The message boards are where all the other web designers come together and discuss different aspects of the web design industry. The boards are an great tool for web designers because you can get help on issues like:

Client Problems - We all run into problems with clients... and when you're a freelance working by your self, you can sometimes feel like you have nobody to turn to for advice. Chances are if you post your problem on the board, there will be someone else who has been in the same situation. The boards are a great place to go for advice and support!

Pricing Issues - Not sure what you should price a project? Just post the project details to the message board and members will help you figure out how much you should charge. You can also find web designers, graphic designers, and programmers that you can outsource projects to on the message boards!

Site Critiques - Want a second opinion about a web site that you've designed? Submit the site to the boards before you show your client! This is a great way to get help if you're out of ideas and want to know what you can do to improve a design. Having other members will critique your sites will save you a lot of time!

-- But You Have to Join Soon! -- gives you everything you need to run a profitable web design business... including over 100 Freelance lessons, the quick start tutorial, marketing information, 12 contracts and forms, killer resources for web designers, and an amazing members only message board!

Utilizing the information at this site you could increase your profits by 400%! But without it you risk losing thousands of dollars! Since is a fairly new business, I am willing to make you a special deal. You can sign up right now for only $19.95 per month!

I am only going to accept a limited number of people at this special rate, so if you want to guarantee your $19.95 rate you need to sign up now!

The price will be going up as soon as more members join. But if you join now, you're price will always be $19.95/month. You will never be charged more... even if we raise the price tomorrow!

So What Are You Waiting For??

http://www.freelancegold is a website from P4 Publishing

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