Congolese mining company offers high grade heterogenite to international buyers seeking raw unprocessed cobalt and copper ores

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Costamin Resource is offering high grade heterogenite to international buyers seeking raw unprocessed cobalt and copper for manufacturing or refining. The Congolese mining company holds two mineral concessions near Lubumbashi in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa.

Interested in buying high grade raw unprocessed heterogenite (cobalt and/or copper ores)?

Congolese heterogenite producer Costamin Resources specializes in the mining and delivery of heterogenite (high grade cobalt ore and copper ore) from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Africa to buyers worldwide including South Africa, Japan, China, India and South Korea.

"Costamin Resources offers its international customers raw heterogenite for processing into excellent high-grade cobalt concentrate and copper ore for refining or manufacturing," said President Gabriel Masudi.

Two mining concessions are currently operated by Costamin Resources near Lubumbashi:

1) PUMPI, Katanga Province, DRC, Africa

Pumpi is a 42-square kilomete mining concession located near the main road from Lubumbashi, and about 80 km east of Kolwezi in Katanga province. It is in the same geological zone and very close to the famous Tenke Fugurumi deposit.

This ore deposit has been worked successfully by artisan miners, who are currently producing heterogenite. Cobalt and copper grades are very high. Samples taken from the heterogenite produced by the artisans showed an average of 9.3% cobalt ore.

The heterogenite mining concession has 15 major outcroppings of mineralization. Some exploration was done in June, 2003. The geological assay report concludes that percentage content of copper and cobalt increase progressively with the depth. The characteristics of the mineralization show carbonated copper (eg. malachite, azurite, and chrysocolle) as well as cobalt and copper in the form of hydrated oxide (heterogenite). The geology of the area shows that these are present to a depth of 40-50 meters. Below that level the geology of the area indicates sulfides containing the same metals.

An electrical transmission line carrying electricity from the Inga Power Generation Station runs through the Costamin Resources' mining concession.

2) KALONGWE , Katanga province, DRC, Africa

Kalongwe is a 32-square kilomete mining concession located about 45 kilometers south of Kolwezi in Katanga province. The location is in a remote area but accessible by road.

The mining concession has a history of commercial mining by Europeans, and more recently the heterogenite deposit in this concession has been mined by artisans for sale to foreign buyers. Cobalt and copper grades are very high.

A small river flows through the Costamin Resources' concession.

For more information about obtaining high grade heterogenite from Costamin Resources, email or visit today.


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