The Poltergeist by William G. Roll

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Investigate Â?Noisy GhostsÂ? with a Parapsychologist

One bit a woman, leaving puncture wounds all over her body. Another lifted furniture into the air, then sent objects flying in another house. These are some of the strange and sometimes terrifying cases collected by poltergeist investigator William Roll in The Poltergeist. A parapsychologist, Roll studies these “noisy ghosts” to understand what they are and why they do what they do. In this landmark book, Roll recounts the history of poltergeists around the world, details cases in the U.S. and Europe, and takes you behind the scenes of his experiments with a poltergeist in Miami. He offers up a possible explanation for poltergeist activity that focuses on the living witness -- not the ghost -- as the source of the psychokinetic energy or “psi field.” Roll also provides a questionnaire for those interested in conducting their own research on these noisy apparitions.

About William G. Roll

William G. Roll, Ph.D., is an Oxford-educated parapsychologist on the faculty of the Psychology Department of State University of West Georgia in Carrollton, Georgia. Over the course of his extensive career he has written three books and more than two hundred scientific articles. He has appeared on numerous segments of Unsolved Mysteries, as well as the Discovery Channel and other television documentaries. In 1996 Roll received the Outstanding Career Award from the Parapsychological Association and in 2002 he received the Tim Dinsdale Memorial Award from the Society for Scientific Exploration.

The Poltergeist

by William G. Roll

Paraview Special Editions, 2004

ISBN: 1-931044-69-4

Parapsychology, Paperback Reprint

Pub. Date: March 1, 2004

8.5x5.5 inches, 238 pages, $13.95/£9.99

The Poltergeist is available through,, and can be ordered through local and online bookstores nationwide. For further information or to request a review copy, call 212-989-3616.

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