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Indivuals and organizations affected by adoption have begun efforts for a nationwide protest/boycott of Fox's newest entry into the reality TV world..."Who's Your Daddy?"

The Fox network said Tuesday it will air a special next month, "Who's Your Daddy?", where a daughter given up for adoption as an infant attempts to guess the identity of her birth father for a $100,000 prize. The special will air for 90 minutes on Jan. 3.

Producers have already filmed six "Who's Your Daddy?" episodes, although Fox has only scheduled one of them for air at this point.

The woman who is the focus of the show, not identified by Fox, and her birth father were both involved in simultaneous searches for each other. Her natural dad will be one of eight men presented to her, all claiming to be her father.

She will be given opportunities to observe and interview the men to narrow the field. If she correctly guesses which man is her father, the woman can win as much as $100,000. If she is incorrect, the impostor that she chose will win the money.

Viewers are invited to play the game along with the adoptive daughter; the father's real identity will not be made clear until the end of the show.

Fox Television Network, has figured yet another way to see how low they can stoop into the cesspool of trash television.

Last year they attempted to put on the air straight men attempting to convince their families they were gay. Protests from across the country derailed their efforts.

Now, Fox Television Network, in January, plans to unveil its newest entry into the world of reality television. It is called, "Whose My Daddy?"

"Who's Your Daddy?" is a FOX nightmare. It takes the violation of a basic human right to know your origins and spins it into a money grubbing "reality" entertainment effort.

The concept of this show is disgusting in itself yet alone an insult to the millions of Americans affected by adoption.

All across the United States, Americans are struggling in state legislatures to restore the right of EVERY citizen to access their own record of birth.

Millions, as part of the adoption triad, are searching for each other. Their search is not a joke to be made fun of for the sake of a dollar and rating points.

Those searching can go through years of searching without gaining even the slightest of information. Some even go to their deaths due to the lack of family medical information...all because of the adoption and the records being sealed.

We are so appalled by the new show "Who's Your Daddy". This is pure exploitation of adoptees and birth families. The insensitivity of producing a show like this has me outraged. Adoption is not something to be laughed at. Certainly the reunification of adoptees and their birth families is a private, emotional situation to be embraced with compassion, not a game show format with money involved.

This show is a disgrace to everyone touched by adoption.

If they truly want to provide a community service, rather than just look for dollars flowing into their coffers, do not air the show and put their money from the show into programs about adoptees and birth parents searching and the need for open records. Contact the different lobby groups in each state and see what they can do to help. Go to Congress directly and see what they can do to help. Contact the adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents and ask THEIR opinion.

Adoptees have been treated as second class citizens for a very long time. Many groups have been struggling for years to help adoptees become equal. Now FOX, airing such a show, could set back the movement for years!

There is far too much trash on television today, now Fox wants to add yet one more to the garbage heap.

A nationwide protest/boycott effort has begun to get Fox to never air its first episode yet alone consider airing the already produced additional six episodes.

It is time we the viewing public tell the networks we are fed up with trash and we are not going to take it anymore.

I hope also that prospective advertisers and sponsors of that show will withdraw support. No advertisers or sponsors equals no show!

Let Your Voice Be Heard - Write, Call and E mail those who created, "Who's Your Daddy?"

Fox Broadcasting

Gail Berman

President of Fox Broadcasting

Building 100 Room 4450

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: 1-800-369-6848 -- To reach Gail Berman's office, dial option 2, then

237626 (spell out Berman). Select 1 to confirm.

Fax: (310) 369-4748

Fox Television Studios (the production company that makes "Who's Your Daddy?")

Angela Shapiro

President of Fox Television Studios

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

Justin Pierce, Senior Vice President

Corporate Communications at FTVS

Phone: 310-369-2731

Fax: 310 369-5175

Also consider contacting our local FOX affiliate to demand they not air the program locally even if the network decides to broadcast it nationally.


Lawrence Adams, a former foster child who searched eight years for his birth family and previously authored "Lost Son? A Bastard Child's Journey of Hope, Search, Discovery and Healing," ISBN: 1-4137-1709-8. It can be found at

PublishAmerica has also accepted his second book entitled: "A Voice from the Voiceless and Forgotten" to be released summer 2005.

He has written numerous magazine articles and speaks to groups around the country about the need for child welfare reform. He also serves as an "Advocacy Ambassador" for International Advocates for Children. He has addressed an International Symposium to reform adoption; both domestically and internationally.


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