First Ever Online Home Video Storage and Streaming Media Service Launches

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Digital Silo provides a complete solution for permanently archiving all the family videotapes now found scattered in the drawers and closets of most homes.

Digital Silo, Inc. announces the launch of its digital video conversion and streaming media service for the consumer market. Targeted to the 110 million U.S. citizens who have shot home videos in the past 30 years, Digital Silo is the very first business dedicated to the transfer, safe storage and viewing of home video over the Internet.

“People who have shot home videos over the past thirty years with consumer camcorders are realizing that videotape is not a permanent media. Videotape is subject to format obsolescence, picture degradation and other serious problems that often render their home videos unplayable,” said Michael Wolf, president, Digital Silo Inc. “Video players for formats such as Betamax have been out of production for years. By digitizing their videotapes, our customers have the piece of mind that their precious family memories are preserved for future generations and available for viewing instantly anywhere, anytime.”

Digital Silo provides a complete solution for permanently archiving all the family videotapes now found scattered in the drawers and closets of most homes. After signing –up for Digital Silo’s service, customers receive a custom, prepaid shipping container to safely send their videos for conversion. Digital Silo then coverts their videotapes to digital form, producing a high-resolution master for long-term archiving along with various streaming media formats which enable customers to view their home videos anytime via a Broadband connection utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Media Player™, RealPlayer™, or Quicktime™. Additional video streams allow for viewing on media capable cell phones and the new generation of portable media players.

Customers can administer all aspects of their account via the Internet, including turning on guest access to all their stored videos, or specific videos, for friends and family members. Digital Silo customers can add additional videos to their collection at any time by simply requesting another shipping container when logged into their Digital Silo site.

“We provide customers instant access to their home videos, anywhere and on nearly any internet connected device. We also store the original content in a high-resolution form which can be downloaded anytime and edited with a computer. Further, we can provide customers with DVD’s of their stored video, or transfer them to any new formats introduced in the future,” Wolf commented.

Once converted, the videotapes are returned to the customer. The digital copies are backed-up and redundant copies are stored in various Internet business exchange facilities (IBX) in the United States insuring their long-term safety and availability.

Digital Silo utilizes a comprehensive technology platform incorporating custom-built DigitalIsland™ secure storage servers, end-to-end automation software and real-time streaming capabilities.

“Converting your videotapes to digital form is the only way to prevent their total loss over time. Even DVD recordable media has been shown to be unplayable in as little as two years. The only real solution is to convert your videos to an industry standard digital format and then store the digital data in a safe and secure environment. Digital Silo customers are assured of always having immediate access to their home videos. Our goal is to preserve the past for the future,” added Wolf.

About the Digital Silo Service

Digital Silo provides the best way to enjoy your home videos, anywhere, anytime. The Digital Silo Service:

-- Offers permanent high quality digital conversion and storage of your home videotapes in the most secure storage facilities available.

-- Provides for instant unlimited viewing on numerous devices including personal computers, portable media players, smartphones and PocketPC devices.

-- Supports streaming of your videos in Windows Media Player™, RealPlayer™ and Quicktime™.

--Allows you to send links or give guest access to your videos stored at Digital Silo to friends and family members for unlimited viewing.

-- Allows you to download a high resolution copy of your videos for editing with popular PC editing programs.

--Allows for conversion to DVD of any video stored at Digital Silo into any available format or future format, thus “Future Proofing” your valuable memories.

-- Provides an end-to-end easy shipping solution for sending your videotapes and provides for their safe return.

-- Offers various service plans depending on how many hours of video are stored.

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About Digital Silo

Digital Silo Inc provides storage and on-demand viewing of your family videos with its highly automated and fault-resilient digital video storage systems. In addition, Digital Silo’s commercial VOD division archives video for professional sports teams, law enforcement and other industries that need to archive video for long periods of time while preserving the ability for immediate online access.

Digital Silo is headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois and has technical facilities in Chicago, Illinois and San Jose, California. Visit

DigitalSilo and Digital Silo is a registered trademark of Digital Silo Inc.


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