Finally a “Real” Ephedrine Replacement!

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WARP 9 hits the shelves

The current ban of ephedrine has sent manufacturers of dietary supplements scrambling to find alternatives to the popular weight loss compound. Early so-called ephedrine "alternatives" were embraced by retailers but rejected by consumers because the supplements didn't provide the see and feel benefits ephedrine users had become accustomed to.

However, a new scientifically advanced formula just might be the ephedrine replacement everyone has been waiting for. The stimulant type diet pill, called WARP 9 (from DynaPure Nutrition(TM), of Neptune NJ), has been developed with see and feel benefits of ephedrine but safely keeps the body’s natural metabolic processes in charge.

According to company literature (, the new patent pending weight loss sensation is actually a combination of amino acids, nutrients and herbs that mimic ephedrine and help step up metabolism, boost energy and provide enhanced brain activity.

But is the new supplement safe? Dan Maiullo, CEO of DynaPure says "Studies on the weight-loss and stimulant ingredients of WARP 9 show the compounds to be well tolerated, but anyone who chooses to use any stimulant-based diet pills should consult with their physician, be in overall good health, and use the pills as directed. We developed WARP 9 with safety in mind and all the ingredients in the product have been used safely for as long as I can remember. No risky unknown ingredients are used.”

GFY Nutrition, exclusive distributor of WARP 9, is careful to point out that this has been the closest product resembling ephedrine that they have seen to date and the ingredients have solid substantiation to support its weight-loss claims. GFY President John Raimondo said "Our retailers tell us it's the ephedrine like energy and effects on appetite that's been bringing people back to their stores for more WARP 9."

So how does WARP 9 work? Pete Maletto, the company Chief Science Officer and noted nutrition expert explained, "WARP 9 mimics ephedrine through the four key biochemical mechanisms in the body. Firstly, WARP 9 boosts metabolism by increasing adrenalin, which then raises noradrenalin, the brain’s version of adrenalin. This adrenalin/noradrenalin increase stimulates brown fat, which is the only metabolically active fat in the body. This brown fat causes the body to burn excessive white fat like the fat around our midsections. Secondly, WARP 9 decreases appetite by enhancing specific chemical messengers in the brain and thirdly increasing another hormone called Cholecystokinin (CCK) triggering the “I’m full” signal. The fourth and final key is the added lipotropic fatty acid metabolizing effects and the co-factors of many other micronutrients WARP 9. The basic idea behind the WARP 9 formulation is the scientific understanding that when you raise your metabolism you raise your appetite and we addresses this problem. Other products in the market place give you the metabolic boost but they all forgot to address the appetite issue in their formulation. By studying the brain chemical monoamine effects of ephedrine you would understand how to formulate a real replacement that would reduce appetite as effectively as ephedrine. The result is identical weight loss and energy benefit that the consumer can see and feel.”

What about those who are sensitive to stimulants? "We actually address this issue in the formulation by using certain amino acids that calm and take the edge off," Maletto said.” As an added benefit WARP 9 also reduces the end of day crashes that ephedrine once produced. We studied ephedrine, and made it better and safer to really produce a optimal healthy replacement.”

The makers of WARP 9 are preparing an aggressive US marketing campaign and Phil Loprete of GFY says. "I noticed when I ran on the treadmill my appetite increased, so I started taking WARP 9 and my appetite just seemed to disappear immediately. We really expect sales of WARP 9 to continue to climb and to help millions of people safely lose weight."


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