"This Week in Free Energy™" to Become a Regular Radio Briefing

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Weekly five minute blurb in the tradition of Paul Harvey will target ever-wider syndication for coverage of subject matter that is of strong interest to everyone today -- energy solutions that make a difference

Three years ago, Sterling Allan decided his website coverage should include a section on free energy. He had heard about Tesla technology that can extract energy from the air around us, and he thought such claims are deserving of attention. Since that time, inventors and their claims have streamed in, and the site has grown into what some consider to be a premier presentation on what is going on in the world of free energy. http://freeenergy.greaterthings.com

Meanwhile, Sterling has expanded from a one-man show into a company, PES Network, Inc. (http://pureenergysystems.com) that specializes in fostering free energy technology.

These technologies will enable individual homes and businesses . . . and vehicles . . . to have their own reliable power generation units, with no pollution, and no monthly bill -- just the cost of purchasing and maintaining the device.

While the field sees its share of fuzzy science (which in and of itself can be amusing), in the midst of the noise are some truly remarkable and credible technologies that will change the way we live, as much, if not more than the advent of the personal computer and the Internet. No more is energy a point of control over a people. They are empowered. Scarcity is replaced by abundance.

But with the advanced science also comes advanced abilities to destroy one another. What will we as a civilization do with this added responsibility?

On Sunday Sept. 12, Allan will be commencing a weekly radio segment on James Aruthur Jancik's Feet to the Fire program, reviewing the week's developments in the world of free energy. The maiden show will be 45 minutes, while the weekly follow-ups will be five minutes.

Feet-to-the-Fire, an IBC national network show, airs live each Sunday evening for three hours beginning at 7:00 pm Central. (Ironically, Jancik's building caught fire last week, causing him to have to cancel last Sunday's meeting.)

The weekly 5-minute update will be aired generally at five minutes before the third hour of Jancik's show and then made available for download from an archive page.

To get an idea of the content of the briefing, you can view Allan's FreeEnergy.GreaterThings.com daily free energy news page. The weekly review will highlight the most interesting and significant stories.

Radio stations interested in subscribing to the syndication can contact Aerielle Louise, Senior Executive of IBC Networks, of which Jancik's show is a part. IBC Network is best known for its Lou Gentile show.

The above story by Pure Energy Systems News is published at http://pesn.com/2004/09/02/6900042_ThisWeekFreeEnergy/

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