Florida Sentate candidate Peter Deutsch (D) called George W. Bush a “Legitimate President,” contradicting Michael Moore.

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In April of 2001, filmmaker Jeannine Ross recorded U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch (D) of FL calling George W. Bush "Legitimate" and saying "life goes on" when questioned about why Democrats were not asking for a federal investigation of the 2000 election.

Peter Deutsch joined with Michael Moore at the Democratic convention in Boston on Wednesday to talk about stopping a repeat of the 2000 election debacle and was called by Moore, "the man of courage who's on the ballot and is going to stand up for all the people of Florida."

U. S. Senate candidate Peter Deutsch is far from being the man who will stand up for Floridians, says award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jeannine Ross. "In our film about the 2000 election called "Florida Fights Back, Resisting The Stolen Election," I confronted Peter Deutsch in April of 2001 at a town hall meeting about why the Democrats were not asking for a federal investigation of the election that had happened only a few months prior. To my shock and surprise Deutsch, this 'man of courage,' said 'on a personal basis, I consider George W. Bush a Legitimate President.' He admitted that voting fraud happened in Florida in 2000 (i.e. the felons list, etc) but dismissed it nonchalantly by saying 'what happened, happened' and 'life goes on.' Deutsch made these comments only 2 weeks after receiving a $25,000 fundraiser from influential Republicans in Miami. "The voters in Florida don't know this other side of Deutsch," says Ross. "You need to see it to believe it."

Only recently is anyone asking for any kind of investigation of the voting systems and officials in Florida. Ross asserts, "we've been demanding a federal investigation of the 2000 election since the moment it happened and have been unable to get any Democrat to sign on. Where have the 3 Democrats running for Florida Senate (Deutsch, Alex Penelas and Betty Castor) been for the last 3 1/2 years? They haven't done anything to prevent the next stolen election. Now that it may be too late, everyone from PFAW, to Senator Bill Nelson to Betty Castor has jumped on the bandwagon to ask for an investigation of black voter disenfranchisement, while ignoring everyone else. News flash - in the 2000 election 50% of the people on the bogus felon's list weren't black. What we need is a full and complete investigation of the 2000 election so we can have justice, put away the bad guys and prevent future elections from being stolen. When are they finally going to get it and truly 'stand up for all the people of Florida?"

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