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Publish America is the number one book publisher in the nation yet their authors still get second class citizen treatment, why is that?

All Authors Are Created Equal - Publish America was started in 1999 with one goal in mind; to publish many new writers from around the world. They have more than successfully completed this goal and can now proudly carry the title of number one book publisher in the nation. They place thousands of books on the shelves of standard brick and mortar bookstores everyday.

These are not low cost, poorly printed, or print on demand books but high quality, well written novels. The over 8000 author’s that have signed contracts and earn standard royalties from this company are not there because they could not have been published by any other company, they are there because Publish America is their Publisher of choice. They didn’t want to wait 3-5 years to get their books out to the public. These authors are much more satisfied with the year and under that Publish America has guaranteed them. They didn’t want to be lower class citizens with a more famous publishing company just because they were new. They preferred the one on one supportive treatment they receive from Publish America.

Unfortunately, as with any other new concept that rattles the cages of the old, Publish America and their authors have often been shunned by many media sources. These talented artists have been denied the opportunity to prove their abilities and talents through reviews, interviews and media coverage by many major newspapers and magazines. They are told that Publish America is a vanity publishing company, even though the authors do not pay one penny to be published and to the contrary are paid royalties that are often higher than other publishing companies.

They have been told that they can not have a review, because Publish America is a POD publishing company, even though there are thousands of Publish America books lining the shelves of standard book stores. But even with all of these obstacles Publish America Authors continue to submit second, third, fourth and fifth books to this company. Surely there must be a reason for such loyalty. Could it be that these intelligent individuals know a good deal when they see one?

I find it sad that the public is denied the talents of these gifted individuals just because the media hasn’t bothered to do the research on this publishing company. Because if they did they would not continue to send out denial letters to these authors stating that they cannot have a review or interview because Publish America is not on their list of “Standard Publishing Companies”. This is not the first time that the written word and those that write and publish it have been judged and banned from certain circles, I believe Hemmingway was one of these cases. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the next Hemmingway was one of Publish America’s authors and couldn’t get a review or interview because of it?

I think that the public should have a chance to decide for themselves the quality of work and authors that belong to the Publish America Family, not the people that are supposed to be serving the public. I think that many media sources need to unlock their closed doors and give Publish America authors the same chance they give others

I would like to add that there are some newspapers, magazines, radio stations and televisions stations that welcome the authors of Publish America and they are to be commended for stepping outside the barriers that their larger brothers and sisters have created. Thank you for judging our work by quality and talent standards.

Yes, I am a Publish America Author and I am proud to be so. I did not sign my contract with them because I couldn’t get published anywhere else; they were the first publisher that I sent my work into. I investigated them thoroughly and decided they fit my needs. They are my publisher of choice and not my last resort and I assure you I am not the only author that feels this way.

I also am the publisher of Writer’s Nook and Reader’s Corner, an e-zine that has approximately 9000 visitors a month and I print interviews, reviews and articles from Publish America Authors as well as Authors from any other publishing company. I base my publication on quality of work, not who someone works for and I am amazed at the talent that I have on my site.

I welcome anyone to stop by and see for themselves at

T.A. Von Reiman, Authoress and Publisher of Writer’s Nook and Reader’s Corner.

This article is written solely by me. I was not encourage or commissioned by Publish America for any part of what I have written.

In all fairness I would like any media source that welcomes Publish America Authors to submit reviews, interviews or is willing to give them coverage to e-mail me at: tavonreiman@writersnook and I will add you to a list that I a creating to add to my site.

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