Make Love and Not War and Clean the Earths' Water All at the Same Time

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Lovers can help stop the war effort, clean the earths' water. By driving, playing cards, board games, watching televised sports or just being a lover.

For College and University Students Who Have Found Love

(PRWEB) October 4, 2004 --Lionels Love Lair World Water Alliance Treaty Almanac

Global water restoration project: I the ambassador of love read an article in fortune magazine, about how the disintegration of the trust factor with corporate America (its employees) and the general public. What the article said, is part of the reason why I’m pursuing this part of my global works plans. Younger generations and the public as a whole have some kind of misgiving about corporate America, especially after the Enron scandal. We, meaning younger business owners have opted to obtain our goals by starting our own endeavors, and like the article said, we want to make sure that everything is on the up and up and the best way to make sure is to do it yourself.

" Lionels Love Lair World Water Alliance Treaty" will form an exploratory committee to find out what's really going on with the earth's water supply. And how it effects and relates to the inhabitants of the earth (from human - fish). After that, the exploratory committee will figure the disproportion of populations with clean drinking and daily use water, to those who have none (desperately in need of intervention).

Once an operating budget has been established, locations that merit help, will be first. To keep away from location funding disputes, locations in war torn area's will have priority to available funding for (re or establishing) clean water.

And that's how Lionels Love Lair World Water Alliance Treaty will administer its global water restoration project.

Let’s get away from the war talk and wars and rumors of wars and get to what will make our planet a great one that our children’s, children’s will be proud of. And it starts with a healthy eco system...

12% of all proceeds made by
is for cleaning water world wide




"Aura of Lovers"

Sovereign Aura of the Feminine

Love is an invitation to an everlasting presence,

that has no physical form or age.

As two become one in mind, body and spirit:

The galaxies of both Minds merge into one cosmic Body,

where both Spiritual and Universal theme's are nurtured.

There is no future or past,

only the here and now.

Where the presence of LOVE exist like an eternal spring.

There is Danger

in our Unity

because it is the Great Unknown

That's why it's Anarchy

shines so Brightly

Sovereign Aura of the Masculine

Love's Alpha or Omega doesn't exist, it is an eternal spring.

Saying that I love you, is saying that I adore and care for you.

I will love you like friend, lover sister, mother and wife.

Mate of my SOUL:

You are my friend and I am your lover,

the bond we nurture is like sister and brother.

Whenever Love is consummated I am father and you are mother,

Much more than a wife you are my kindred companion for life.

There is Danger

in our Unity

because it is the Great Unknown

That's why it's Anarchy

shines so Brightly

It is the fulfillment of the conception of

"The Aura of Lovers" that I the Ambassador of Love,

through Lionel's Love Lair will achieve:

The LOVE that is made between LOVERS,

because of Lionel's Love Lair products in theory will transcend into the essence of LIFE (CLEAN WATER) for all...
Is starting with eGreetings for Lovers

There are many Love Rules to choose from:

DECK of CARDS NEEDED ($8 each),

BOARD GAMES ($12 each),




•World Appeal- The writing style of these love rules were made to be enjoyed world wide, with no hints or overtones of pornographic ideology.

•Compatibility- No matter what level of intimacy any given lover is at, these love rules are written so the lover's playing can do so at their own comfort level. Rudimentary knowledge of games and sports is all that is needed to use these Love Rules.

•Automated Site- Lovers can order Love eGreeting Rules at any time, plus eGreetings can be delivered up to a year from the purchase date.

•    No Shipping- All eGreeting Love Rules are stored on Acrobat PDF Format and sent by email, to an email address specified by clientele. The email also includes a link to an Acrobat site for a free download of Acrobat Reader, if the lover doesn't already have it on their computer.

•Lovers can also add a Love message to their eGreeting.

•For the price of going out on the town, you can spend quality time with your Lover.

•12% of all proceeds made is for cleaning water World Wide...

If your college or university paper picks up this story please send a copy of it and release date to

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