ACSA Accuses Kerry of "Blatant Fraud" (UPDATED)

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President Bush has held a firm hand keeping the Iraqi's in control of their own oil reserves since the end of major combat a year ago. President Bush has seen to it that South Korea's largest oil distribution network is the only partner carrying Iraq's crude oil to global markets, a brilliant move to bolster South Korea's economy in the same heartbeat as Iraq develops it's democracy. Meanwhile, John Kerry renewed his web-based and news attacks on Bush by trying to leverage the known and discredited Rather-gate forgeries, Bush bashing documents from Dan Rather. Rather-gate originally claimed the documents came from the Pentagon, a claim since proven a lie. The documents, now discredited and proven to be forgeries, have become a potential scalding backlash on the Kerry Campaign, which appears to ACSA to be 'candidly falling apart'. What more is hidden behind the Kerry Campaign and it's mentor(s)? Read this update to the "Public Integrity or the lack thereof in John Kerry's 2004 Presidential Campaign" - one of several simultaneous studies of campaign integrity being undertaken by the ACSA this year.

In an unusual news release, ACSA's Advances Magazine blasted John Kerry for using tainted and discredited forgeries to continue to bash President Bush. The full press release may be found at: .

Citing a forensic document evidence expert, Dr. Abrahamson, ACSA has indicated it could probably identify "the serial number of the PC used to forge the Rathergate documents: Dan Rather also falsified the origins of them on his news program. Rather fraudulently claimed they came from the Pentagon and White House, since disproved, and primary evidence of premeditated lying. I believe they came from an IBM techie with overstated experience forging documents and signatures - someone I'd seen in several court case who was used by JP Morgan Chase in at least a dozen entrapment lawsuits aimed at undermining competing companies and principals in companies to force them out of business."

The forensics expert pointed a finger at Jay Rockefeller, scion of the Rockefeller family, and it's enormous technological and energy holdings, as the likely source of the documents, and a Texas Senator as "the self-made fall guy running a 'moving pick': proxy-ing a shield against exposure Jay's role and preventing Jays discovery as 'the bad guy'. Jay Rockefeller is a bad guy, in my opinion, he's a Senator with the heart of a Saddam Hussein, who put on airs to cover up a vast, covert agenda in this case - helping his family business sink the Allawi administration in Iraq while simultaneously grabbing the Iraqi's oil, and setting up a puppet government in the USA under Kerry, and one in Iraq under an undisclosed Rockefeller agent."

ACSA further indicated it had received evidence from anonymous sources that with Kerry's foreknowledge, Senator Jay Rockefeller had allegedly hired a group assassins to kill CIA Chief nominee, US Rep. Porter Goss, in an effort to prevent him from being nominated. Rockefeller wanted to block Goss from ever becoming a thorn in the side of Rockefeller's in their effort to install Kerry in the White House and subsequent joint efforts to steal Iraq's oil reserves by manipulating contracts, agreements, American international policy and law. Such would require a CIA Director subservient to the will of Senator Rockefeller and his Family's businesses, something Porter Goss clearly is not.

For further information, please review the press releases at ACSA's Advances Magazine website, ACSA has also linked Kerry to support and backing for a bill, the Navaho Accommodation Act, and it's predecessor, the Navaho Resettlement Act, in supporting one of his local businesses in Massachusetts: Peabody Coal Company, a business bearing both Kennedy and Rockefeller brand-age. Those laws, backed by Kerry, John McCain, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, Jack Reed and signed into law by Bill Clinton, had such horrifying consequences that they have been labeled "Genocide" and "Broad Human Rights Violations against American Navaho in Arizona in many publications, and have been condemned by the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

ACSA is a membership oriented, private volunteerism organization and research foundation. It operates from a minimal budget with no political affiliation, and engages in scientific research, news and trend reporting and public advocacy of public issues of importance.

It has been following the "Public Integrity Level" (or lack thereof) in campaign 2004 and has taken issue recently with "the rather one sided near criminal nature of the Democratic Party’s obsessed efforts to seize power by any means, in a paroxysm bought and paid for by America's three largest oil companies, Exxon, Conoco and Chevron, and America's three largest Banks, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, all of whom are dominant in the Rockefeller family's vast network of holdings."

ACSA also cited press bias at CBS and Associated Press, among others. Its sources had learned that some press organizations were somewhat disrupted by the Dan Rathergate acknowledgements: that the Bush National Guard documents were forgeries, and had seized the opportunity to lambaste CBS for so obvious a violation of ethics and propriety. A spokesperson for ACSA indicated it felt Rather's apologies should have heralded his resignation, and that CBS should have publicly suspended 60 Minutes from any further issues of a political nature in any Election Period "under penalty of cancellation".

ACSA stated it believed 60 Minutes and the Swift Boat Vets revelations had sealed John Kerry's doom as a candidate. "You can't get to the White House, on a road paved by guilt by association with forgeries associated with your staff publicized in an obvious violation of ethics by Dan Rather, worsening the appearances of similar fraudulent smears by Michael Moore in his film, and worsening on going personal attacks organized by illegal Section 527 groups like MoveOn,, and other .org groups organized by Terry McAuliffe."

"Couple that to the realization by the General Public that John Kerry's antiwar movement testimony was only a hair apart from the behavior of the militant Weathermen Sect who'd engaged in bombings of Government buildings, in his smear of Vets and Soldiers regarding atrocities, recently heralded by more forging by Democratic smear rumor websites, as documented by the Swift Boat Veterans, Al Gore's smears accusing all American soldiers of abusing prisoners throughout Iraq, and an entire campaign of utter stupidity, galling harassment of anyone they oppose, and immaturity boundlessly accompanied by bad political programs, and you have probably the first example in American History of such a bad political campaign, Kerry, that it may be that they will only get 17 votes nationwide. Much as they were able to only muster 17 votes against Porter Goss for CIA Director today. The other 80% of America's senators voted FOR GOSS, 1/3 of whom were Democrats. We believe the election may go that way too, with 80% of America voting for President Bush, and 20%, if that, voting for Kerry."

ACSA indicated other key documents in the series entitled "Public Integrity or the lack thereof in the 2004 Presidential Campaign of John Kerry" could be found on it's website: also known as

"Read them and weep, for John Kerry has reduced campaigning to the level of a series of drive by smearings, juvenilism of the worst kind!" stated ACSA's Public Relations Department Head. "Simply put, even though we normally don't express our political opinion, in our opinion that man, John Kerry, is so untrustworthy and so unscrupulous, he should simply never set foot in the White House... ever!"

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