Phil Kronzer's decade of lies exposed

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The Founder of the Kronzer Foundation, Phil Kronzer's ex wife reveals the truth about her husband harassment, lies and attacks on his own family.

1998 Public Statement by Ardath Talley, ex-wife of Phillip J. Kronzer of the Kronzer Foundation,

"In recent months my former husband, Phillip J. Kronzer, has been orchestrating a campaign to defame the Marian movement and Medjugorje. This campaign, which employs literature and attack videos, has damaged many innocent people with false and slanderous information. Although, as we know, the Vatican remains very open towards Medjugorje, and the official Church continues to investigate it and recently restated this position, Mr. Kronzer and those who work for or with him have sought to portray the apparitions in a negative light and have circulated rumors and innuendoes that are preposterous. While many have long expected Medjugorje to come under attack in these evil times, it is my burden that such has happened due largely to the financial backing of Mr. Kronzer. His slander has confused some people and misguided others at this crucial time when all that is from God is under assault.

Please know that Mr. Kronzer’s efforts are the result of a bitter divorce. Since our separation more than four years ago, he has waged a relentless campaign to blacken the names of seers, priests, nuns, prayer groups, apostolates, speakers, writers, and peace centers in Marian and charismatic circles. It is an effort to intimidate and retaliate against me because Medjugorje is something that he know I hold dear. From the beginning his actions have been an obvious attempt to shift the blame from himself to others and force me back to him. He has gone so far as to claim that people devoted to Our Blessed Mother are part of a “cult” that has “brainwashed” me and long ago threatened that he would damage Medjugorje if I did not return to what was a deeply troubled marriage. Our problems went back to the early 1970’s - - long before Medjugorje – and as my children and friends will all attest, I am a very independent and free-thinking person who is under the sway only of the Roman Catholic Church in union with the Pope. As a third-order Carmelite I detest divorce but had no option.

I do not wish to attack Mr. Kronzer personally, but because of his assault against the Blessed Mother’s mission, I will say here that Mr. Kronzer is a troubled man who has hurt me, my closest friends, and our family. For a long period I felt the need to go into hiding, and on a number of occasions he planned abduction attempts. Even now I receive three or four suspicious calls each day and had to seek a legal restraining order to keep him away from me. My three children are behind me and are fully aware of the problem with their father. I am also in close contact with my five grandchildren.

Mr. Kronzer has mercilessly slandered those who have tried to help me, and has done so not just with distorted information but with ideas that are fabricated. While I will not go into many details because of pending legal decisions, those in some way involved with him include Rick “the publican” Salbato of Unity Publishing, who writes the newsletters “Testing the Spirit” and “Sword of the Truth,” E. Michael Jones, editor of “Culture Wars” magazine and author of The Medjugorje Deception: Maurice Alexander (aka Max Jackson) and Jeff Pickett (aka Jeff Stone), an attack team from England that operates under the guise of a film crew called “Network Five International.” Their phone harassment and media stalking are endless. Their entrapment techniques include impersonating bishops and priests and other figures, as well as secretly recording phone conversations. They have produced several videos and their latest is “Medjugorje: Divine or Deceived – Cover-Up.” Soon they plan to release another video and open a web site which like everything they do will no doubt be unprofessional and libelous. Mr. Kronzer began his published attacks by authoring “Wolves in Catholic Clothing.” Please pray for my former husband’s conversion, and please pray that this attack against Medjugorje, my family, my friends, and my colleagues stops and that these he has confused with his deception now come in this Year of the Holy Spirit, to a knowledge of truth."

Ardath Mary Kronzer, Foster City, California, October 19, 1998

(married name now dropped and maiden name used – Ardath Talley)

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