GEET Fuel Efficiency Company Preparing Major Announcement

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In order to preempt announcements by several other similar companies, Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET), which has claimed water-as-fuel technology, is preparing to launch a major announcement.

Paul Pantone has been in the business of inventing and coordinating fuel economizing technologies for years. For just as long, he has been promising the world an announcement of earth-changing technology that will revolutionize our ability to wean ourselves from our dependence on oil.

While his reputation is a mix of charlatan, poor businessman, and genius in the field of alternative energy, he is one of the few people who has been giving actual demonstrations of working technology for years. Many people have copied -- he says, "stolen" -- his technology in a thousand different iterations of fuel economizing devices that pop up around the planet. Still, Pantone has continued to give classes on how to accomplish these fuel efficiencies, and has been selling kits just as long.

A coveted speaker at many a conference and radio talk show, Pantone is more respected overseas than in the United States, where he has been hounded by the attorney general's offices in Utah, where he presently resides. Overseas, he schmoozes with University Professors. Here, he is ever putting out fires from angry former friends and associates, and threatening lawsuits against those who impinge his technology ownership.

Undeterred by the opposition he faces, he always seems to muster a convincing tale of pending glory that will finally vindicate himself and the new-energy field in general. His optimism is contagious. He has evoked supportive funds from many people, who later often feel that they have not gotten what they thought they were going to get. Most don't have the same staying power he does to live through repeated upsets of non-realized dreams.

Such setbacks leave him undeterred in his zeal to change the planet as well as his personal circumstances. He has attracted to himself by the nature of his work and his associations many unique bright ideas that he numbers in the 600s.

His move today of pulling his well-traveled website from the Internet is a new one. People who venture out on a quest to see what is available in the unorthodox world of alternative energy, do not take long to stumble onto ;

Today, for a few hours, all they saw there was an internet provider logo.

Pantone says he is completely revamping the site "in preparation for a major announcement in a week to ten days."

He wants to pre-empt Genesis World Energy, among others, who purport to have similar technology to his.

To Pantone, a working demonstration is not a major announcement. He has had that for years. To him, a major announcement usually has to do with the procurement of an adequate funds and a brawny team to finally take one of these technologies into the marketplace. And for years, he has been on the brink of pulling this off, and for years, that brink has never quite materialized.

Will this time be different? What will he announce?

He has water-as-fuel technology -- claims to have had it for years. Others claim the same. But none dare go to market in the U.S. for fear of their lives.

Urban legends abound of people who came up with such technology ending being bought out, or threatened, or even dead.

After withdrawing the site today, he was inundated with calls. "Is it time to dispatch the plans?" he was asked by those who he had instructed that if he should ever go down they were to release the plans for the technology to all the world.

Pantone has said for years that he does not plan on introducing that technology publicly any time soon, though he is not bashful about hinting that he has it.

Apparently, not only is Pantone good and ready to finally show the world what he's made of, and wow them with something that will really make a difference, he's also tired of people running off with his ideas with no intention of including him in the benefits they stand to derive if successful in commercializing the technology.

"No more classes. No more kits," he said. "I'm going to hold back a lot of the knowledge I used to share openly."

Whatever it is he plans on announcing, he believes it puts anything now in the mainstream to shame. "Fuel cell technology is a great way to waste money," he said.

Will the momentum of his past cause this to be another big talker let-down, or will his ship finally come in?

For the sake of the planet, someone's ship needs to arrive soon. The inhabitants of the earth need what these people claim to have -- if they actually have it, and if they can pull off delivering it. No small task.

Good luck to you all. May the best team win.

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Recent Press Release:
GEET Offers Clean Air, Cheap Fuel - Inventor Paul Pantone says his fuel economy technology is ready to prepare for market. Claims to be able to run car on 75% water in a system that cracks the fuel down no matter what fuel or additives is used – gasoline, diesel, old oil, or even crude oil. (eMediaWire; Oct. 8, 2004)

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