To Get Book Published, Author Turns Down Night with Adult Film Star on Howard Stern Show

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As a guest on The Howard Stern Show, aspiring writer Matt Schutt was given the choice of a lifetime: He could spend the night with a Scandinavian adult film star or he could have one minute to plug his unpublished manuscript. To his great shame, he chose the plug. But the ploy worked, as Flying Dutchman Publishing has taken a chance on his book, Encyclopedia Satanica.

Matt Schutt fought for many years to get his book published but with no success. Countless times he was told that his work was witty and sophisticated but ultimately “not for us.” After papering his walls with rejection slips and burning through literary agents like Spinal Tap burns through drummers, Schutt decided to take his case to the Supreme Judge of All Media, Howard Stern. And lo, Stern listened.

Once on the show, Schutt discovered himself an unwarned participant of a tacky game segment called "Porn or Politics?" King Stern explained that Schutt could have a couple minutes to plug his book or he could accept a prize. And then out walked the prize.

She was a blonde little bombshell with supernatural features and skin as smooth as vanilla pudding. (This was verified.) This woman, this professional, assured Schutt that, on their date, he could have whatever his lust desired. After much hand wringing and involuntary blinking, Schutt respectfully declined her offer. Stern then upped the ante. Two more strippers were brought out. These two would also accompany Schutt on the dream date. After regaining his vision, Schutt again turned down the date and asked for his plug. A tear of regret may have escaped his eye, but the man got his plug.

Fortunately, Stephen Petretti, the owner of Flying Dutchman Publishing, heard Schutt’s plea. Petretti was amused by the stunt and impressed with Schutt’s work. A book deal was quickly hammered out.

This was not the first stunt that Schutt has pulled. It was merely the first one to work. He has a tattoo of the Houghton-Mifflin “dolphin-rider” logo inscribed on his shoulder. The Houghton-Mifflin people were not impressed. He once sold the original typewritten manuscript of his book on eBay for a whopping twenty-five dollars. And he sent vases of flowers to book reviewers in the hopes that they would look at the online edition of his material. But until the Stern appearance, he had no luck.

His book, Encyclopedia Satanica, is a collection of essays that pretends to be a sequel to Ambrose Bierce’s 1906 classic, The Devil’s Dictionary. (The writer apologizes for the delay of a century. He was busy.) The book has gimmicks many and sundry, such as instructions for writing a kick-ass love letter, a smarter way to run elections, a primer on how to be hip, the comic book super-powers personality test, the 101 definitions of philosophy, and the book’s secret message hidden in a word puzzle.

Encyclopedia Satanica is published by Flying Dutchman Publishing and is available on Amazon.

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