Amazing Folk Medicine Remedies from the Asian Mangosteen Fruit - Now Bottled for the World to Drink

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Over 138 Mangosteen properties and health benefits have been cataloged and placed in a database. These are based on documented research studies over 30 years. A noted physician and researcher of the fruit says, "I am convinced that Mangosteen will, without a doubt, be the most successful food supplement ever."

A quickly growing business that borrows from ancient folk medicine remedies used in Southeast Asia has set sales records around the world. Made from a puree of the whole Mangosteen fruit, Mangosteen juice is finding it’s way into homes across North America, the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

What’s behind this? For centuries, the traditional medical healers of India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam have employed Mangosteen for its health benefits. Called the Queen of Fruits, this tropical fruit is largely unknown in many other parts of the world.

After decades of medical and scientific processes used to discover why this fruit promotes health to such a large extent – even ‘pan-systemic’ or complete body benefits, the juice is finding popularity worldwide.

It has long been recognized in Asia that the Mangosteen has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in treating eczematous and hyperkeratotic skin conditions such as psoriasis. In the Caribbean, a tea made from the Mangosteen is used as a tonic for fatigue and low energy states, universal symptoms experienced by millions around the world.

Mangosteen juice has two important components: (1) the beneficial antioxidants and (2) the medicinal properties of Xanthones. Xanthones are a unique biologically ‘active’ compound. Active means they couple with other molecules and become very beneficial to the systems of the body, through 'potent free radical scavenger activity'.

There are 200 known Xanthones and 24 are found in the paricarp (rind) of the Mangosteen fruit. No other fruit or single food source has been found to have this quantity.

A major European university pharmacological study uncovered these healing and beneficial properties of Mangosteen’s Xanthones: antidepressant, anti-diabetic, anti-leukemic, anti-microbial (fungus and bacteria) and anti-viral. The Xanthones, found abundantly in Mangosteen, have been scientifically found to suppress the production at the cell level of Cyclooxygenase (COX), reducing inflammation, pain and fever.

An audio interview with a physician, Dr. J. Frederic Templeman, a renowned mangosteen researcher and advocate, can be found at Click on “The Mangosteen Interview”. A “Tour” about the product and the business is also available.

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