Mnemosyne, LLC. Opens for Business and Revives ROE

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A Grassroots Organization is Established to Provide Ongoing Content and Community Development for Â?Rubies of EventideÂ? MMORPG

Mnemosyne LLC. opens its doors for business! Founded by two former Cyber Warrior, Inc. developers, partners Jeff Grubb and Julia Howe hope to revive the dream that is Rubies of Eventide mmorpg. Mr. Grubb describes his impetus for opening the Phoenix server, “The hardcores were pinging our game servers ever since Cyber Warrior closed. Daily, people were looking for their game to come home to… we had to do something!”

Mnemosyne’s philosophy comes as good news for former players as well as new recruits. The modest company hopes to keep Rubies free to play with fund-raising drives for major purchases. Run like a virtual village, Rubies of Eventide relies on player donations, volunteerism, and the creative contributions of its conscious community. "Essentially, this model helps create a more responsible gaming environment where players can take pride in the community they belong to,” comments Julia Howe, "we listened to what our customer base was asking us to provide and discovered that it was much more cost-effective to tap into the skills of our players than to do everything in-house. This means we can create more content value for less – and make available an excellent venue for our players to showcase their talents to the gaming community.”

About Rubies of Eventide:

Rubies of Eventide is a promising example of change in the MMORPG industry. As a second generation massively-multiplayer game, Rubies defies the “Everquest” template by bringing back the classic strategic RPG turn-based combat, with a twist. Rubies unique combat mode is an “asynchronous real-time turn-based hybrid combat.” For players this means planning moves strategically with more attention to tactical rather than split-second decisions. Rubies of Eventide has seven player races and over 100 starting professions to choose from. With this system, no one is ever locked into a stereotypical role based on his or her choice of race and can develop their skills in-game, however they please.


  • Unique turn-based strategy combat mode.
  • No racial limitations on any of the 7 player races or 104 professions.
  • A progressive skill-based advancement system.
  • Nonlinear quests that may or may not involve combat.
  • Parties with up to 10 players.
  • Switch between 3rd and 1st person perspectives.
  • A Faction/Reputation system that keeps track of your diplomatic relations with
  • NPC Factions, player-character clans, and guilds as well as your individual average reputation.
  • Summoned pets.
  • Crafting and Gathering skills.
  • Hidden zones and magic gates that respond to changing time and seasons.
  • Over 100 professions to choose from or build your own custom-skilled adventurer!

About Cyber Warrior

Cyber Warrior, Inc. is a game manufacturer based in Fair Lawn, NJ. Established in 1994, Cyber Warrior made its mark as a local value-added ISP, including such services like UNIX shell hosting, KALI and Quake game server access, chat and door games on "The Realm of Mirage" (Worldgroup BBS), CW Arcade (a Java-based casino game site), Vircom's "The 4th Coming", as well as access to its own proprietary graphical-MOO "Rubies of Eventide" bundled with standard slip/PPP accounts. Cyber Warrior is now exclusively focused on developing “Rubies of Eventide" as a major mmorpg contender in the coming months.

About Mnemosyne

Mnemosyne, LLC, is a game house based in Ridgewood, NJ. Established in 2004 Mnemosyne is heading ongoing development efforts for “Rubies of Eventide” mmorpg in close conjunction with its player community.


Mnemosyne, LLC.

Julia Howe

Partner, Product Manager

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