Pinellas Pasco Group 18 Candidate Judge Greer Exposed

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Violations of judicial canons, Florida Code of Judicial Conduct, etc. puts Judge Greer on the Hotseat

Pinellas Pasco, Group 18, Judicial Candidate George Greer uses a previous quote as if current by the former Florida Supreme Court's Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead as a political endorsement of himself, in a recent "numbering in the thousands" absentee ballot mailer.

The quote says: "Only those judges who have demonstrated the highest judicial competence and personal character can receive this award, and you have distinguished yourself among the judiciary by having been selected twice to receive this honor ... You are truly a credit to the judicial branch." Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Harry Lee Anstead

At the request of Current Chief Supreme Court Justice Judge Pariente's secretary, Brenda Williams, the illegally used absentee mailer was faxed to the Supreme Court Chief last Friday. A return phone call to a concerned Florida resident, said "thank you very much", this has been "shown around" and "you are encouraged to contact the Judicial Qualifications Committee as we will be also."

Florida Supreme Court Justice Harry Lee Anstead is presiding over a case (SC04-925) which will decide the Constitutionality of the law popularly known as "Terri's Law" (SB 12E / HB 35E, public law 03-418).

Then over the weekend, several television political ads have been running by Pinellas Pasco Judge Greer.

One has a Pinellas County Sheriff's department vehicle in it and gives the distinct impression that the Sheriff and the department have endorsed Judge Greer and because they are others should too. This is another abuse of power, Judicial Canon Law violation by Group 18 "candidate" Greer.

Still yet another has a scene inside the Clearwater County Building, with a person who may have been identified as a Pinellas County Public Defender, on county property, as if the county is endorsing Judge Greer, and as if the Public Defender, during working hours, is endorsing the "candidate" Judge Greer.

These are what certainly appear to be clear and convincing evidences of violations of and including:

  • Election Campaign Laws
  • Judicial Canons, Florida Code of Judicial Conduct.
  • Abuse of Power
  • Misconduct by the Sheriff and Public Defenders office
  • Violations of the Florida Bar and Commission on Ethics

If that is not enough, various billboards have shown up in the name of Judge Greer's Campaign of which paid political advertisements do not meet the strict County and various Municipality codes for all the cities in Pinellas who have adopted the same in that the face size is limited to 6 square foot signs in residential areas and only 32 square foot in nonresidential areas.

These are deemed political signs, and the code defines a billboard as a sign as well.

On top of this Judge Greer has been popping up all over the place at different functions and events which are partisan, pay to enter, "open" business meetings of organizations, including Republican fundraisers.

It has been witnessed and learned that when the truth about the "goings on" at several of these "staged" events were revealed by investigation of another judicial candidate, Jan Govan, that not only did candidate Govan immediately leave, so did several other judicial candidates, including Jack Day. Candidate Greer did not. This was the GOP event locally this past Sunday.

A few weeks ago at the USF Candidates Forum, Judge Greer was asked by the moderator about his being "legally blind". The Judge replied to the audience that he was not and then turned in his tracks and said that he was a county commissioner for six years.

Off to the side later Judge Greer did not know who he was speaking to and revealed that he was in fact visually impaired.

Another witness who was sitting next to Judge Greer's wife, heard his wife say in response to the question about legal blindness by the moderator, "That is awful to pick on a person's disability."

It is apparent to many that Judge Greer abuses his power.

Judge Greer openly violates Judicial Canon Laws that leash his conduct. Judge Greer is using illegal and subliminal advertising to imply endorsements by public entities and public officials. Judge Greer is breaking State Election Campaign Laws by participating in partisan events that are also raising money or require him to pay to be there as well.

This Judge has written an order using his "blind eyes" to rule a person to be unconscious while the whole world watched video examinations of a person who was very conscious, performing the tests and being verbally rewarded by the doctors who tested her, and relating to people and things in her environment.

This Judge may have indirectly sent out the original "solicitation letter for campaign contributions" to a laundry list of attorneys some time back in March of 2004.

As a result the money from "only attorneys" it seems has poured in. Many are attorneys who have either had cases before Judge Greer, or currently have cases under review by him, and include several notable names that have been directly involved in the Terri Schindler Schiavo case, including Deborah Bushnell.

One contributor, Frank Nagatani is a name that can be tied to the DCF Legal Division which blocked the testimony of a DCF Investigator who produced a report about felony abuse, neglect and exploitation of a disabled adult generated from a 60 day investigation during November and December of 2001. The investigator who was supplied with nearly 800 pages of supportive documents, visited Mrs. Schiavo alone and once with her Mother, Mary Schindler, to "see" for himself that Terri Schindler Schiavo is not in a coma or even close and is very conscious and interacts with not only her mother but others.

The DCF Regional Attorney, Frank Nagatani blocked the subpoenaed testimony of the investigator in Judge Greer's court. Judge Greer acknowledged the existence of "the report". The report was swept under the rug and the abuse, neglect and exploitation (as defined very vividly and supported by many public records), including and as described in Florida Criminal Statutes 825, continues.

As Judge Greer is acknowledging the existence of this report in open court, which qualifies the fact that an investigation was conducted and proves that complaints had been taken by the DCF Adult Protective Services Hotline - Attorney General Crist was on the television telling everyone that no complaints had been received by DCF regarding Terri Schiavo alleging felony abuse, felony neglect and felony exploitation.

Then just 4 months after these denials and attempts to "cover things up", the person who made the hotline complaints (that were investigated, and which produced a report that was acknowledged to exist by Judge Greer in open court) was asked to appear in front of the then Chairwoman of the DCF Oversight Commission, Sandra Murman, with Terri Schiavo's father, Robert Schindler, to talk about the complaints, the investigation, "the report", the actions of Judge Greer and what was thought to be a solution to all of the abuses, negligence and exploitations.

This produced a return phone call that the Chairwoman would not be allowed to speak with the complainant or Mr. Schindler about these matters in the future due to a new confidentiality document she had to sign. More cover-up.

The "attorneys" who shout kudos and open their wallets, "all 650+ of them", are backing a person who cannot see and properly evaluate evidence, lies to the public about his disability, does not reveal it to all parties who bring cases before him (which sets an unfair bias and prevents fair due process to all parties as afforded by our Constitution), conducts illegal campaign activities, and is producing advertisements that commit abuses of his power, his authority as a sitting judge and as a judicial candidate.

Do not the attorneys who open their checkbooks show the public what they are all about as well?

A concerned Florida resident and United States citizen who was interviewed for this piece concluded by saying: "The Judicial Country Club forgets the public to whom they are all servants and by whom they are paid. It is high time to hold these people to account. Please take action and spread the word."

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